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Looks quite good actually i prefer KoF though

Posted by CSXLoser

so this is how it looks on a console :D

How much longer do we have to wait jeez :(
Posted by MAST

I dunno... Soul Calibur is just much more interesting to me then this. More interesting then Street Fighter even. SC4 basically has the same graphics as this, except you get to use unique weapons instead of just punching and kicking.


Posted by papercut

Its been so long since I played Tekken 5. I hope I can get back in to it.

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What I want to know is if the mechanics have improved in some way.

I don't just want a prettified Tekken 5 DR , I want something more.

And falling through the floor is just... it doesn't even look cool or mechanically interesting.

I'm having the same doubts in some ways with KOF 12, it seems like the same exact mechanics just prettier, though I guess its more justified since the old sprites look terrible on a HD tv.

At least Blazblue is an all new cast, even if it has all the same archetypes and similar mechanics as GG.

Probably going to buy them all though. I did get SF4 and SC4, and I'd like a large library of fighting games. Also getting MvC2.

Now... If they can release CvS2 as DLC somehow...

Tis a good season for fighting (games).

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Someone new needs to jump into the fighting game genre and change it up.

Posted by Gregomasta

What ever happened to Eddy Gordo?

Posted by Kinarion

I don't understand the rhythm of the fights and combos in this series the same way I do in Street Fighter.

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I don't know who that Bob guy is but he is awesome.

Posted by CSXLoser

what you expect Kinarion?  2D fighting games are different from 3D fighting games :P

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Pretty cool. I might get it.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

Finally, the Tekken series starts to show some character in their characters...
This looks like something I might actually want to pick up, surprisingly, since I've never been into the series before.

Posted by dagas

Look like Tekken 3, with prettier grahpics, although I don't know what else they could have done. Bet it will please Tekken fans. For me it reached it peak with Tekken 3, haven't cared since.

Posted by Koolaids_Back

good god the air combos alone would make the game super annoying

Posted by Sharpshooter

Its tekken in HD. Gonna need more than that to get me to hand over money.

Posted by Oemenia

Great stuff

I played the game in the Arcades and the graphics really werent so hot. Looked like a more detailed BR on PS3

Posted by Napalm

Oh, ok. So this is like every single Tekken game ever. I'll pass.

Posted by Slaneesh

Which new direction can they actually take with this game? I sense it´s going to be the same

Posted by n8

watching this just made me love street fighter even more.

tekken is a worthless game and always has been.

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Ow hell yeah this looks awesome.
Street Fighter fags are fags.This is a different style of game than SF4.This ones combo based and lot more defensive than a street fighter/KOF game (If throwing hadokens at the end of the screen is defense).
But its a lot more casual and great for (And im not kidding) playing in a party.

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This will probably be solid. I'm just kind of meh on the visuals. Not that graphics are everything, but when a series doesn't reinvent itself, I at least hope to see some good improvement on the technical side.

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Im skipping all these great fighters (examples: Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6) for a super gory mortal kombat game. you are dangerously testing my patience Midway.        Xbox 360>PS3

Posted by darkspirit138

The fighting in this game is kinda meh to me. I depise games where you juggle a lot, and thas what it seems...maybe they just showed those parts. I mean, Jin ounched the floor to hit a guy, Anna doing somersaults to rape them in the air-it just seems that a lot of these fights will be who can hit who first.

Posted by Canberra

Looks sweet, the motion blur realy gives it a nice look.

Posted by BlackPuma

I really hope it's gonna have a character creator just like SoulCalibur did.

Posted by MagikGimp

The floor breaking like that all the time must be a real pain for the local council.

Posted by Lilja

It looks like you can make infinite combos?

Posted by AGforPS3

Graphics are meh IMO but the fighting looks all Tekken.  Will get it for sure just hope it doesn't get delayed.

Posted by sage3k

the whole Stage interaction thing is too Dead of Alive ish..  but I'm still looking forward to this.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

This kinda game still exists? o_O

Posted by Player_4

Wheres Lee, he is my favorite character.

I am still excited for this game though.

Posted by Eric_Buck

It doesn't have the huge bouncing bust of DOA and it doesn't have the gameplay of SF. FAILURE!

Posted by Nasar7

I can't stand the Tekken engine and this looks like more of the same.

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KING!!!  =( 

Wheres the kitty?

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please send me takken 6