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Posted by Ramyun

Yes new video on the new (kinda) website!!!

Posted by AllanIceman

The Future!!?

Posted by Kohe321

Hey, the future is now.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Torchlight rocks.

Posted by Regal

I like the new look of the site

Posted by JJOR64

Damn.  Maybe I should get this game now.  Looks like a lot of fun.

Posted by Cerza

I love Torchlight I can't wait to see how the MMO is down the road and I can't wait to see what the mod community produces in coming months. A Diablo Conversion is a must. I'm sure someone somewhere has already begun work on it.

Posted by Happy

Woo, first Free-to-Play MMO I am super excited for!

Posted by Postromo

great interview

Posted by Tru3_Blu3


Posted by willer

I like this guy ... he's very down to earth.

Posted by superpapergun

Sounds like a good group of people working over at Runic. Glad to hear they did well with Torchlight.

Posted by Sweep

By "Basement" he means "Bomb Shelter"

Posted by zombie2011

I wanted to play Torchlight so bad but i have a macbook, so i decided to buy Diablo 2 a couple weeks ago instead. Hopefully this will come out for macs eventually because i really want to play this game.

Posted by Arne

Max seems to be an awesome dude, and honest. 

Posted by Kintaro

Max Shaefer is pretty cool and honest. I'd love to play his MMO when it comes out.

Posted by RobotHamster
@willer: yea, he seems pretty cool
Posted by galfisk

Sounds awesome, both Torchlight, and the upcoming MMO.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Great guy. Another one of those few devs that generates respect for both the game and the company by not overselling or overdoing anything. Down to earth is where its at in the end of 2009. 
I would kill for an interview with Matt Uelmen.
Posted by WUNDABAR

Awesome guy

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

Seems like a cool dude
Posted by monkeyroach

  great interview

Posted by SidVicious

awesome interview. Makes me want to spend my money on that kind of product/company

Posted by captain_clayman

dude i should get this game

Posted by fillmoejoe

Excellent interview got me interested in Torchlight now. Looks like something my laptop can play.

Posted by nekura
They are working on a Mac version, I believe they're targeting January for a release.
Posted by spiceninja

There's a demo out for the game in case anyone wants to check it out. It's on Steam and the demo itself is pretty long. I've been playing it for about 2 hours and it's still going.

Edited by NoXious

This was actually a blast to watch, down to earth developers are hard to find nowadays.

And thanks PlasmaBeam44 for the tip, I'll be checking it out soonish ^^

Posted by ajamafalous

Seems like a cool guy.

Posted by IceColdGamer

Very down to earth. Very annoying laugh.

Posted by kollay

A developer who connects with it's audience via giving hands-on accessibility on their own game is a plus.

Posted by FunExplosions

Finally downloaded the game while watching this. Looking forward to the MMO and mod tools(which I will never figure out.)
And nice layout guys. Runs real smooth on my comp.

Posted by AURON570

I want to play ahhhhhh

Posted by spiceninja
@AURON570: There's a long ass demo you can download on Steam. I've put 3 hours into and I don't know when it's going to stop.
Posted by Breadfan

Great interview.  Looking forward to any news related to Torchlight, one of my new personal favorites.

Posted by buckybit

awesome guest, indeed. Diablo was like crack. Torchlight has the same feel to it.

Posted by Scorched

great news, I'm loving torchlight

Edited by Gump

Stop at 4:59 and see their faces. That's fun.

Posted by Heartbreak

Seems like a pretty chill guy, haven't played Torchlight yet but gonna give that demo a look.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Been playing the demo, but man, seeing how awesome this company/developer is has really pushed me over into the "going to buy this now" stage.
Great interview Brad!  Seriously hope you have him back sometime.

Posted by queenulhu

bradley.... your casual, passionate nerdiness turns me on.......

Posted by Milkman

I am really excited to see what Runic Games can do from here on out.

Posted by JoelTGM

awesome.  I didn't buy Torchlight because there is no multiplayer because for me collecting loot is only fun with friends.  I definitely look forward to their MMO.

Posted by Tebbit

  Cool interview, and an almost as cool redesign :D    

Edited by eag67

I love the game and it was a good interview. Would have liked a bit longer interview. Since he basicly was responsible for the game that has set the standards for dark fantasy RPG'S.
Posted by Shadowself

Awesome interview, been thinking about picking up Torchlight for a while now...think I will

Posted by iconsam

Great interview. Looks like they're not only great contributors of the genre but also fans. Good on them.

Posted by ChowderBomb

Awesome, love to hear from this guy. Brad, learn how to film an interview.

Edited by Dethfish

Good interview but you guys need an interview area or something. Like a table or just a set of chairs. Standing in the middle of the room seems weird.

Posted by Oziriz

Awesome review :) looks very promesing!!

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