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Posted by squidracerX
@Snail said:
" He might as well have said: "It's the XBOX 360 that finally doesn't suck".  Looks like a decent console for a change. "
Agreed, and i feel bad for anyone who bought one in the past 6 months,... suckers! But hey if Kinetica is awesome and they do a bundle sale maybe i will get one?
Posted by Lazlow

Awesome. Dishing out more money for another 360 could just be worth it given the price of wi-fi peripherals and the hdd for the oldie. I'll have to think about this..

Posted by MeatSim

Now I ask you to take my old 360 and I will take a new one and then where even.

Posted by Banshee
@paulishere22 said:

" I wonder if the power supply is built in or not.  If it isn't, then this isn't the Xbox that I've been waiting for, Nelson. "

No it's not, but it is smaller, because it dosen't need as much power. To anyone wanting a better look at this machine, check out Giant Bomb's unboxing  video:  
Posted by Terrents

funny how playstation doesnt have to make a second concolse that works this time.
Posted by enemymouse

built specifically for natal? wtf does that mean???????

Posted by ocdog45

looks slick. don't know why they ever changed the color of the console.
Posted by Pop

but if it's quieter does that mean it heats more? Can it still RROD?

Posted by Quacktastic
@Branthog said:
" @Quacktastic said:
"  I'd still think the white ones look nicer. "
You insensitive clod. "
I.. I mean.. I have lots of friends who are black Xboxes.