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Edit: Oh god that ending

Posted by MariachiMacabre

God, I love this website.

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Yes yes yes

Patrick's leap onto Anubis was teeth gritting bad - but mad props for keeping so cool/collected after that.

And holy shit hell yeah they can teach Jeff the way of the Spelunker!~

Posted by Rayeth

xXelNagaXx420 is my favorite Gerstmann-ism. Especially when you have played Starcraft 2 enough to know what they are talking about there. It really is the exact kind of stupid that I love about this website. Never ever stop.

Posted by Milkman

Legendary stream right here.

This may be my favorite Giant Bomb feature ever.

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Had to take care of some stuff at work during the live stream while Patrick was in the dark level, and came back just as Max started his run. Decided to watch the last bit of Patrick's run....


Posted by Aegon

Posted by gyozilla

This is great radio.

Posted by Akujin

cam i get that Gif od the scepter death? XD

Posted by anbilow

Gotta sacrifice them live enemies Patrick!

Posted by Fram

@rayeth: That thumbnail is probably my favourite screen grab from any Giant Bomb stream.

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Here's the archive of Jeff's (and Dave Snider's!) Mixlr stream that was happening on the other side of that phone line: http://mixlr.com/jeff-gerstmann/showreel/01212014-pm-heading-home-with-guest-co-host-dave-snider/

Edit: can't find the time code for when Patrick calls in the Mixlr stream though, not sure if that episode wasn't archived, because this is the latest archived on Mixlr. According to the email I got, the name of the episode should've been Wednesday Traffic Report, not Heading Home with Guest Co-host Dave Snider.

Posted by RonGalaxy

I crossed the streams and now my head feels a little funny and my vision is blurry. Is that a normal side effect?

Posted by SneakyPickle

how did max manage to wedge himself into video games?

Posted by cooljammer00

how did max manage to wedge himself into video games?

Did you read that profile about him? Something about Obama.

Posted by Strife777

That is still, to me, one of the funniest images out of this website.

Posted by metalliccookies

Sweet Matt Temkin :D always nice to hear more than one voice :D Keep these going Scoops :D

Posted by mosespippy

I think my favourite part of this is from the other stream when Jeff's phone rings. "It's the internet's Max Tempkin calling. Hello, you're on the air."

Posted by antivanti

<ghostbusters reference>

Posted by zig

This is so great.

Posted by BillyMaysRIP

Being there live for this stream and dual streaming Jeff and Patrick was magical. THE POWER OF THE INTERNET.

(also, Max used some Brad level excuses this stream.)

Posted by Fistfulofmetal
Posted by OCD12345

Best episode so far! Lovin' this feature. Patrick, I think you have to start practicing ghosting. It is totally worth the time and effort, especially in the daily challenge in which your score is based off how much money you earn. If you ghost the gems in one of the vaults containing a shopkeeper (which is super easy because all the gems are piled together in one place), you'll get roughly 75,000 gold from that one vault. And considering you're already angering the shopkeepers, you might as well pick up the extra cash.

Posted by BisonHero

It was really unfortunate that Patrick lost his shotgun once he went into the moai and was never able to get another one. Getting through the Temple without some sort of weapon is quite tough for most people, and Patrick is especially not super skillz enough to make it without a weapon.

The Ice Caves are much easier with no weapon, because you can just avoid everything, especially if you have Jetpack/Cape/Climbing Gloves. Hell, it's the easiest level to kill shopkeepers on, since once you activate them, they either jump to their death like idiots, or you can throw like a single bomb to erode some of their platform, and that's usually enough to cause them to kill themselves.

The same is not even remotely true on the Temple, where everyone enemy is kind of an asshole, and you have to deal with enraged shopkeepers in a much more confined area.

Posted by mdmac92

God I hope Jeff launches a rival Spelunky stream. #HailGerstmann

Posted by fisk0

@fisk0: Is there a timestamp?

No, apparently it was the wrong recording, the one from today isn't up yet. I'll update the post with the correct link when it's up. The name of the right one is Wednesday Traffic Report, and it started 7 minutes earlier than Patrick's Spelunky stream (according to the e-mails I got from mixlr and twitch about there being streams), so the time for when the call happens should line up pretty well in both once it's available.

Posted by pyromagnestir

Is the Max playing part of this video really choppy for anyone else? I don't think it's just a problem on my end, but what do I know?


Posted by s10129107

It's awesome that there is a GB Chicago Crew

Posted by PimblyCharles

Son: "Daddy, what's 420?"

Dad: "Well son... it's the day of April 20th when all the grass collected in Demon Souls is shared amongst others"

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Jeff Gerstmann, with the high class comedy.

Dude brings it consistently.

Posted by Kayrack

nice to see the office is well cleaned

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Yo, shouts out to the cleaning lady. She was a fast machine, she keep her engine clean, she was the best damn cleaning lady I've ever seen. Also Jeff is a god. p.s I LOVE this website! p.p.s Shouts out to Scoops keeping it real in Chicago. Scoops much love and respect brother.

Posted by development
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@pyromagnestir: Super choppy for me.

Yeah, that's unfortunate.

I don't remember the stream being choppy, but I kinda wasn't paying attention when Max started his run so I missed his first run, which seems to be the only part of the video that has a problem. Weird.

Posted by development

Really good stupid show today.

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Sometimes the best part about these is watching the archive and knowing that whoever is playing last is going to die before they know it.

I thought, "There's 44 seconds left in this video, so Max is going to die very soon." They sound so hopeful, too, before it happens.

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#vacuumtech #beatgerstmann

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Y'all consider this fair warning. You have awoken the threat that is MONSTERDUNK. Oh he's real alright and he's coming for your precious Spelunky "leaderboards". #battech

Posted by Slam_Squatthrust

For the life of me I cannot remember what show the header image is from. Can anyone help a brotha out?

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Giantbomb seems to be transforming into a Dark Souls/Spelunky/Windjammers fansite....I'm ok with it.

Edited by pyide

@patrickklepek the Black Market entrance can appear in the Haunted Castle, so if you have cleared the level containing the grave and saw no ticks on the udjat eye, you should probably go in there. Also, the mandatory altar is a plus.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing


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I'm not that used to Spelunky and every time someone runs through spikes it freaks me out a little

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There needs to be more Spelunking with cleaning ladies in the background, very fascinating. Jeff needs to get onboard.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Where in Chicago is Patrick streaming from?

Posted by Cold_Blooded_Chiller

So... is this game basically "Rick Dangerous" but with randomized levels, cuz if so that's insane.

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