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Posted by MildMolasses

Hell yeah

Posted by Matthew

Hell to the yeah

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Really digging that art style.

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I will wait however long it takes to play this game at pax.

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That song is pretty great.

Posted by Elow

Looks awesome!

Is Giant Bomb going to do another "Behind the scenes" video series based on this game like they did with Bastion?

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Well this is exciting!

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Posted by Darkecho117

Been wondering what they've been up to

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Oh awesome! Really excited for this, loving the art style and the tone that the music set. I'm assuming the song was original?

Bastion was spectacular, so I'm all in for another Supergiant game.

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Holy Crap, looks awesome, can't wait. Nice to see the fantastic music from Bastion is translating well.

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Wow. What style. What a great song. What a cool vibe. Wow.

Posted by Toug

That sooooooooooooong.

Posted by Hassun

I hope it's not too much like Bastion but this trailer is certainly giving a good first impression.

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Too much excitement!

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goddammit now I know about this game and it's not going to be on my [insert platform of choice] for at least another year?


Posted by rottendevice

Looks like a Bastion 2.0. I am excited.

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I saw some video recently where Amir from SuperGiant said something about how they have the luxury of doing whatever sort of game they want, as they don't really have anyone expectations (this might have been before Bastion came out). I'm kinda glad to see Transistor seems to be kinda like Bastion, but different.

Posted by posh

i mean i guess it looks cool but i'm kinda bummed they seem to be making "bastion 2"

Posted by emem

Love it.

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Holy shit, it's rare that i like songs from the first time i hear them, but holy shit, this is so good, can't wait for the soundtrack alone.

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I need this.

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So basically it's Cyberpunk Anime Bastion.

I can get behind that.

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@posh said:

i mean i guess it looks cool but i'm kinda bummed they seem to be making "bastion 2"

Play Bastion a second time. Canonically, that is Bastion 2.

Posted by Superfriend

Wow, this looks amazing! They really like their isometric angles, right?

So do I.

Posted by Jonnyflash80

Take my money Supergiant. I will pay up to $1000000.

Posted by SlashDance

Seriously. Take all my money right now...

I guess I'll go listen to the Bastion's soundtrack for the millionth time.

Posted by Chaser324

Yeah, I'm fully in. Don't need to see anything else.

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Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

Awesome...loved Bastion

Posted by durden77

Looks fantastic, but I hope it differentiates itself enough from Bastion. It also looks pretty similar in style and gameplay.

But either way I'm gonna buy it so I guess it doesn't really matter. Good to hear they still know good music too.

Posted by jillsandwich

Yep. Cyberpunk Bastion. So, so in.

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Right to the top of my most anticipated list. Bastion was great.

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Looks interesting and yeah, I loved Bastion. But aside from the pedigree of the developer, I'm not really sure that there is enough information to qualify it as looking like an amazing game. Still, if Supergiant Games can deliver on the reputation they made with Bastion, there is potential for this to be something great.

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I still have to finish Bastion, but this game looks right up my alley. The art style and music were superb. I can't wait for this.

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Why the "pretty much"? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING BEHIND THOSE WORDS, @alex!?

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A sequel to Resistor.

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Really bummed out. Was expecting something that was a little different than Bastion. Obviously it's difficult to really gauge that off of one video, but this certainly doesn't have me hyped. I like Bastion quite a lot, but I don't need another isometric action game. You guys actually like this song too? I guess I just don't get anything about this trailer.

Posted by Lokno

Hope I can get the EP of that song before 2014.

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Sci-fi Bastion, I'm in.

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Those heavy hands again.

Posted by Sweetz

Looks cool. Also makes me remember that I really need to replay Bastion at some point.

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Whoa... goosebumps. Supergiant makes me so happy time for another bastion playthrough I guess.

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Jen Zee really is an amazing artist, looks fantastic. An early build is going to be playable at PAX East this week, so that's pretty awesome.

And yay for Greg Kasavin! Always really liked that guy.

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This looks fantastic.

Is GiantBomb going to cover this game like they did with Bastion?

Posted by Jayzilla

Can't wait for this! I hope Greg and the team stop by the studio again.