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Edited by buft

nice that they are still adding stuff, wish the Pc version didnt make you download the DLC if you arent buying it though

Posted by Fobwashed

His looks pretty fantastic

Posted by DarkFury

Sign me up!

Posted by Jay_Ray

Pretty awesome looking, I love Enter the Dragon

Posted by namesonkel

Here's hoping for another one of those craaazy Quick Looks.

Posted by Mister_V

Oh man this looks great. I think sleeping dogs might be my GOTY.

Posted by BulletproofMonk

Now that is a fucking trailer.

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But I'll be going in there with my Banana-Colored Jumpsuit....

and head straight to RIKERS. :D

Posted by Mento

Goddamn, do these people know how to do DLC. Volition, take notes.

I just hope I don't have to go through the rigmarole of loading up Thundercats bloopers and playing Law of the West on DOSBox to get this one to work.

Posted by Overbite


Posted by Milkman

God damn, I love this game so much.

Posted by Pr1mus


Posted by Begilerath

I demand a Vinny QuickLook of this!

Posted by Mister_V


Posted by Doctorchimp

This I'm definitely buying.

Posted by Tan

God damn this game just gets better and better.

Posted by mrfluke

@Begilerath said:

I demand a Vinny QuickLook of this!

i hope after the goty crunch they are in that vinny does a QL of this.

will be totally worth the subscription alone.

Posted by Solutha

I kept telling the people I would play DayZ with that something along these lines would happen. I hope I saved them the trouble of getting a refund or at least the disappointment.

Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

This looks like some amazing DLC.

Posted by mrfluke

I love u sleeping dogs,

tell volition this is how you do dlc, as sleeping dogs seems like they outdid saints row

also again, Vinny needs to do a QL or hell if all the dlc is this goofy a PLAYthrough of the DLC

Posted by Sarumarine

I don't care when it happens, but I will agree with the suggestion that Vinny should do a Quick Look.

Preferably one with troubleshooting that involves Thundercats and Law of the West or something like it.

Posted by Lanceuppercut

This is how you do DLC!!

Posted by sublime90

this looks pretty awesome. i really enjoyed the fighting in sleeping dogs i'll grab this.

Posted by johncallahan

I've been debating with myself for hours whether Sleepy Dogs is on my top 10 of 2012 list. I'm no longer debating.

Posted by jonny_mung

I really hope that the 'many more' means:

1st secret boss: Chuck Norris

Secret Final Boss: Chie

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

Well, that was a great trailer.

More of that combat is fine by me, but I hope it's more than an obstacle course + group fights.

Posted by ds8k

I really hope this DLC is better than the first one. Great concept yet executed poorly. Don't let me down?

Posted by avantegardener

That looks great, any excuse for a bit more sleepy dawgs.

Posted by forkboy

Alright, this looks a lot of fun

Posted by Satintrousers


Posted by TheHT

Funny. After looking at Jeff play Bruce Lee and talk about Return of the Dragon, I really got the itch to pick up Sleeping Dogs. Now this happens.

Hurry up Steam sale!!

Posted by cclemon36

@ds8k said:

I really hope this DLC is better than the first one. Great concept yet executed poorly. Don't let me down?

Aah, my sentiments exactly. I just feel like supporting the game because it was such an underdog (pun not intended... ok, intended) and a positive surprise.

Posted by Morbid_Coffee

United Front Games really gets what they're going for and nails it on the fucking head again.

Posted by yyZiggurat

I'm glad I haven't uninstalled this game. I loved the kung-fu in Sleeping Dogs and this Enter the Dragon dlc sounds great.

Posted by Commisar123


Posted by Zippedbinders

Stop making me want this game. Just, goddammit. I only have so much money.

Posted by IshimuraD

This nails the style exactly, wow. Sleeping Dogs is criminally underplayed. I'm getting this for sure.

Posted by Czarpyotr

new violent kills? I'm in!

Posted by ottoman673

...this looks pretty fucking awesome.

Posted by RetroVirus

Wow, this looks totally amazing. Just picked this game up, and I know I'll be getting this!

Posted by LarryDavis

The Fiendish Dr Wu is still residing on Kung Fu Island!

Posted by Flappy

Totally gonna buy this DLC.

Posted by Marmalade

Yes. Any reason at all to return to this game!

Posted by CBRodela

Let's Kung Fu!

Posted by Abendlaender

Pick up the purse!

Posted by fetchfox

Love it, hoping it's actually good. Vinny has to quicklook this, please.

Posted by Dezinus

Trailer for Downloadable Content of the Year

Posted by Pepsiman

I've been casually interested in the game since it came out and it's increasingly grown since seeing it pop up so regularly on this site, but man, this is definitely pushing me towards finally getting it. As somebody who went on a bit of a Bruce Lee movie marathon a few years ago, I couldn't be more stupidly happy to relive that in a game like this.

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