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Edited by Centurypunk

Cant wait for what comes next!

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Edited by Rirse

But you just unlocked the true final boss. You can't end on the optional end boss.

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Posted by Baofu

so, more risk of rain then?

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Posted by JustinTHOM

Thanks for the great content Patrick !

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Posted by DefaultProphet

That's it?

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Edited by MovieFlask

What's next on the list? Dungeons of Dreadmor? FTL? The PIT?

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Posted by Coreus

Next up: Rogue Legacy.

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Posted by rwoodall

I still want to see a little more BoI, but I absolutely vote FTL for the next feature.

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Posted by ShaggE

Nice cameo by Brad "Two MMOs" Shoemaker there.

But yeah, there's much more Isaac to be had, so I do hope Patrick pops back in every now and then for shits and giggles. You haven't lived until you've had a Technology 2/Polyphemus run.

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Edited by LackingSaint

My vote would go to XCOM: Klepek Within. Or System Shock 2 if Patrick hasn't played it.

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@shagge said:

But yeah, there's much more Isaac to be had, so I do hope Patrick pops back in every now and then for shits and giggles.

Eh..I think that's enough Isaac to be had.

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Posted by ShaggE

@shagge said:

But yeah, there's much more Isaac to be had, so I do hope Patrick pops back in every now and then for shits and giggles.

Eh..I think that's enough Isaac to be had.

*throws empty bottle at mirror* I'll say when we've had enough! Lord Gamblor and I will have another round, barkeep!

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Posted by freakin9

Congrats Patrick, on wasting everyone's time.

I mean, beating the boss. ;)

My vote is move on.

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Posted by MrRealistic

You didn't even beat the game Patrick. Not impressed.

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Posted by csl316

Next up, OG Rogue?

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Posted by xite

Can't really think of a game where we could sufficiently praise Gamblor, but my vote's for FTL anyway.

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Posted by KotovBestPony

So long as we get another feature where you go through another roguelike, I'd be cool with a new feature.

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Edited by Popogeejo

I love FTL but it doesn't feel like a game with a lot of progression in terms of player learning.

He's already done his thing to Rouge Legacy so that's out.

Dreadmore could be fun. For a short series (probably only two or three days of episodes) I'd like to see Scoops try Flotila but that lacks a definitive end goal.



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Posted by Crippl3

Ending here is sort of like if you ended your Spelunky series without beating Yama :(

That's alright though, if you're feeling burned out there's nothing wrong with stopping for now. Hope to see you continue though, there's still two more stages of this to see, Satan is only the third-to-last boss.

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Posted by mithhunter55

Go for one more boss kill. Kill it lives and then go to the cathedral!

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Edited by BearPawB

There is certainly more to BOI.

But I understand that he is ready to move on. I don't think this game really caught him.

To me, the real challenge is beating it with every character. Do a dead baby run at least! Then I will be satisfied.

I would like to see someone play La-Mulana, as that is a game so stupidly hard I have never even beat the first few rooms. Not as much a rogue like (i dont think?) but could show some good progression.

FTL would be interesting. Again, like BOI, the fun for me comes from beating it with different sorts of ships, rather than just "beating" it.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit also has potential

Although my personal choice would be The Klepek Trail: Patrick plays old school Oregon Trail.

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Edited by GuardianKnux

I'd really like to see you beat the Cathedral boss before you finish with the feature. There is another floor and another boss afterword, but it takes a very long time to get the that last floor and it;s not really worth it. Beating the Cathedral would be a great way to end the feature I think.

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Edited by BeachThunder

Thanks so much for doing this feature, it was a great ride.

@csl316 said:

Next up, OG Rogue?

I agree with this, it's time to quaff some potions!

Also, Alternative image suggestion:


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Edited by MrRealistic

Patrick plays way too conservative.

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Edited by bobrocks

Great job, Patrick! Can't wait to see what comes next on the feature!

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This was a great feature. A different beast from Spelunky, but I liked the after-school wind-down sorta thing it did for me.

Logically it makes the most sense to do FTL but technically we've still got another date with Risk of Rain before we know what's next. I really like Dungeons of Dredmor and while it's not the prettiest, or the most hardcore, rogue-like out there, it is the most literal and accessible rogue-like that he can play at the moment.

If anything it would be a nice way to highlight the differences between a game that takes more direct elements from Rogue, like monster zoos and turn-based movement and such, and games that its general design elements.

Although I think we all know where this "ends" right? Clearly Patrick has to drive this entire feature into the ground and play Nethack.

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Posted by macks

Aw man, this is gonna be a bummer to watch knowing it's over, but if I could deal with Spelunkin' With Scoops ending, I can sure as hell deal with The Binding of Patrick ending.

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Great Run Patrick. I look forward to your next endeavour. Have fun playing/beating Dark Souls 2 and MGS GZ and Bioshock DLC and whatever else.

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Posted by BoneChompski

Way to go Patrick. I fired up my steam sale copy of BoI a week ago and my respect for your ability went up a great deal. I only was able to make it to Mom once and lost.

As far as a new game, maybe Dungeons of Dredmor for a week or two. Not sure FTL is a good fit. When Galac-Z comes out please consider giving it a shot.

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Posted by SethMode

As someone that died 100+ times before even getting to Satan, let alone beating him, I can't decide if Patrick is just fucking awesome at this game, fucking awesomely lucky, or both.

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Posted by Yerolo

@sethmode said:

As someone that died 100+ times before even getting to Satan, let alone beating him, I can't decide if Patrick is just fucking awesome at this game, fucking awesomely lucky, or both.

He is pretty awesome at it. I've played it alot longer than him and have only beaten Mom's heart once...but he seems to get this far and more pretty effortlessly. He has much better reflexes than me when dodging projectiles, which can often make or break a good run, plus he puts alot of thought into what items to pick up or leave behind. It isnt just luck, he's very very good at this, but watching him play (ive watched every episode), has made me a better player as well

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Posted by Paindamnation

I'm sad I didn't see the end, I was listening while I was at work, then our internet went down and i got it back up then it just got busy. I'm glad he did it !

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Posted by djou

It's been a great run but I think it's time for another game. There's no dearth of people playing this game on the web. I think you did Isaac justice and showed all the game features and how much fun it can be to see a player's skill arc develop. There may be more bosses to the game but there's nothing more you can do to highlight this game. It would all be spoilers on how to beat the bosses.

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Posted by cooljammer00

Gamblor knew it was the last episode. Hence the farewell love.

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Posted by cooljammer00

Holy shit, Brad Shoemaker's here.

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Edited by csl316

Even if this is the end, it was a cool feature and I got my fill.

Could use a break before Rebirth eventually comes out, as well.

Congrats, duder.

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Edited by indieslaw

@bearpawb: all of your suggestions are correct.

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Posted by sprode

One more run, with ??? maybe.

If not, owning Satan is a decent end-point. I've enjoyed the feature, but I wouldn't mind a change of scenery.

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Posted by s10129107

I'd be happy to be done with this game. New game!!

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Posted by GermanBomber

Man, what an incredible run...it won't get crazier than this, so I think it's the right choice to bring this feature to an end. I personally enjoyed this feature more than the Spelunky one, I know many of you folks will disagree...I'm just a terrible Spelunky player, maybe that's why.

I really enjoyed this feature and it made me a much better BoI player than I was before. Thanks, Patrick...and thank you, Lord Gamblore.

Oh, right...my vote goes to FTL.

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Posted by pocketroid

A real roguelike would be cool, like Shiren the Wanderer or Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Then you can finally have a basis for what a roguelike actually is.

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Posted by ScientificPizza

@bearpawb said:

Do a dead baby run at least!

This sentence alone has made me glad that I didn't really watch any Binding videos.

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Posted by steevl

That was a good run. While there is still plenty more to do in the game, I can certainly understand wanting to move on.

I get the impression that people didn't get into this as much as Spelunkin' with Scoops, which I kind of expected. But honestly, I'm not sure if there's any game out there right now that could attract as much attention as Spelunky. I think there is a slight possibility that FTL would work, but who knows?

Looking forward to whatever is next.

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Edited by BearPawB

@tajasaurus: the game is not for the sensitive. But it's not like it's anything graphic, just a character who starts with only soul hearts. Makes a super tough run through.

Also, I think the story of Isaac has some themes worth thinking about begin the graphicness of it all

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Posted by Evolkimchi

You had a good run here Patrick, time to move on. So much more good stuff out there.

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Posted by metalliccookies

Loved Spelunkly loved this <3 Can't wait to see whats next :D

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Posted by roboculus92

I definitely understand his decision to end it now but I would have liked to at least see him unlock ??? and try him out at least once. I haven't been keeping count but I figure he couldn't have been too far off. Either way, it's been an enjoyable feature and I look forward to seeing whatever he plays next.

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Posted by TheHakku

The daily runs have been fun to watch. You can end it here if you want, but there's still much more to the game than what you've seen so far. I hope you stick with it, even if it isn't on a daily basis anymore. Thanks for the entertainment!

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