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Do I really want to watch this right before sleeping?

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OK, that snapshot has me intrigued...

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Time to renew . Thanks Patrick !

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Oh Lord, it's imscared.exe. This ought to be good

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Pretty sure this was the best Spookin' yet.

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Some weird-ass white orbs floating behind Patrick in this livestream. #bigorbs

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White Face is watching you and he wants to be scared together forever.

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I close my eyes and it's still there, looking at me.

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i am legit spooked

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Man.. just when you think we've explored everything in gaming..

That second title was art.

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imscared was great.

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This is activating my Asthma

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this was too scary. spooking with scoops is the best feature

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Not going to be able to sleep now.

I'm Scared.

EDIT: play that on Unprofessional Fridays PLEASE.

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That last game man, that last game, I'm still thinking about it. That's a very clever way to scare the shit outta you. Thanks Patrick!

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That night vision is pretty good but can it read your heart rate? Nothin' says Spookin with Scoops like a heart rate monitor so get that vitality sensor installed =D

Came in on this and caught the back half, looking forward to seeing how you got there. Content!

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This is why I watch Spooking with Scoops. So many good horror games to add to my collection. :D

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This thumbnail strikes fear into the weak(me).

I know this is gonna be great, can't stop Scoops now!

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"so slenderman should be showing up right about now.."

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So glad you did the Q&A to close things out. If you left it at imscared.exe then it'd be no sleep for me!

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FUCK! I'd alt tabbed off the full screen video to look at facebook whilst Parick was setting up and when I came back that fucking scary ass gif of the girl was onscreen!! Fuck you Patrick lol <3

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MOTHER FUCKER! that basket ball vid scared the shit out of me when i skipped the video ahead.

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really startling that something with such simplistic visual design could be so effective especially when we are used to more realistic graphics and sound. I really like the idea of something having an effect on you outside of the game.

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What's up with the part at 1:26:58? There's a weird noise and it looks like something small bounces off of Patrick's shoulder.

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Need a break from this, but Italian horror? Looking forward to the rest of the video :D Also, that jif showed me I'm no longer afraid of scary faces, so thanks Patrick... I might finally watch The Grudge now... yeah... thanks...

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Word wrap yo.

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play that on Unprofessional Fridays PLEASE.

Throwing my vote for this as well! It would be great to see the other Giant Bomb squad members' reactions!

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Fuck right before i go to bed.


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What headphones is patrick using ? Ar those the same he uses in office ?

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One of them is lying.

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I don't know what's more spookin'. The Slenderman or the fact that the crazy woman left all of her windows and doors open when there was a storm outside.

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After watching this live last night, well, at 5am-ish, I'm not too proud to admit that the preview image got a jump out of me when it was promoted on the main page >_<

God Damn You Scoops. Also, Great show Scoops :D

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good call on trying to get Vinny to play it.

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This was the best Scoopin' w/ Scoops so far in my opinion. Both of the games were awesome and having that night-vision cam worked out fantastically. I do wonder if it would be better to have Vinny play imscared on UPF today though or maybe instead after he completes Bioforge next week, since that'll be a short stream. Pros and cons to both, but I think either way will work well. Thanks for doing these awesome streams though Patrick!

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That glitch in Slender had me in tears. It's the way he's curiously turning the flashlight on and off that makes it.

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Hopefully the future of Unprofessional Fridays

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White Face is so misunderstood. He just wants a friend to play with.

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What's up with the part at 1:26:58? There's a weird noise and it looks like something small bounces off of Patrick's shoulder.

Holy shit I thought you were joking. :D
That's just perfect

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Caught the second half of this live at work today, was an awesome way to close out my working week! Thanks for answering my question @patrickklepek, and for pushing on ahead in the (white) face of imscared.exe

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I actually jumped several times during the Slender game. The video distortion effects when he shows up are simply amazing.

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I wish this was the main image on the site instead of the mocapped dog.

And Patrick is bringing the game into work today, so everyone shut up! Vinny is already suspicious! Brad might have watched the stream.

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I have never had such a high heart rate this early in the morning.

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Haven't said a word yet and I'm already laughing.

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@meatball said:

Pretty sure this was the best Spookin' yet.

Agreed. First time I got to watch one live too. Really glad I did.