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Huh, looks kind of interesting :S It's going to get buried with all the other stuff though.

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So a not so cute version of Lemmings?
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Sooooo...lemmings? Not that that's a bad thing! :)

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doesnt say much about the gameplay.

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Whatever it may be I like the characters.
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Finally -- an adorable murder simulator!

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oh gosh!

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Great trailer, but some gameplay details would go a long way.
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So Lemmings?

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Waiting a long time for this one.  It's closer to Creatures 2 than Lemmings.

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Those swarms of blue things are all dead.

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Ha ha! Those blue things died in comically violent ways! I am interested and/or hyped about this strange and unique franchise!

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Will almost surely download this at some point, trailer makes it look like a lot of fun at least.

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so.... it's lemmings?

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Apart from adorable blue death and a title, that told me nothing about that game. :P

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So what system(s) will it be on? The E3 link doesn't help answer it much & suprisingly there isn't something at the end of the video.

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Love the perfectly plain faces when they just jump onto the fan. No idea what this is, but I likes it.

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Like a more violent Lemmings, basically.

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Hothead Games 
A lot of talent working there.

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Looks pretty cool, I miss Lemmings

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I love the Wookie/pigeon sound of those little guys.
I will have to play at least a demo just to hear them make more noises.  Really love the sound design on those guys.  Man, I'm listening to this video for the seventh time just to hear them make noises more.  Fuck yeah.  Eargasmic.

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Cool it's Lemmings. Also man does Ignition publish some interesting games.

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@pyromaster222 said:
" doesnt say much about the gameplay. "
Since you ask ... there's a TGS 2008 demo video on this page though who knows, maybe it's changed a whole lot since then and this old video isn't indicative of the current game.
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Cool.  Thanks for the heads up.
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Sooooooo..............off brand Lemmings I'm guessing?
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So pixar lemmings then?

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So it sounds like an AI focused Lemmings sort of thing. Basically you do something to get past an obstacle and the swarm will imitate you.

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Anyone wondering what the actual game is like, theres a video from TGS08 where they demo it and explain how it works. Check it out here:


 I personally can hardly wait for Swarm, the concept of the game seems really awesome and different from whats on the market right now. Being able to teach them how to interact with the world, and then having them apply their new logic as they advance through the world is really cool.

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I think the problem is they needed to show how these guys learn to make it an effective trailer. Since so many people, like myself before I read the comments, had "like lemmings but blue" reactions, it could have helped to show some sort of interaction between player and AI.  That's the real big feature of it, anyway.

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O.o Strange yet kinda cute. It's reminds me of those dumb flightless birds in dinosaur age