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Posted by Deity

Reminds me of Lemmings.

Posted by mrcodman1976

looks cool

Posted by Besetment

Uh? Is there any reason this trailer was posted twice?

Posted by Terrents

this one is up twice :O

Posted by Detrian

Yo guess what we remade lemmings but extra wacky.

Posted by jamesgillard

Resident Evil lasers dawg!

Posted by Khalen

Lemmings indeed :)
About time! We needed a new kind of lemmings :D

Posted by MrGarcia

Lemmings - The next ZEF.

Posted by Skaery

I wonder what the gameplays like.

Posted by Gamer_152

Posted by Pop
@Deity said:
" Reminds me of Lemmings. "
Posted by MeatSim

Those things are going extinct for sure.

Posted by Capum15
@Gamer_152 said:
I know it's because I'm tired, but I still laughed way to hard at that.
Posted by r0nell

wtf lol.

Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow

games like these just appeal to me regardless of gameplay, i will always love lemmings, worms and rabbids and these littlle blue guys could be the next.
Posted by artofwar420

Hothead seems to have a winner here. At least in the looks depato.