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im not a SF player/ historian, but my only question is: Was that a fucking raccoon?

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in before "GET HYPE"

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im gonna oil myself up in april baby!

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@Some1StoleMyTortilla said:

" im not a SF player/ historian, but my only question is: Was that a fucking raccoon? "

That's Don, Ibuki's pet tanooki.  Don't mess with Don
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Makoto looks like straight out of Dragonball Z. 
I wonder when they're gonna show off that Hakan guy

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I believe that's a tanuki, a raccoon-like animal native to Japan but otherwise not normally classified as an actual one. It probably tags along with Ibuki since there's mythology about its supposed transformative powers, which probably compliment her well story-wise.

Edit: And it looks like Luke beat me to it. Good on him!

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"Looks like it's time to oil up." That needs to be said more.

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So is there another character yet to be revealed? 

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Super Dynamic Cooking Time, but with oil! that is definitely the same voice actor that does El Fuerte.

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SF III announcer > SF IV announcer

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Pretty much confirms the rumoured Oiled Middle Eastern Ju-Jutsu character. Meh. More characters would be nice.

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I'd really like to thank Giantbomb for covering a game that I am SUPER stoked to play.  Maybe other sites had these trailers before you guys but I wouldn't know because I watch most game coverage on this site regardless.  I'm ashamed to say that I never owned SFIV but I've played a ton of it when it came out last year.  I remember when I was just about ready to bite the bullet and buy that damn game, Capcom announced Super Street Fighter IV.  I totally remember exclaiming out loud, "ASSHOLES!  Now there's no point in buying SFIV!"  Now that I hear it'll be sold at a discounted price (thank you mysterious gametrailers tv guest) I'm more than happy to wait until its release. Thanks for the video, thanks for the coverage, and thanks for giving the tiny demographic that I sit in some serious hype.
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HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE. I want to play as Don.

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Is Hakan going to play like Darun? That'd be nice.

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Looks like it's time to oil up?

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Cody and Guy are the shit.

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 Is that right? 

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Get on the dance flo'

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So Naruto dyed his hair black and joined the Street Fighter franchaise? Does Bandai know?

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What is up with all the Tanuki? Who is going to have a Tanuki suit as an alternate costume?

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anyone know the name of the song playing?

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Excellente~! I wanna play as Jeff Gerstmann, Ryan Davis, Vinny Caravella, and Brad Shoemaker!!! Not to forget.. DAVE SNIDER!

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Capcom does not know how to cast voice actors in english.

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Fake suntan attaaack!

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I am FUCKING OBSESSED with the music that plays during Dudley's intro and fight. Can't wait to hear the full song!

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Fingers crossed that the last character is that raccoon.

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@EternalInfinity0 said:
" I am FUCKING OBSESSED with the music that plays during Dudley's intro and fight. Can't wait to hear the full song! "
me too, the music at the start of this trailer too. wish i could find the full versions of both, especially the dudley part one
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I don't "get" fighting games at all, but that's one helluva well-produced trailer. Might get it when the price drops...

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@Rhaknar: I guess we'll just have to wait for the game to come out. :( April can't come soon enough.
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Girl fei-long seems pretty fun, but Dudley needs bigger gloves!

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It's all about Dudley's mustache.

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as much as I wanted Alex... I'll live with who I got.

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I love Guy's face when he picks up Don.

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@Egge:  Im the same but if they are compiling all of SFIV and plus 10 new characters, new modes, and whatnot, 40 bones seems like a pretty decent price point.
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its hakan you can hear it and the end
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I squealed like a little girl when I first heard the 3rd Strike announcer!