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Seems like audio sync problems on everything past the first BLLSL video

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My internet died at about this point on friday so I can't wait to watch these once the audio sync issues get fixed.

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kind of wish comic vine's segments went a bit better..

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This show is bringing in all kinds of emotions. Tension, suspense, laughter and horror. the EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER THAT IS.. THE BLLSL

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Those Halo 4 guys were kind of assholes.

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Ah, ComicVine. A great site, but my goodness is their video content awkward!

Brings back memories of all those 'Let's read comics in a bad voice' segments on Happy Hour... those always made me squirm from how uncomfortable and forced they seemed. Still, the quiz panel section with Vinny & Tony was great!

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Now you're Russian me

That guy is only one guy

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Creeper be creepin.

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Lol I love how they kept bring out stools to make her taller, she is so cute :) but it is kinda messed up they cut the guy off but shes still a cutie!

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Why did they make this segment the display image for the video? Are we being trolled?

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I enjoyed the dance central bit. Made kinect look like fun, wich it usually isnt.

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God, I love our Swedish accent.

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Audio is EXTREMELY out of sync here. HTML5 Player, Chrome 21, Win 7 x64.

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I think I saw dave's snake pit.

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Oh god. That Flash artist segment makes me squirm.

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well, i now totally understand why Sarah never really interjects into any of the videos on giant bomb. She is awkward as hell.

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SHE is the awkward one? lol

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Yo guys, I figured it out. Have enough drinks until you're no longer able to operate heavy machinery, then watch that Comic Vine segment again. Dude was drunk (or high) which threw everybody's timing off, so no comedy worked.

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The comic vine interview was the best segment out of the entire show. It's like a scene from The Office or something... if Dwight was a comic-book artist.

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fucking hated that comic vine segment that dude was an asshole

the spot the bullshit segment though, was great

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That comics artist has got some major issues to work out

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Who thought it was a good idea to do the interview as the guy is drawing? It just made the whole interview odd and threw off the flow of conversation. Also, bringing out the trays multiple times for her to stand on mid interview was probably a bad choice.

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Mr. Artist was kind of a dick.

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Omg no way the comic vine segement was so perfectly akward and cute

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Man, that interview is amazing! awkward levels exceeding 100%

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Wow, rewatching for some of the moments I missed during work. Jeez these halo guys are being absolute asses.

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That ComicVine segment. I'm pretty sure the guy was just very very VERY dry with his sense of humour, but DEAR GOD. I'm still squirming and I skipped most of it. Riiiight to the point at the end where he thanks them for cutting him off whilst he was plugging his shit..

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I take this personal .. Watched that segment 5 times so good

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oh nuggets

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@jesterroyal: They were doing it in jest.

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I want to see more of the Comic Vine couch segment. It works so perfectly becuase the guys are great liars.

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John Drake looks super tired from the very start. hope he got some actual rest afterwards.

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The panel was pretty hilarious. I hope they bring back Ryan what's-her-face back. She's cute!

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sara is terrible

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I'm sorry I didn't catch that artists website, was it briandouchebag.com?

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Drew this when that segment happened.

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God damn the noise in that Comic Vine segment is so hard to get rid of, not enough frequency points in Premiere to get all of it I'm afraid.

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The Comic Vine segment was slightly awkward I feel... Maybe whoever was behind the camera could had gave like a wrap up [when your finished plugging/drawing] signal without cutting off the artist while he was trying to plug his work. Clearly, they could have kept the camera on that segment until he finished up his plug.. because they kept the camera on them even after that awkward moment.. then being forced to the rush a drawing.. he could had finished his plug in that time.. I can understand his frustration being asked a question and then cut off before you can complete your answer..

IDK both sides could had been better. But that's live entertainment.

Time to watch part 4!

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In the Dance Central section, Sarah just looks PISSED that they haven't started playing the game.

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Sara's interview style/sense of humor is weird. The interview had that kind of tension where I expected them to have angry sex at any moment.

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Brad is pretty terrible at Trials. Poor fella. Funny to watch though! Thanks, Brad!

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Oh Man! That was the perfect storm of awkwardness. I actuallly squirmed from it.