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What is this I hear about a twinkie?


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This movie doesnt seem too bad

lol at the ending

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i lol'ed at the editing XD

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Hamburger was MUCH funnier than it had any right to be.

This movie is...  It's okay.  It represents what's wrong with modern Silent Hill, mimickry instead of artistry and vision.  The Room is the last GREAT Silent Hill product.

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that ending had me rolling on the floor.

good work.

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lol funny vid :D Liking the movie, a good vid.

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He fails for having to Google giantbomb.com.  It should have already been bookmarked.

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I love me some TANG.

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The ending made my night as it were. I couldn't stop laughing.
So many great touches to that sequence. I loved how it he had already googled rapelay before looking at hamburgers. Is there a connection?

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The ending was hilarious.

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lmao @ the hamburger scene... priceless ;D

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Jeff didn't try and eat Ryan with a knife and fork at the end...lame...However i totally 100% knew they'd put in Sean Bean viewing GiantBomb, that was great.

I only ever saw the first half...i enjoyed it to a certain degree.

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ok, i am going to say it... Ryan i love your work / the site / the facial hair... but you have to bin the shirt.. its driving me insane, buy yourself something nice, the blue shirt is almost in every video your in :O its killing me.. i might even send you one! (here comes the hate lol)

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Is the game's music actually in the movie, or was that the work of Vinny? Impressed either way.

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Also, needs more TANG.

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mindcavity@gmail.com -- duly noted.  ;p

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My favorite part of tang is the edited movie scenes.

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Ryan i so want a burger now :(

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This was definitely my favorite video game movie I've seen. However, I've never played any SIlent Hill games. But should that really matter?

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I liked the movie. Would recommend.

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Wasn't a bad movie in all honesty, some lame parts, but nothing you wouldn't expect.

The ending was pure genius, expect your hamburger page views to sky rocket lol.

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mmm burgers

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these are great Ryan, keep em coming. 

Maybe one day you guys can get a group to start a new movie site like anime vice and giant bomb and comic vine. it would rival IMDB and sites like joblo.com and comingsoon.net
i just think a movie site using this formula would be very successful.
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Hamburgers..... nice.

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What about the twinkie?

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Yo, dawg, we heard you like hamburgers. So we put a hambroiger in your video so you can chew while you view.

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Greatest TANG editing ever.

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Hahaha, the hamburger page edit was amazing. I have this movie on DVD and yeah, the atmosphere is great but the plot stinks reallll bad.

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It's really one of the better video game movies.

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Hell yeah, Hamburgers. Movies alright, but forgettable and nothing special. At least the movie uses the games soundtrack.

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Sean Bean; lover of hamburgers; disturbed by massive GiantBomb hamburger thread.

Effing fantastic.

Keep that video editing coming.  Also loved the Killzone 2 animation nod; need more of that.

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Oh my!
The editing job here is pure comedy gold. It's art, with a capital lol.

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I liked this movie a lot.  Lol at the hamburger thing.  Great editing!

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Amazing Ending! That was a Emmy winning performance by Boromir himself.

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mmmmm hamburgers!

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Raplay for windows.

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tang owns, good stuff.

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I like the new shave.

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Ryan, you absolutely nailed what is wrong with this movie. The mediocre writing, the over-explanatory dialogue - it's sort of a letdown. I love the games and I love Gans' other movies (Crying Freeman, Le Pacte de Loups - great stuff!), but as much as I like Gans' visual style here, something is really amiss. Still, it's one of the better video game adaptations.

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I would agree that it's probably the best video game to film adaptation, but really, that's not saying much. I agree with Ryan though, the first half is caulk full of promise, but it really dives off the cliff right after the lead finds those survivors. I also thought the ending was nicely eerie too, but the schlocky pseudo-religious, blood bath, revenge, exposition bits really drag it down. It sucked all the cerebral, mind fucking right out of the source material.


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Hahaha, that was good.

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A hamburger is not a sandwich.

I actually don't mind the Silent Hill movie, though that may be because I've never played a Silent Hill game.  Ryan, you point out stuff that is legitimately wrong with it; I just couldn't take film reviewers taking potshots at it because they're against movies based on video games, end of story.

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I just ate like two hamburgers about an hour ago.

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great review. spot on holmes

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That last part with Sean Bean and the internet was really scary