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Happy 21st!

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That crystal things make it look like yet another F2P online game. I hope I'm mistaken though...

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I played the shit out of Settlers IV when I was young. Settlers IV LAN with friends and family alike is still one of my most fondly remembered childhood memories

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I got addicted to Settlers 7 for a while. Not sure if that lightning can strike twice for me, but I'll probably give it a shot.

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Wait. Wait, hold on. A real Settlers? Not some F2P Browser garbage? Really? Dare I get my hopes up?

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I didn't even know it was a series.

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I think The Settlers II was one of my first gaming experiences. Never left much of an impression until I remember, look it up, and hoo boy it all comes flooding back. I think I must have been too young for it to quickly come to mind as a formative experience. I was 3 or 4 I reckon.

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Of course I do, Settlers 2 was fucking amazing back in 96. Must a European thing.

I'm kinda curious how that happens though. Most people over here know Civilization but it seems as if American gamers ignored Anno, The Settlers or even Tropico until fairly recently.

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The Settlers 2 was great, spent many hours on it
Remembered the series' existence around the time of The Settlers 7 release

The Settlers 7 was released at the absolute height of Ubisoft's atrocious DRM policy though
I hope there is precisely none of that here

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Settlers II was an amazing game. Settlers III was pretty alright too, and both are available fairly cheap on GOG.

Settlers II allowed you to play split screen with two mice connected to the same computer. Used to do that after school. I never really got into the later Settlers games, though I did buy IV, the remake of II and Heritage of Kings.

I hope they'll return to the formula of the earlier games in this, but hard to say what this'll be with just a CGI trailer. The Settlers series was always more about setting up production and distribution lines rather than combat, and the combat that was there was more about fighting over limited resources than fighting fantasy creatures like what was shown here.

Didn't know there was a Quick Look of Settlers 7, but apparently there was, so here's one of the Giant Bomb Historical Archives:

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Hmmm...something to look into. Don't think I've heard of this series before.

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Settlers II was great. They actually made a HD version of it a few years back. The developer is from Germany. I did not know it was even a thing in the US.

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Settlers 2 was the bomb.

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Man I remember really loving Serf city, Settlers 1, back in the day. I wish this game had steam support.

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Ive always been interested in the Settlers games...is there anyone to cheaply (preferably free) play any of them?

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@richyhahn4 said:

Ive always been interested in the Settlers games...is there anyone to cheaply (preferably free) play any of them?

GOG have most of the series, and they have their summer sale right now. I still think Settlers II is the best in the series, and it's currently $4.99 at http://www.gog.com/game/the_settlers_2_gold_edition but could also show up in one of their flash deals they alternate every hour.

If you want a newer entry, I think all of the ones available on GOG except Heritage of Kings are really good. Settlers 7 is also available on Steam, but it has some of that ridiculous always online DRM Ubisoft tried out a few years ago.

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What a worthless trailer.

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Remake Settlers 2 Again, With Simcity Engine, And No DRM.

Now that's a game of the year material.

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So what online bullshit are they up to this time?

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I enjoyed the gameplay of Settlers 7, the story though was just so so so bad. The godawful voice acting didn't help much either. Hopefully they either improve the shit out of that stuff or just let the game shine through an leave the story on the back-burner.

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Man, it's been ages since I played Settlers 2. Are any of the later entries in the series as good as that one?