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Nice to see these go up :) Will watch this again while I wait for my copy to get in...

Posted by munnyman5

I'm pretty glad they archived this. I have shit to do on Thursdays, man.

Posted by flanker22


Greg: Chill out music

Skyrim: Oh, okay.

*music stops*

Posted by Mandaray

Yay, more Skyrim!

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I have very fond memories of Greg's gameplay video of Oblivion. So glad to see this.

Posted by Konanda

Greg, it's because with a real greatsword that is where the swordsman would put his second hand. Not at the base, it's too unwieldy and you are way more likely to hurt yourself if you just hold with both hands at the very end.

Posted by mason

@Konanda: Regarding that leather covering, as you say, the above-the-guard part of the 2-handed sword seems to be used for leverage in a forward stab motion (like a spear), while both hands would be below the guard when doing a sweep motion.

I've also seen that part of the sword used to rest on one's shoulder in-between strikes.

So it's not really considered part of the blade, but an extension of the handle.

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My favorite part of this video is when Vinny yells "SAVE!" from the background after the battle with the Dwarven Spheres. Intense stuff!

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No one will get a peaceful nights sleep in Skyrim with Greg around to wake them up to ask questions.

Posted by Butano

Does he not have healing potions? Strikes me as odd that he never checks his backpack for pots.

Posted by RichieJohn

Really enjoying this.

Been playing Oblivion some recently and seeing this makes me want to start over as an Orc instead of a pussy Breton.

Posted by DCam

Nice little moment at 1:08:30

"Here are all the crazy materials in this game. Quicksilver and ..."

*stares at Orichalcum on screen for several seconds*

I am not sure how to pronounce it either, Greg!

Posted by Nasar7

Awesome to see these Dwemer ruins in Skyrim. They look amazing, especially considering how shit they looked in Morrowind.