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Posted by Afroman269

Love the intro: I like boobs!!!  Yah don't see the point of massive tits in games but good review Jeff. Keep the vid reviews coming!

Posted by Gunslinger

Y'know what, man?

I'm a boob kinda guy, too. You're NOT alone...

Posted by viking

Jeff! What if someone made a game with exploding boobs... awesome.....My mind got blown away just thinking about it

Posted by Afroman269

Totally agree with you on the boobs part. Boobs are awesome, but Ivy's boobs is just a major wtf.

Posted by MayorMcCheese

I loved the video, i feel the same way on the game, i loved it but it felt weird at some point and it made me stopped played.

Posted by CoolDrMoney

Titannica? Is that a Mr. Show reference or am I totally thinking along the wrong lines here? If so, that's an awesome shirt.

Posted by patrick5152003

you guys make good videos

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

I have never laughed this hard for a video review. 

"I like boobs."
"Boobs are awesome!"

Great review, Jeff.

Posted by Spiritof

I like boobs too, but I like boobs that have some sort of connection to reality. Real boobs. I like real boobs. I've always found video game boobs to be creepy.

Not as creepy as the dude in the g-string, at the end of the review, doing the critical finish, but creepy enough.

Posted by Nik_NYG

Awesome video review

Posted by bigcess

I'll say it: I like boobs too!

Posted by Cadmus

good review and very funny, you defended yourself well imo

Posted by Major

is Jeffs personal gamerpic a picture of himself?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Meet Jeff. He can see that Ivy has really creepy giant boobs. But can he see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

Posted by Meresin

I laughed uncontrollably during the Ivy part. Always felt a little weird about "her" myself...It's like they were trying far too hard to make her sexy, and instead just made her wrong.

Posted by kainen

thank you..that review cut through the bullshit.  Saved me from buying the game on impulse.  Nice un'.

Yeah what's up with those boobs anyhow?  Didnt they get the memo that outrageously huge tits that look fake don't cut the mustard (or mayo) anymore?  Even playboy gets that nowadays.   Sheesh

Posted by Ejiku

Sweet review. I totally agree about Ivy. Real boobies 4 teh win.

Posted by Cleric

This review pretty much matches my thoughts on the game. Also, funny as ever...keep'em coming guys!

Posted by Angularbanjo

Awesome! Funny and to the point. Great editing.

Posted by SinGulaR

Great review. About Ivy: i always play with Ivy ;)

Posted by TweetTweet

"I hate to be the controversial one" - Jeff
Hahahaha, yeah, right! :D

Awesome with a new video. Love you guys! No, not that way - I like boobs too!

Posted by NickM

LOL Beyonce! :D that was funny as hell

Posted by mellenman

every review needs a movie :)

Posted by Edenfire

hahah. dudes ass at the end.

Posted by DJofSparta

Great review.  I agree about Ivy, and I like boobs too.

Posted by alpha_numeric

My problem with ivy is not the fact that her boobs are unnaturally large (although compared to most video game women they aren't really that big)  it's more that there's basically nothing on them, and not in a sexy way  but in a kinky  weird "should I be looking at this?" sort of way. it kinda makes you feel like a pervert for just looking at her.

Posted by Gump

Cool video, keep up making more videos about Giant Bomb reviews ;)
It's a website about video games.

Posted by BennytheDroid

Is that dude wearing a thong in the very last couple minutes of the video?

Posted by Pygmahia

yea boobs rock.

Posted by HTTenrai

Wow...this is the reason I watch GiantBomb videos and listen to GiantBomb podcasts: They are funny as hell!

Other outlets feel so stodgy now. I'm glad you guys are here.

Posted by defector

Good Review.

Posted by imHunt

Soulcalibur seems to have lost its appeal to me as well.

Posted by NINJ4_M0NK3Y

Lol at 5:33 Beyonce vs Total Jerk

Posted by tplarkin7

The endings are not pre-rendered. They are real-time. I thought they were CG at first, but if you play as a custom character thru story mode, that character appears in the same ending.

Posted by Rekt_Hed

lol wicked stuff Jeff.  Gotta admit when i first saw footage from sc4 it was like 'cool' and then u see costumes like Voldos major emphasis on his *coughs* and ivys practically bursting boob job and its like 'errrrrr what the f%*$'

I like boobs.  But big boobs scare me XD

Like Jeff said....'theres a limit' XD

The mind boggles as to what Ivys gonna look like in SC5!....Probably more like Lolo Ferrari ...LMAO:P

If you dont know who she is then google her ;)

Posted by Nettacki

Man, the boobs are RIDICULOUSLY HUGE in this game! Good thing I can customize all those women to cover them up as much (or as little) as I like as opposed to being forced to look at them for so long.

Posted by Illmatic

Beyonce's got an alter ego!

Posted by Termite

Haha, great review.

Posted by Otacon

I agree. It's a shame about some of the design and character choices, the raw fighting element of the game is extremely fun.

Posted by joslop500

I've never liked Soul Calibur games, dont know why. Anyways, great review guys!

Posted by Mateus

Well,   I think you were too harsh on this review. I mean, story has never been the strong part in fighting games, and to me what really matters is the gameplay and graphics, that, in this case are awesome. I have tried other fighting games since I played the first Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast... Sold  all of them . I am playing Virtua fighter 5 right now and think it is really good. But I really like the game mechanics of soul calibur, so I buy it anyway.

Posted by Shtinky

Viewers forget the silliness in the review and in the comments, all you need to know is the bottom line: and that's: this game is amazingly fun and addictive. The gameplay is sound and enjoyable and screwing around in the Create a Soul mode is addictive. This is one of those games where you will lose hours playing it w/o noticing.

I understand you're going for a different vibe with this site, but look at what the boobs talk has done, it really detracted from the actual game review itself -- to the point you put people off of buying the game -- which, I know wasn't your intention.


Posted by kadosho

Soul Calibur.. what happened? Seriously this seems like a broken version of its bolder self.
Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed Edge, Calibur & II (not III you broken mess)
But why bring it this far, only to deliver these key things..
- Taking away weapons master / conquest
- Making the female characters more endowed (the art however gorgeous, did they really need to push it?)
- Jedi? Why?
- What will keep people playing after a few months?
*Note - I am not sure if I will be even picking this entry up. It may look nice, but its just not the SC it used to be.

Posted by Rekt_Hed

To Mateus and Shtinky...im sorry but this version is not the SC i know and love.  I have every other version of SC series to date but this one just makes me feel wrong inside :S

Have to agree with kadosho 
- Taking away weapons master / conquest
- Jedi? Why? ....SERIOUSLY WHY...U cant even make custom characters with lightsabers i mean COME ON!

The combat hasnt changed at all really so what are u paying 50 quid for??
Ill tell ya new models (some of which are like having candy stabbed in your eye) and graphics....and....errrr new endings?

AND on the subject of endings. True SC has never had a massive story but im pretty sure the endings never sucked this hard.

So what the hell!???  Yeah its fun and addictive but so were all the other games before this so if u dont wanna be 50 pound poorer just wack in your old copy of SC and dont mug yourself :P

Posted by selbie

LMAO was that last guy wearing a thong?

Posted by mawfu

Those dam boobs. I can;t play without admiring the boob physics.

Posted by GioVANNI

"Hey I got a sword! ...It's evil"

Posted by StillVictor

You said it best! These games just make me embarrassed to play in front of my wife. I don't need female fighter's clothes to be shorter every install.

Posted by etmaul

Great review Jeff, I was kinda on the fence about this one.  Looks like a renter.  Oh yeah, I also like boobs ;)

Posted by JoblessTerence

Amazing review Jeff.

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