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Nice! Glad I can finish the rest of the marathon at my leisure.

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Nice. Background entertainment for work.

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well im sold, was going to wait till it was on sale....brb *goes to walmart*

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That's what's so beautiful about this game - I cleared the Bandit camp out from the other side of the River, with Lydia, using mostly bow and arrow from afar - I never even saw the Bandit Chief alive. He was a corpse before I get within 100m. Our encounters could not have been more different - I love that everyone's world is sooooooooo different.

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"Try to distract me with a goat cheese wheel. The oldest trick in the book!" - Greg

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So easy, what was the difficulty setting?

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@DeadDorf: He was playing on the default setting. Apparently 2-handed weapons are pretty good, though.

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"Your name is mistwatch bandit, so that entitles me to kill you".

At least Christer died exactly as his wife did.

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That was the most hilarious "Yeah. That's how we do it". You're a legend, Greg.

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Orc on Orc fistfight!

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I think this game is best enjoyed on Master difficulty. Else combat is no challenge at all.

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I love how he justifies his actions. Quite hilarious.

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Anyone else get frustrated watching death after death?

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Depends on how you play the game. If you dont go all combat 2hander default can be a good challange aswell.

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Hopefully by now after the marathon Greg knows that if you see a book valued above say 20 gold that it's probably something to read for the skill boost.

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Does anyone know what that tone at 12:24 signifies? I hear that every so often and it sounds like something important has happened but I never see anything out of the ordinary. Also on the 360 the controller will shake heavily briefly while exploring without a dragon or mammoth in sight.. Ideas?

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@SpiralEye: The one drum beat and the sleep-like music that plays afterwards, right? It should signify that you're near the main loot chest at the finish line of any location. It usually plays after you've killed the area's boss, but I think it would still play if there wasn't one regardless.

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@WindFall259: Hmm. I'll have to keep an eye out if that's the case. I've also wondered if it occurs when the game marks an area "cleared"..

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I'm really trying hard to watch through this whole thing but it just makes me want to play skyrim to desperately it's terrible

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I'm waiting for him to see that he did a level up.

"I'm nearly level 4", yeah, right.

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@ectoplasma said:

I think this game is best enjoyed on Master difficulty. Else combat is no challenge at all.

Enemies are either too easy or annihilate you. Talk about lack of balance... at least it's like that for my playthrough.

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The videos of the Skyrim Marathon aren't working people. And when I'm trying to download them it says "file not found"