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This game looks MAD japanese.... I'm in.

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30 Billion Damage?! O.o 
Looks like it portrays the mech fairly well, though.
Posted by Erik

Crazy i tell you! CRAZY!!!

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@Jamsque said:
" Baroque?? "
It is a special move that will consume all your red health (the health that regenerates when the character is on the bench) and depending on how much red energy is drained will increase the power of the player' attacks for a short period. 
So if you wish you can let someone beat the crap out of you and then use all the red energy for baroque et destroy him in mere seconds. Sort of hard to pull of though.
Posted by Jayzilla

Baroque damage is nothing to Rococo damage! An what, no post-modern damage!?! How dare you Capcom!

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Tekkaman Blade has Pegas, why not add it?

Posted by Milkman
@Jamsque said:
" Baroque?? "
Totally read that in the video as "Barbeque".
Posted by Rallier
@DukeTogo said:
" Tekkaman Blade has Pegas, why not add it? "
I believe that it is part of one of his super attacks or perhaps his hyper.
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I have very little idea what just happened.  I guess that means this is appropriately insane.

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Nothing like a healthy dosage of batshit crazy Japanese gaming in the early afternoon.
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I love the fact that damage is measured in BILLIONS!!!

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Why am I watching these crazy videos?!

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No, 30 THOUSAND BILLION DAMAGE! Do you know how much that is? No one does!

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Giant robot always wins.

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capcom, PLEASE bring this to XBLA!!!

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You would think a giant heavily armed robot would win every time.

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@ArcLyte said:
"capcom, PLEASE bring this to XBLA!!!    I'M BEGGING YOU "

check the page, it says Arcade and Wii. :-)