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Cool beans!

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This looks crazy! 

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Enjoyed it on the iPhone.

Posted by DudeFromJersey

I don't think I can play this game while I'm high.

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shit hurts my brain
Posted by Landon

This looks awesome.

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Wow this looks awesome! 

Posted by DanCampbell

i hate the way this game looks  :\
just saying

Posted by ApertureSilence

 I just beat the iPhone version a few days ago, and it was amazing. Looking forward to playing it again.    

Posted by Protome

One of the best iPhone games around. This looks fun too :D

Posted by Pop

IN 3D!!!!!!

Posted by masternater27

I really enjoyed Space Invaders Extreme, anybody play bother and could offer a comparison?

Posted by MisterMouse

woah madness...

Posted by Baggykins

that looked confusing as hell in 3D

Posted by Sweep

have on iphone and it's pretty slick. 

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I wish I had even the slightest idea how this game plays, but that was impossible to follow.

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now time to sue giant bomb for not warning me about the flashing lights in the trailer... good thing i had a pen in my mouth to stop me from biting off my own tongue... Jesus

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Was diggin the jams in this trailer.

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That looked even crazier than Extreme.
I want it.

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I don't like having  seizure : (

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I've had it on the iphone for months and the only thing I don't like
is -- well -- playing on the iphone.

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Thats awesome, the iPhone game is amazing. People go buy this game when it comes out.

Posted by Milkman

Looks like Space Invaders meets Rez, which is beyond awesome.

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looks pretty cool. I'll wait and see what the reviews say about it before I buy it though.

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I loved Space Invaders Extreme, but I just can't seem to get myself excited for this.   Graphics and gameplay both look... odd.
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space invaders, REZ edition

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Infinity Gene remains one of the best games on the iPhone, I'm sure this will be fantastic for sure, despite being very different. 

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hmmm. Maybe

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Felt like I contracted epilepsy during that flashing bit. 
Looks pretty cool, I'm glad it exists but I dunno if I'll buy it. Kinda got high expectations of it having that name. 
Also Isn't this the second new Space Invaders game on XBLA if not the third?

Posted by aurahack

Sold. I loved the iPod version, I can't wait to get the PSN version o:

Posted by aurahack
@masternater27: Infinity Gene played more line an on-rails shooter than, say, SIE did. You'd go through a stage, fight a boss and then unlock more stages and modes. It also allowed you to play with your own music. Extreme had a lot more visual flare to it (as well as things like powerups) but I personally prefer Infinity Gene. It's super-different and a lot more fun. In my opinion, of course.
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Ah my damn eyes!

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Bit of a Rez feel... Looks fun.
Though I may just go play Rez some more...

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This is like the bastard spawn of a three-way between Space Invaders, Rez, Geometry Wars, and that episode of Pokemon that was giving kids seizures.  I might have to check it out now that it's on a proper platform.

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Looks like it could be crazier, that might be impressive on the iphone but i've seen lines before.

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This game makes my brain hurt, but I do love me some Space Invader.

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I would rather PSN get  Space Invaders Extreme like the PSP did, that looked more fun to me... at least graphics and music wise.

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Now more seizure inducing then ever before!

Posted by slyely

Looks a hella fun to me.

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Awesomeness! I loved this game on iPhone. This looks pretty fun too.
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SI:E was amazing, and this looks even more so.  Cant wait!

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@Meatsim said:
" Now more seizure inducing then ever before! "
My brother is writhing in pain right now! Oh, seizures!