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That looks fantastic.

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I'm in!

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Doesn't "runner style platformer" seem redundant? Like, what other genre could runner apply to? Runner style beat-em-up?.........FUCKING MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

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Suda, you say? You have my attention. The art looks great.

Posted by MeatSim

A giant Pomeranian was chasing that girl. It all makes sense now!

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violin guns!

Posted by Fat_Tomato

Holy Shit! I don't even care if this ends up sucking like other Suda games, I will buy this no matter what!

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They got me with the violin gun.

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I was hoping to see a Vita logo at the end but I guess I can keep my PS3 hooked up longer.

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Really glad to see this get localized. I was contemplating importing the whole anthology to play this game and I wish it was still being packaged in that capacity, but it's neat to see this have a shot at life at any capacity overseas. I've been really curious to see what sort of game a collaboration between Suda and Crispy's would produce, so I'll definitely be picking this up. (Edit: Or I guess it's all coming over? Derp. I just kept seeing news postings about on the game so I was under the impression Namco ditched everything else. That works for me too.)

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I'm not sure I understood any of those words in the description or the video title.

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I was sold on the weirdness of Japanese style this game had, until I realized this was just going to be a runner game.

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Was that a violin sniper rifle? Anime is both unimaginably weird and kind of awesome.

Posted by melodiousj

You had me at Suda51.

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@video_game_king: Runner-match-3-puzzle, like 10000000?

Anyway, this involves Suda AND Otomo, two of my favorite Japanese weirdos.

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Great fucking trailer!

Posted by Anjon

Wait, so Suda 51 produced a game about a stylish assassin killing people with unorthodox weaponry?

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I was seriously considering importing the whole thing, glad I waited just a little bit. I really can't wait to play this!

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You had me at Short Peace and confirmed sale with Suda51. Arthouse japanese games are few and far between.

Posted by Accolade

Those visuals O.o

Posted by soupbones

what the what! O_o

Posted by Atwa

Looks outstanding, wish it was on the Vita though, still get it.

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@video_game_king: There's a game called Punch Quest on iOS and Android that's exactly what you're talking about, it used to be f2p but I think it's like $.99 now.

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Doesn't "runner style platformer" seem redundant? Like, what other genre could runner apply to? Runner style beat-em-up?.........FUCKING MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Oh, you mean Punch Quest?

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This looks super cool.