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What!!!???? No quest?

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Don't know about this one..

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What a wonderful kind of day!

This looks kind of cool, color me excited.

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Have they turned True Crime into Yakuza?

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George St Pierre is assisting in consulting on the combat.

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Good God, there is a lot going on in this game. I just hope it can balance all of these varying mechanics and not feature a lot of different types of gameplay that all kinda suck. In any case, this is starting to resemble the Chinese (speaking for the setting) rendition of a Yakuza game, just much better.

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I always wanted a GTA in Hong Kong. This game looks pretty awesome.

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lol ''face points''... I'm gonna have the highest level face, just all you bitches watch.

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What a wonder kind of day!

This looks kind of cool, color me excited.

For fun and work and play! And to get along with each other!
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Have they turned True Crime into Yakuza?

This was originally True Crime: Hong Kong, but Activision dropped this developer and this is what it has become.

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What a wonder kind of day!

Arthur theme song?

Anyways, terrible narrator, terrible game title, but I'm oddly optimistic. Hong Kong will make for a very interesting setting. He beat someone over the head with a payphone, that was pretty rad.

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Would you like to try a game of Lucky Hit?

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completely forgot that this was coming, it seems to have a mix of GTA with Yakuza which is a good combo.

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Shenmue Theft Row: True Yakuza Rising Edition

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@Atramentous: Try to fit Wheelman in there.
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@RoyCampbell: Thats DLC.

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Not gonna lie, this actually kind of looks pretty good. If they pull it off right I can see myself buying it. Hong Kong is an interesting locale, the undercover cop thing while it's been done before can be cool with the Triad theme, all of the extra shit like costumes and combat look pretty cool, and it looks over the top like Just Cause when you can jump 20 feet to another vehicle and hijack it just because.

I hope it turns out well. With GTA V coming out it'll lose a lot of thunder, but a good game is a good game so I'll keep an eye on this one. The pitch wasn't bad either. They didn't really hold anything back and said, "Here, this is what you can do," with none of that smoke and mirrors bullshit that makes people wonder what in the fuck they're getting.

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Rockstar trailer voice still beats everyone else. This game does look really cool, this trailer presented it a lot better than the previous ones.

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Have they turned True Crime into Yakuza?

This was originally True Crime: Hong Kong, but Activision dropped this developer and this is what it has become.

It was? I got a lot of "True Crime" vibe in the trailer, but I didn't know the project was picked up by Square...

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WTF, looks actually kind of freaking awesome. GTA IV meets Yakuza meets Just Cause meets Max Payne Meets Need for Speed meets True Crime. I dig it!

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@AiurFlux: This is out in August GTA V isn't expected until first quarter 2013 most likely March although that could change it's hard to know with Rockstar, so there could be plenty of time for this to sell well enough with out GTA V getting in the way.

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I've always dreamed of a GTA set in Hong Kong....this looks good enough for me to settle on a GTA clone!

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I'm more hyped for this than GTA V.

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OK Sleeping Dogs, color me intrigued.

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this should have a cantonese voice acting option, a la the italian in assassin's creed though im sure it wont. the main character doesnt even have an accent. its really jarring.
other than that, it looks pretty cool. you can see a Donnie Yen and Jet Li influence in some of the moves. and the requisite Bruce Lee Game of Death suit ripoff seems to be in order.

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The cops in Hong Kong don't mess around it seems. Looks good, I just think I'm burned out on these sort of games.

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Complex hand to hand in an open world game could really get my attention.

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Genre blending...I dig that.

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So that's what they use pay phones for now a days.

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Shenmue Theft Row: True Yakuza Rising Edition

This is what I was thinking too. Nonetheless, I am interested.

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I'm intrigued. Looks cool. All comes down to how well it controls to me.

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It will be even better if there's Cantonese dub. I doubt it though.

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This looks like such a mish-mash of a bunch of different games such as GTA, Shenmue, Yakuza, Rock Band, Wheelman, Assassin's Creed and on top of that there is a bunch of influence from Hong Kong cinema. I still think it looks really cool though. I remember seeing a demo of this before Activision dropped it and I thought it looked really cool with the way the character fought and used the environment and was confused why they did but I'm glad Square have picked it up. Seeing as they also published Just Cause 2, I hope this has that kind of silly fun to it.

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Sleeping Dogs is a great name for a video game.

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Not one character speaking Cantonese in that whole trailer. For something taking so many cues from Hong Kong cinema, this is a little disappointing. I hope this is not indicative of the tone for the whole game.

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I'm not much of a GTA kind of guy, but this somehow managed to get my attention (probably due to the blend of genres). I'll be following this closely from now on ^^

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Everything I've seen about this game tells me it will be great, but I still have doubts. I guess we'll see come this August.

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this looks like a lot of different games put together. not that it's a bad thing, because it looks pretty cool. i've been itching to check this out ever since it was announced as a new True Crime game (fuck you guys i liked those games) so i guess i'll give it a try.

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At least this is coming out soon. It will tide me over until Yakuza 5 comes out in the States.

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And then...there are the ladies.

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@DougCL: I agree, but they probably don't have the budget for something like that. It's lucky that the game is coming out at all.

At least English is somewhat plausible. It is the second language in Hong Kong.

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Huh, this got me very interested in the game, the combat seemed really fluid. I like the setting, but as some others have pointed out, no cantonese seems a bit out of place. Oh well, I have to keep a lookout for this later.

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Have they turned True Crime into Yakuza?


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@tracert: It's an old rule, you never put subtitles in a trailer. I don't know if there are any Chinese language options, but they'd never put that in the trailer.

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NO! I would no do that in a real street fight.

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So it's some kind of all encompassing Chinese wanker simulator?

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ahahahaha they sound like they're from new york and also they're speaking english

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2:54 Bruce Lee's yellow jumpsuit...I'm so using that trough the entire game, if I can.

I like that even if though the characters are speaking in English they still have an accent, but is not comically exaggerated like in most movies.