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Papo and Yo Mama!

Posted by fazzle

So....you're a god-like being who enjoys parkour? Is that about right?

Posted by Thunderducky

Looks like fun

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@fazzle said:

So....you're a god-like being who enjoys parkour? Is that about right?

That sounds amazing!

Posted by abdo

Your little robot buddy has jet pack legs = YESSSSS

Posted by outerabiz

inspired by a childhood?

Posted by Sjupp

@outerabiz said:

inspired by a childhood?

Some article a while ago about how the guy who made this based the game on his relation to his alcoholic dad.

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Isn't this the PSN game with a guy that has a monster friend that hulks out when he eats a frog and is supposed to represent drug addiction?
What happened to the monster friend that hulks out when he eats a frog and is supposed to represent drug addiction?

Posted by Philzpilz

Is this the game that Patrick put an interview up with the creator and it turned out it was about his abusive dad? Because that sounded pretty interesting.

Also, clunky looking jumping...

Posted by guanophobic

@Philzpilz said:

Also, clunky looking jumping...

I was going to say, those animation stood out too much as everything else looked fine.

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Wow. Papo y Yo is coming along really fantastically!

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more and more interesting. most wanted list - mos def.

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I played this at Fantastic Arcade in Austin about 6 months ago. It was really interesting and unique.

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This "imagination brought to life" gameplay mechanic is awesome. Reminds me of being a kid and pretending to manipulate the word around me at will.

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This looks a lot less interesting now that I know what the gameplay is.

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Woah,looks really imaginative

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Oh man, this is one of those games that's going to make me all weepy.

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@Philzpilz: Yea, is it. They recently change the design too because he found the monster to be more like his dog rather than his father.

I think the jumping really stands out as it does look as though the jump lacks momentum with the running and it's more straight up.

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The movement animation looks bad but the concept and implementation looks intruiging.

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Where's the drug addicted pink monster?!

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Looks janky as hell.

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Somebody get that kid a shirt.

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Jet pack robot and voodoo boxes, I'm in.

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The jet pack think kinda killed it for me. I was initially grooving on the low techie, imagination vibe thing it had going on, but then it turned Boba Fett.

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I dig the cardboard box part

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this looks like a good game to get high to or drunk to

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The title of this game really bugs me, because I read it as "Papo and Yo," as if 'Yo' is the name of a character. It should be Papo y Yo.

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interesting to say the least

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This game looks like it could be really good. The graphics looks nice, but I am not really sure what the main play mechanics are all about. I didn't see the father figure in the demo video, so I guess we'll just have to wait to find more out about this game. @DeF: Thanks for the repost of the earlier story. I never read that article.

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I guess Brazil is the inspiration.

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Hmmm this game is missing something.....................