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yay tang is back..

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Hey tang cool!

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TANG!! Really scratching the bottom with this one.

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new found land... wow

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so happy you're back

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Yikes, that's one bad flick.

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At last!

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Yay! TANG is back!  
I hate how nobody uses the proper name for the province. It's atcually Newfoundland and Labrador. Ah well Newfoundland is still closer then New Found Land lol.
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Wow I wonder if Uwe Boll will get a spot in Game history or if every one just wants to forget he ever made these films.....

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YAY Tang :D

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Tara Reid is still alive?

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You vey b o l l is so bad that i dont even want to look his name up

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Wow.. Mnemic was in a Uwe Boll movie... awesome!

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As a Newfoundlander, I resent that no-one...anywhere...ever...can correctly pronounce it.  
Just think of this rhyme:  "It's Newfoundland, Understand?"  No New-finland, or Newfinluhnd.  New-fin-land
Sorry...Touchy subject.

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Yay, TANG is back to provide me with my weekly dosage of Uwe Boll. God knows how much we all need it... 
Oh, and lulz at Tara Reid. 
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Rocking rock 'n' roll music that rocks!

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Yay for a new TANG!
And boy does this movie look badly done

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As a Newfoundland native myself, I found this quite hilarious.

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This is so predictable, done before and childish, but, Uwe Bollocks! Woot!

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Most awkward sex scene, yay! 

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 Hey Ryan, maybe Tara just pronounced it that way to piss people off. Have you ever thought about tha...yeah never mind.

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I don't know anyone who says New Found Land, it's always pronounced Newfundland, one quick word... infact, the less syllables you can use, the better.  Nawfulahn is about as detailed as I pronounce it.

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Oh jeez, I've been pronouncing it Tara Reid-style all this time.

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@Infernocow said:
" As a Newfoundlander, I resent that no-one...anywhere...ever...can correctly pronounce it.  
  noofin-land   Just think of this rhyme:  "It's Newfoundland, Understand?"  No New-finland, or Newfinluhnd.  New-fin-land Sorry...Touchy subject. "
As a fellow Newfoundlander, I agree. Ryan if you're going to correct someones pronunciation, make sure yours is correct as well.
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What, idiot movie company, pays this man to make movies. In an ideal world, they would be stoned to death

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o.o I had something to say but this beat the intelligence from my brain =(

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Ok thats enough!  I have fucking had it.  I fucking dont believe you any more Ryan.  There is no fucking way in hell, that anyone would ever give Uwe Boll this many movies to direct.  As a matter of fact, no one can ever fucking call him a director.  This is a lie.  This is not true.  He could not have gotten that many jobs.
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Damn, got schooled by Ryan. :( 
I think I'd say it like newfound--land. more split up like that. Not that I've ever uttered that name in my life.

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Here's an article written by someone who worked on a first draft of the script for this movie.   Apparently he wanted to stick to the Lovecraftian style of the original games but Boll felt it didn't have enough gun battles and car chases.
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@Damien said:
" Tara Reid is still alive? "
She might be, at least she was... the last time I checked my basement.
I love me some TANG!
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Yeah, awkward duels outta put you in the mood!

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I wonder which Ryan would like to experience again the least: The Alone in the Dark movie, or the most recent Alone in the Dark video game? :)

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Tang is back! Hell yes.

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Stephen Dorff is an actor GODAMMIT!
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Great TANG!

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You should definitely do Far Cry next.

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Wasn't that the same cavern from Postal? :(

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Great review!

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I love it when people try to correct other people's pronunciation and pronounce the word wrong themselves.
Like others have said it's more like noufunLAND. Land is where the emphases lies, I really don't care how you pronounce the newfound part but land is always land, never lend(as Ryan said) 
Is all good in my book. I actually prefer the way Tara Reid pronounce it to the way Ryan did. It's Land, not Lend. I say Noufunland.
Yes, I'm from Newfoundland.

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As far as it concerns me, these movies were made specifically for TANG.

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I prefer "some place in canada" 
This movie was so bad, that we got up and left about 45 minutes in to it...and I sat all the way through Doom! 

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Welcome back, TANG! Oh how you were missed!
"Low wattage star power" -- hilarious!

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Uhhghh who pronounces Newfoundland like that? Do Americans say that? I guess it probably doesn't come up often.

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I'm from NEW-FOUND-LAND!!!!!!! lol this is awesome. Great TANG as usual!

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Yes!! Oh TANG its been too long

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That sex scene is seriously the funniest thing I've seen all week.