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nobody cares

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Go Dota

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Let's do a Daily Company of Heroes 2, but with Vinny since he seemed most interested. Boom!

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Let's do a Daily Company of Heroes 2, but with Vinny since he seemed most interested. Boom!

I'd watch it, but I guess I'd watch just about anything with Vinny.

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Coincidentally, No Quarter is perfect Dota music.

Wait... no it isn't!

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are you insinuating that Tool is not the bitchinest comp play music in the world

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Do you feel the Dota? DO YOU DO THE DOTA?!?!?

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It was so great getting to the middle of this matching and knowing they were going to lose. I know next to nothing about DOTA but every game that are all hot about their early performance always leads to them blowing the match (which is best when Crispy is just fucking off and going bonkers).

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Man, that was close! We almost had a loss on the Daily Dota. That would have been insane!

Current DD record: ~2743 W - 0 L.

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Still can't watch this due to mouse clicks. Not sure if it's Brad, Kessler, or Crispy but someone needs to get a more isolated headset mic so we don't have to listen to incessant mouse clicking.

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Where's the better Brad? jk.

Crispy's the best.

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It's back, baby!

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Hey Brad, start putting the match ID's in the video descriptions.

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If you do go to the international you should try to talk to Purge. He's a caster and youtube dude who is just insanely knowledgeable and great at spitting game.

Plus, the combined bass from both Brad and Purge's voice's would destroy many a headphone.

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are these just for dota people still? or is there something for regular folk.

really wished rorie's times in dark souls would get archived on the site.

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@mrfluke: There's definitely room for regular folk. Crispy's wackiness in combination with Kessler's horrible punderful jokes makes it really enjoyable.

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I don't particularly love MOBAs

I don't play Dota

I love this series, and have been watching every one =) Thanks for doing these videos, @brad - it's opened my mind to the genre. If I ever get free time, maybe I'll try learning; but for now, it's been a blast to just have a daily dose with a great group of people providing colour commentary.

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Lemme just say it's kinda nerve-racking playing w/ Brad and the crew for the Daily Dota knowing there's hundreds of people watching the stream and the video.

EDIT: Also Brad, when playing Tree, you want to spam Living Armor whenever it is off cooldown. It's mana cost is next to nothing, just heal anything, even towers.

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I couldn't stand his voice. I love Crispy, the Matts and Brad. But goddamn Ben was annoying as fuck.


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Also you should definitely get Hungry on again. That guy was cool.

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I'm not big into Dota, but I am big into puns.

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@mrfluke said:

are these just for dota people still? or is there something for regular folk.

really wished rorie's times in dark souls would get archived on the site.

It's all on his twitch channel. Just click on the video tab and look at previous broadcasts.

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Happy to see them DOTAing again, but they really should invite the community players into the voice chat.

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@mrfluke: no offense, but "regular folk" and " demon something" makes me silently shake my head

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Needs renaming to "Occasional DOTA"

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Great! One of the better episodes in a while.

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I laughed so incredibly hard at Crispy's "It's killing tiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiime." And then I rewound the video and laughed at it again, and again.

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Mr. Bodega, I'll have you know that Mount & Blade is an awesome, awesome game.

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Man, that Jugg. ^^

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To Dota or not to Dota, that, is never a question for Brad.

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For info Crispy put a stream up later on which had Brad playing in.

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Second match was pure Game of Throws.

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The amount of times I screamed "USE OMNISLASH!". It hurts.

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Some good games @brad! Enjoyed watching. Perhaps it would be fun to have some matches where you pick a hero the chat voted on, then some short bot matches were crispy explains everything how to play him and then some real matches before you try a new hero. might be a fun cycle.

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@mrfluke said:

are these just for dota people still? or is there something for regular folk.

really wished rorie's times in dark souls would get archived on the site.

I've legit come around to thinking Dota 2 is a great spectator game thanks to watching Daily Dota, but keeping up with it helps a lot as far as getting familiar with different heroes, strategies and overall game flow. There's definitely hilarious moments that pop up. Chat helps, if you can catch it live.

I agree about Rorie's DS content! That game will make its way back to the site eventually in some capacity, I bet.

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Watch Crispy's stream from yesterday for some black hole action.

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Edit: wait, there are people cards now? the hell

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Just don't care.

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Crispy is my hero