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Awesome. More Skate 3 news = sweetness.

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Do you get to use EA-like tactics to ensure profits?

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I don't plan on buying it, but looks cool.

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Yep yep.. Nope.
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Ugh.... Stake would be a lot more interesting if they had better physics.

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YAY!  I love being told stuff!

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Ohh... kay? What?

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Im skeptical

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Still totally psyched for it. Skate 2 was brilliant.  
That, and I'm a customization whore. I'll be stuck on 3 for months D:

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I'm usually meh on skate-games, but this looks kind of fun.

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@Twilight: So Twilight are you excited for this game?
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@poser said:
" Ugh.... Stake would be a lot more interesting if they had better physics. "
Steak 3, fully customized fillet mignon. 
And if you can't finish your steak, play co-op with your friend and HE can finish it for you.
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@S0ndor said:
" @Twilight: So Twilight are you excited for this game? "
Yep..yep. It's really realistic. Yep...
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I'll buy it, but I'm not "totally stoked, dudes". 
I just want more tricks and better animation...

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I'm deciding whether or not to get this or Skate 2 at  budget price

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i like being told stuff

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@clubsammich said:
" I'm deciding whether or not to get this or Skate 2 at  budget price "
i was thinking the same thing. 
but from what i've heard/seen - it looks like skate 3 will be in a much brighter, more open city with great skate lines - so i think i'm gonna be holding out for the new game.
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looks stupid as fuck, i will just be playing freeskate thank you. just like skate 1 and 2 

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I'm gonna need some friends....

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I much prefer to team down and throw up.

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The Answering machine is in german and totally from wikipedia  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Answering_machine          jfyi

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This video changed my mind on getting Skate 3, I loved Skate 2 and now I 'am moving onto this.

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The whole Skate series needs to get back to what made Skate 1 the awesome game it was. Starting to look and feel a little bit too much like the Tony Hawk series did post THPS3/4 which is a bad thing.

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Watch closely.  Brad Lindley is a ghost. 
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I love how much detail the title of this video has.

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This just looks... dull.
An image you set spread around as you progress through the story mode is gonna revolutionize gaming?  Yeah, right. Try again next year.

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Looks like more Skate.