Posted by Hannibal

Will it still take 45 game minutes to take a dump?

Posted by strangeling

How cool is that?

For a developer to recognize the people who love their game by inviting them over to try it out and provide input.
Posted by Joru

It actually looks like the improvements are quite large actually. I haven't properly played The Sims since the original and I think I got burned out on that one but I'll still be picking this up to see what they've done. Most of the improvements seem really cool and propably something they couldn't have done in the past due to hardware limitations.

Posted by JohnDudebro

FUUUUCK I want this game.

Of course, I have an extra two months to wait for it. Goddamn it.
Posted by ep_driver

Never really got into this shit. My old roommate used to play it all the time and the lack of actual voices in the voice work gets reallyyyyy annoying. I do find it to be really cool that they brought all those creators out to help the development process.

Posted by JamesK

45 minutes to take a dump ha ha. Spot on there Hannibal.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

LoL, Sims.  Rock on you shiny diamonds!  Not the game for me, but looks well done.  Have fun.

Posted by Crash_Happy

How cool is that?
For EA to realise they can capitalise on a shed load of 'cred' and advertising using the players?

Posted by JackiJinx

I'm a sucker for The Sims, so I'll be getting this eventually. From what I've heard, less bathroom time.

Posted by chililili

Not interested but lets have EA win a lot of money from it so it can make more Dead Space

Posted by Jack_Daniels

There gonna make a dump load of money on this...

Posted by FrankCanada97

Hopefully they fix those timing issues, let's not forget how long it took to serve a meal

Posted by Media_Master

Nicer, better looking game overall, jus not a game for a person who doesn't like to custom-make everything.

But hey, I can change!

Posted by Media_Master

Nicer, better looking game overall, jus not a game for a person who doesn't like to custom-make everything.

But hey, I can change!

Posted by FCKSNAP

Hmm... I saw PS3s in the video (though they were off). I wonder if they're really gonna push shared content on consoles, like EA originally planned years ago.

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That green spinning crystal is amazing!
The Sims is a shit game but damn, that crystal...
The game is actually looking good, I haven't played The Sims in like 6-7 years..
Maybe I might get this.

Posted by Crono

Gotta say, though I haven't enjoyed sims since the original (Sims 2 just felt like more of the same to me) this one, with all the customization, looks like it would be a lot of fun.  People love that customization and this looks to be pretty much the ultimate in that department.

Posted by darkjester74

High customizable doll houses are still doll houses.  Pass...

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Drinking game:

"exciting" = 1 drink
"awesome" = 1 drink
any word with the root "create" = 2 drinks (creator, creation, creative, etc)


Posted by Geno

When will the Sims stop sucking massive ass?

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I'm a sucker for the Sims, but Simlish really is annoying.

Oh, and with all the money I saved by not buying those damn expansions and content packs for the Sims 2, I can easily afford this one.

Posted by Eric_Buck

Looks cool but what's with that guy saying that playing it early changed his life? Like... really... what the hell? It changed your life lol.

Posted by George_Hukas

Mission Watch All GB Videos #038

lol what a franchise.. *looks at girlfriend*