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Cross between Rez and Space invaders??

edit: except better graphics!!

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

Cool, but the announcer lady sounds way out of place to me. o_O

Posted by CoolDrMoney

I like what I see. I'll wait until the XBLA version comes out to decide which is the best to get, since I also have a DS and PSP that could use some games.

Posted by Coltonio7

Holllllly Craaaaaap.

That looks almost as confusing as Space Giraffe.

Posted by MSG

This looks...well more accurately, sounds, significantly less cool than the portable versions

Posted by ZmillA

Games to play high on teh drugs are always welcome on XBL.

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Woooo0000oo0oaaahHHH! Whats HAAPPEENING!!?

Posted by Satune


That was pretty intense

Posted by FlipperDesert

Looks pretty awesome, I love the music. :O

Posted by MartinG

I so want that!

Posted by Livlig

I'd gladly pay 400/600MSP for this, but not more.

Posted by Pepsiman

Even though I've already played the first game to death and have been really enjoying the sequel despite some quirks, it's very possible that I'll end getting this version of the game, too. I just love me some Space Invaders in funkadelic settings.

Posted by Pie

 Why cant xbox live arcade get some really good games like the PS3 has.

Posted by MrMiyagi

Fuck yes! I love the DS version!

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Looks pretty much identical to the PSP version, and as I already have that, I think I'll stick with it. Nice to see it on XBLA though.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Weird... trailer ended kinda abruptly?

Posted by AURON570

sounds really annoying.

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Awesome game, an extreme classic reborn

Posted by MeatSim

EXTREME!!!!! is right.

Posted by aurahack

Cool. Though... if that's a trailer, someone at Taito has some awful editing skills.

Posted by logson

I didn't bite on the DS version, but I think it being released on XBLA will get me to buy one of the versions.

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I forget, is there a retro mode too?

Posted by Hamst3r

Those are some horrible sound effects. The announcer voice is also pretty bland.

Posted by Liquid306


Posted by IceColdGamer

Wow. Looks pretty extreme to me. They should call it Space Invaders: Extreme....or Space Invaders: JACKPOT!!!!!!

Posted by Foggen

The bullet is enormous.  There is no escaping.

Posted by darkjester74

That looks pretty cool actually.  Its not much of a trailer, tho.  Looks more like just plain vanilla gameplay footage.

Posted by Media_Master

sounds too repetitive

Posted by momentarylogic

I think that actually trumped ninja blade.

Posted by Renegade

Oh...my..god...the sound effects are horribly annoying. I think they are trying to tie them into the music, and alter the music according to when you fire, but they are not succeeding at all.