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Posted by JustinTHOM

Just got myself a controller and a copy of spelunky on PC, because of you and Remo. I don't know how to feel about that.

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Missed the live stream by just like 10 minutes. Glad it's finally up!

@justinthom I did the exact same thing last week haha. It looks so easy in the videos, but I still haven't made it past 1-4!

Posted by Fobwashed

Patrick will take your questions now -_-;;

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@jeremyspittle: I am actually so bad at this game, but I feel like I am making progress. I also purchased rouge legacy recently so I am quite excited to try that. But the banner saga is what is really taking up all my time at the moment.

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We e-sports now!

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@amyggen said:

@fobwashed: Lol, your best gif yet!

My daily on the other hand. Far from it D=

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I just had my first ever semi-decent run after a super lackluster daily. It was the first time I bothered to find the black market. I cleared it out and made it to 3-3 with 100k before dying to a mammoth (the ankh got used on spikes in world 2). I didn't know the mammoth ice beam was a one shot :(((

I still feel pretty good about it. I'm hoping to get another similar run, so I can be more careful. Maybe I'll finally make it to world 4. Thanks to @patrickklepek for being my coach. I'm learning a lot from watching these streams. It's helping me progress further than I ever would if I was on my own.

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@patrickklepek I dunno if you're not used to the Mattock or just weren't thinking about it, but you missed a LOT of gems you could've grabbed pretty easily during the Daily Challenge run. Great video otherwise, sorry if it's already been said

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I hope we can get a speed run at the end of every video. That is some good stuff.

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#SpeedRun #BoomDone #eSports

Posted by Steadying

Is there a reason why you never just lay the shotgun down so you can get it back after you die to open the face door thing? Like, will it always just disappear regardless or something? I don't know a whole lot about Spelunky. :P

Posted by North6

oh man, the black market was down by all the blue frogs in 3-3, it only flashed once.

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@trilogy: I picked it up in the Christmas sales, and started playing around the time these streams started up. Been enjoying it and picking up loads of tips, not only from Patrick, Max, and friends, but from others on the forums and on the Steam group we have as well. Some of us have also been posting our Daily Challenge runs and it's been good watching some of them and constantly picking up more and more. I made it to the Temple for the first time today, and I don't think I'd have been able to get that far that quick without watching how others approach the game. Reading wikis can only get you so far in an RNG-based game like Spelunky.

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@steadyingmeat: You can't get out of the face thingy so you simply can't go out and pick it up. There is an esoteric way of getting around this but it is way more work than it is worth for a shotgun.

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In the dark levels, if you douse your hand-held torch in the water, you can re-light it at one of the torch stands you've already lit. Maybe on the flaming tiki spike things too? I'm not sure.

Posted by pyromagnestir

In the first run you coulda grabbed the dog and not used bombs to aggro the shopkeeper, but just fly near him instead since you were trying to kill yourself and revive with the ankh on that level anyway. If the shopkeeper killed you before getting the dog to the entrance it wouldn't have been a big deal, and if he didn't you coulda brought the dog to the exit then killed yourself.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I think Patrick got further in his speed run than Brad even did way back when he tried it on the Big Live Live Show a few years back.

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There's actually an achievement for speed running Spelunky (named Speedlunky) @patrickklepek

You have to beat Olmec in less than 8 minutes. I never thought I'd be able to do it but squeaked by with 15 seconds to spare a few weeks back. It was a lot of fun to attempt but man, it really messes with your normal style of play when you go back to the Daily Challenges.

Some of the other ones mix it up, too. I liked doing the coop one solo, you have to carry the other player through the game and keep them safe and alive for the Olmec defeat. The only thing I have left is "Low Scorer" which involves finishing the game without collecting any treasure. A feat I thought was even more impossible than Speedlunky, but after trying it a few times I think I might be able to pull it off. The fact that you can whip gold and gems out of your way definitely helps, but I almost always fall or run into a little bit I can't see.

Posted by Vuud

I beat Olmec today on my first try, I was so excited! Now I want to get to the city of gold, and my new goal in life #beatklepek. I'm commin' for ya!

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I really think you should stick with doing the daily first, even if it means having a day like Friday every once in a while. You almost always kill it on your first practice attempt, and then trail off with each run. If anything just do a quick run to about 2-2 or so to fine tune your timing before you start the daily.

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Again, Patrick not taking the boomerang at about 14:00. It's not a bad item! And at 18:00 again (and like 2 more time afters that)!

Also, Patrick still has kinda wasteful jetpack technique. Gotta only use short bursts, and always take breaks on land ever 2-4 seconds, especially if you're trying to ascend. Though yeah, his 4-1 layout (in the temple) was kinda lame, and he was quite short on bombs, so not much he could do about it (though the level did kill the shopkeeper for him).

I don't think the mattock (or the Matlock) is ever worth buying from a shop, because I find I don't ever end up carrying it for that long. I'd drop it for a boomerang or shotgun if I find either, and it's a huge pain to carry both the mattock and damsel with you to the exit. At 50:44, it was incredibly obvious Patrick was going to kill the dog while digging with the mattock. And as Patrick saw, dark levels force you to abandon the mattock, pretty much.

I think Patrick got further in his speed run than Brad even did way back when he tried it on the Big Live Live Show a few years back.

Yeah, despite being the most interested in Spelunky when it first came out on XBLA, Brad plays Spelunky terribly when he is being recorded and has other people to talk to. Patrick logged like 5-10 hours of practice on the Vita before he started playing on stream, and also I think he knew way more tricks than Brad ever knew, which also helps him be better than Brad.

Also, Brad is just terrible at playing almost anything because he SO easily distracts himself if someone brings up an interesting conversation topic. Brad never made it past the Jungle while on a stream.

Posted by StealthRaptor

Patrick is eSports.

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@48:45 He goes out of his way to break open every pot containing unspeakable horrors... and doesn't use the mattock to break a single block with a visible gemstone...

Ladies and gentlemen this game cultivates bad habits. Break them or be bound by them. ...SPEEDRUN!!!

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One of these days he'll beat Olmec on stream, and it will be glorious.

Posted by Dahnosaur

I was doing so well on today's Daily. Got the shotgun early on, then got the jetpack at the black market. Had over 150k (really good for me) and I thought I'd clear out the ice caves and coast to the temple. And then I stepped on a mine and forgot I was carrying a shotgun and couldn't pick it up. YASD. I hate/love this game.

Posted by Reisz

Fifty eight minutes, cant have gone too badly!

Posted by OCD12345

Patrick, if you can't afford the jetpack, then murdermurdermurder. Also, more speedruns please.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

What was the point in buying the pickaxe and walking past every diamond that was stuck in a wall?

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Hey @patrickklepek, Why don't you drop your shotgun off near the door of the Moai head before killing yourself in the Ice Caves? Shouldn't that allow you to keep your shotgun during the rest of your run? Or am I missing something that says you can't take a gun with you through the door. Anyways, keep up the excellent work Scoops!

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My daily sucked.

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Hey @patrickklepek, Why don't you drop your shotgun off near the door of the Moai head before killing yourself in the Ice Caves? Shouldn't that allow you to keep your shotgun during the rest of your run? Or am I missing something that says you can't take a gun with you through the door. Anyways, keep up the excellent work Scoops!

When you kill yourself to get into the Moai head, there is no way out of it except through the door. There is no simple way to get the shotgun.

As someone else mentioned, there is a way to do it, but it's far more trouble than it's worth.

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Spelunkin' with Corgi.

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If you have a jetpack in the ice caves you only need to trigger the shopkeepers by flying over them, no need to waste bombs.

Posted by Novocaine

@justinthom: You should feel good. Everybody should own Spelunky!