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Posted by DwigtK

There goes my night

Posted by Renahzor

time to get back into collecting a bazillion guns.

Posted by Xerxes8933A

Glad the finally sorted out the issues from the patch the sent out yesterday in anticipation. Always great when a patch breaks the game.

Posted by Morningstar

Same procedure as last time then. As every time actually.

Posted by sixpin

Still no level cap increase. Bad masturbation joke. More vehicle battles. Nothing really new here. I am pretty disappointed in BL2 and the DLC thus far.

Posted by CharAznable

If only my badass rank hadn't been reset, I'd probably still be playing this. Such a shame. It was completely disheartening to lose all that progress.

Posted by DazzHardy

Did someone say Walking Apocalypse ? 

Posted by TehPickle

Ooo I wish the 360 version ran like it does in this ad.

If only my PC were up the task...sigh....

Posted by vr00m

I wish I was still excited. I really do.

Posted by Jetfire

I found Booty to be lackluster, however Torgue was a riot. This expansion brings new character types and behaviors, the catch-a-boat, and a new set of weapons which are Hammerlock themed. I think that this is a reasonable expectation for DLC, and as to the level cap 2K has stated that there will be 4 total expansion packs. Sounds like they want to go out with a bang. Who knows what's next?

Posted by _Chad

I'll be excited when the level cap is raised in the last dlc, until then I'd rather not play BL2 again.

Posted by Hairball

@_Chad: Because "leveling up" is the only redeeming factor of the game?

Posted by Porkellain

Man I SWEAR I heard the "BROHOHO" from Brolaf at the end of the trailer :O

Posted by Archr5

Hopefully one of these add on packs patches in some more robust matchmaking options.

It'd be rad to be able to tell what a guy hosting a mulitplayer game wants to do. Example: Farming Seraphs or doing a particular boss fight...

I spent an hour last weekend trying to kill Master Gee the invincible with a group and it was a lot of fun. I had no clue how to kill him but i DID have a stockpile relic that gave my mechromancer 12 singularity grenades, so once we figured out you had to make him absorb the acid pools to drop his shield I suddenly became the MVP of the boss fight. The game is still a blast in the right circumstances...

Posted by Parsnip

Maybe it's just me but Hammerlock sounds a bit different in the trailer.

Posted by _Chad

@Hairball: No, because I've done everything else in the game and have nothing left to come back to.

Posted by MeatSim

I still like loot and shooting things, but not sure if I want more Borderlands 2.

Posted by Gruff182

Still no level cap or new char? Got the season pass, enjoyed Scarlett and haven't bothered with Torgue yet. Not sure more of the same is good enough to get me to come back. Not that their bothered ofc, they already have my money.

Posted by amir90

Looks like fun, like most of the other addons, but I feel I need a break from Borderlands 2 (I had lots of fun with it, don't get me wrong).

Posted by chilipeppersman
@TehPickle : yea the fps on the 360 version is almost unplayable when stuff really gets going :( it was enough for me to rent and not buy this game.
Posted by TheHT

@Branthog said:

So, I have to wonder -- is Borderlands 3 going to have to significantly step-up its game? I know Borderlands 2 sold extremely well, but is "shoot stuff in the face while strafing until you get a new drop" going to maintain for a third? I kind of get this sense that the ground is slowly shifting beneath it. That even those who love the gameplay are feeling exhausted from it. I like so much about Borderlands, but I have to say there is so much more they could do to make it feel more . . . rounded.

Borderlands 3 should be what folks thought Borderlands 2 would be when "Borderworlds" was trademarked.