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um...first.....haha funny.....looks like a decent game and hopefully the offboard curse will not ensue...

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

hah, shining reference. That part always scared the hell out of me as a kid

Posted by MeatSim

That was awesome but I'm not interested in skateboarding.

Posted by okuzy

yeah, that was pretty awesome, but not interested in skating as well. also, I noticed that reference after you said it, and yeah that part freaked me out

Posted by TrulyAlive

Cool ^_^
I liked skate. but the intro video was the best part about it. And this intro was pretty sweet too =D

Posted by ashton

ummmmmm big black!?!?! lol

Posted by Death_Burnout

Great. I still think i prefer the original Skate intro movie.

Posted by Knigge

That's some classy business. Nicely done.

Posted by Player1

haha loved it. How did I know that the guy lifting weights would be Rob? Also glad to see big black!

Posted by Pathos

Man everything video related with Skate 2 is hilarious!

Now, I must pick up this game!!
Posted by canadadry

Well done

Posted by MrKlorox

Bring on the demo!

Posted by cgrady

haha that was great. love the shining reference with jerry hsu

Posted by Hector

Haha! That was great!

Posted by artofwar420

What the hell? I must buy this.

Posted by Abomstar

Wow, this is really well done. I'm definitely keeping my eye on this game -- didn't play the first skate, but the technically demanding aspect of it always had me intrigued. I think I could get into that -- and the soundtrack is great too, as expected.

Posted by orshick

Okay that looked way cool. I so wish an actual movie came out like this. Much more interesting than Felon.

Posted by tineyoghurt

Blues Brothers! Cant wait for skate 2.

Posted by Xelloss

Wow, that  was really good, I can't believe it.

Posted by SamuSlave

Well, as long as it doesn't have Jack Nicholson making out with an old lady in it... it's fine by me.

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thats awesome.  even if you're not into skating you will find it fun.
pretty funny, the shining reference and shawshank redemption in there as well.

Posted by xplodedd

pretty sweet that they got so much skaters in one spot.

Posted by Tony_Teabags

I loved the first one, and can't wait for this to come out.
I used to be a big fan of the early Tony Hawk games, but Skate took it to another level.

Posted by Kintaro

Seems they're continuing the great intro movie tradition from skate. Thats awesome.

Posted by Yit


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I think this is my new favorite game commercial, although I imagine it cost a ton.

"You've got the shinning, boy!"

Posted by Lies

Odd, but well done.

Posted by Charleslegrand

I guess these are all skaters (thanks Google).  

Posted by AURON570

actors pffft

Posted by Afroman269

Wow it took that long to get over the fact that someone got out of prison to go skate. I want that 4:31 of my life back.

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since when do they allow furry porn and sex in prison?

Posted by slashdotdot

I really want a Skate 2 film now.

Posted by DrRandle

So weird... But very well done. Goes to show what a budget can do for a game's production quality.

Doesn't explain how the city came back from the grips of the mysterious cataclysm of Skate it.

Posted by Forcen

Sweet blues brothers reference!

Posted by thomasonfa

Sooooo, did I end up in jail at the end of Skate?

Posted by giyanks22

I  love how they have all these actors who are no names lol.

Posted by Player1

giyanks....they are skaters.


Posted by slowpantz

i feel lost

Posted by Absurd

That was awesome.

Posted by Media_Master

That was original

Posted by JamesM

Hahahaha, nice. Not quite on a par with the MGS4 pre-game adverts in the what-the-fuck stakes, but nonetheless, what the fuck?!