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Posted by Morningstar

Of course they are =)

Posted by crazyleaves

@alex It's spelled Y'all.

Edited by Spiritof

Die Hard reference.


Posted by rygar8bit


Posted by Alex

@crazyleaves: This is what happens when I stay up to 3am for GOTY deliberations.

Posted by TournamentOfHate

I've been waiting for the GB guys to say if it's good or if it's like all other SR DLC.

Posted by MeatSim

Just the people your looking for to save Christmas.

Posted by Benmo316

This is one of the best trailers I've seen all year.

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It's real!

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That Die Hard reference!

Posted by JayCee

Looks to be about as much dumb fun as you could expect from The Next Great Game in the Saints Row Franchise.

Posted by Atwa

Liked this DLC but its super short, an hour tops for the main quest then there are some side stuff. Its funny though!

Posted by MrCaptain

Its probably going to be 20 minutes long and the only thing new it will bring is new clothing a one new enemy.

Edited by FonkyMucker

Played it. It was slightly over 1 hour of content. If your curious about how the Saints would handle Christmas then go for it! The wife and I enjoyed the hell out of it....especially the end.

If your looking for a huge expansive DLC experience you know your not going to get it here, so don't bother.

Posted by Draxyle

There's no way that this will live up to how awesome the mere concept of the idea is, but I'm glad they actually made it.

Posted by von_wemberg

Fuck yes! Glad that Jeff got his wish!

Posted by CarRacer

That's not Nolan North's voice for Boss so it feels all wrong but it is still awesome/amazing they put this out.

Posted by DeadpanCakes

Gotta play this eventually...maybe next December

Posted by Terjay

This is another shitty half hour ho-hum DLC. Why is it that these guys can't make a decen't DLC?

Posted by altairre

@alex said:

@crazyleaves: This is what happens when I stay up to 3am for GOTY deliberations.

I forgive you but only if you pushed for the right games. You're off the hook for now but I got my eyes (or ears, whatever) on you Navarro.

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I've been waiting for the GB guys to say if it's good or if it's like all other SR DLC.

It's like all other SR DLC. Volition are basically con artists when it comes to this stuff. Saints Row is the magic elixer, and the DLC is the snake oil.

Edited by Pop

I got a feeling I just saw the best parts of the DLC in this video.

Posted by MjHealy

I enjoyed the humour in this a bunch. The gameplay... less so. You can almost feel the budget and time constraints this DLC went through; all lot of the audio and voice work seems cheap compared to the main game.

Posted by Veektarius

Playing this game right now... but much like the last in the series I'm not sure I'll need more than the core game doles out.

Posted by HellknightLeon

Hell yes. Best holiday ever!

Posted by WeaponBoy

The truest Christmas miracle would be in Volition actually made some good Saint's Row DLC.

Edited by WolfHazard

I've been skipping the SR4 DLC, is it anything I should play asap or should I wait to re buy it for 40 bucks with everything included in the inevitable GOTY edition.

Posted by octavianjohnson

This looks just as dumb as I thought it'd look...

Posted by AMyggen

This isn't getting me hyped at all. Has Volition actually released a good DLC for either SR 3 or 4?

Posted by AngeTheDude

It was fun, but like other people said here it's only an hour long at the most, especially if you've leveled up your weapons or powers. That said, if you have a soft spot for the characters and want to see them celebrate Christmas and see some good, wacky cutscenes along the way, it's fine.

Edited by itspizza

Who ever makes the saints row trailers does a fan - fucking - tastic job

Posted by ges75022
Edited by DazzHardy

I really enjoyed playing this, but I'm a huge Saints Row fan, so the more I can get the better. That said, it's 3 missions that all told will take about an hour. BUT, 3 things, spoiler tagged in case, were super awesome.

  2. Ms Claus WRECKS **** UP

Oh, also, Evil Man Sized Gingerbread Men.

Edited by TheManWithNoPlan

I love this trailer. I hope I feel the same way about the actual Dlc.

Posted by TheMasterDS

My first reaction was an enthusiastic YEAH! My second reaction is "Wait I have the 360 version. Uh... think I'll notice the framerate issues now I've played the Xbox One?" I'm worried I'll be down on it.

Posted by blacklab

Whoa, what's that Santa? An actual sense of humor in video games? Sign me up!

Edited by Epidehl

Played this with basically a crowd at my college today and had a fucking blast. Super short (really, about the length of, say, a Christmas movie), but funny and just a damn good time.

Posted by hermes


If you haven't played the game yet, I would wait. All the DLC content so far has been really short, so I don't think the individual price to be worthy and the GOTY edition won't add more than a few couple hours.

Edited by Mezmero

If Volition/Deep Silver had a better track record with DLC I would be all over this.

Posted by crithon

I'm getting a Scrooged vibe, and that's WONDERFUL!!!!

Posted by Demoskinos

I've got the season pass for this. I think I'll download this and play through the Dominatrix stuff and this on Christmas Day.

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