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Straight gangster, yo.

EDIT: I mean, gonna go down to the speakeasy to knock up a couple o' ripe tomatoes.

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So close

Posted by FCDRandy

Hngggg I want to play this game.

Posted by Christoffer

Meh, overwatch and satellites. These games all play the same.

Posted by NicolasVH

Tropico: Maffia

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Up until now I hadn't realized the combat was turn based. Now I'm interested!

Reminds me of some other mafia sim-ish game that I played before but the combat was real time and it was unwiedly and hard to manage as a result. This is perfect.

Posted by jonnyboy

"I'm Funny how? Funny like a fucking clown? I amuse you? Well TAKE THESE HIT POINTS MOTHERFUCKER!"

Posted by MeatSim

I wanna see some bat vs knife fights in this game.

Posted by Yorkin

This reminds me of Gangsters 2: Vendetta. That game was unreasonably difficult.

Posted by avantegardener

This game is from the 'olden time'.

Posted by Calculating_Infinity

Reminds me of Gangland, awesome.

Posted by Hewitt

As long as I can name my character Nucky Thompson I'll be happy...Also there needs to be a Richard Harrow!

Posted by fugie7

This game kind of fell off the radar in the last few months. Glad to see it kind of back with some more videos. Can't wait for this game. It looks so good.

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those are some cadaverous motherfuckers

Posted by Mumrik

Jagged Alliance: 1920?

Posted by Ksaw

@Hewitt said:

As long as I can name my character Nucky Thompson I'll be happy...Also there needs to be a Richard Harrow!

After watching last night's Boardwalk, I think Richard might be a little overpowered in game character form.

Posted by ucankurbaga

Mafia Enemy Unkown

Posted by kycinematic

X:Com: Boardwalk Empire by the people who made Tropico? Holy shit.

Posted by JohnDudebro

This is what happens when you close down the City of Heroes. Gangsters take over!

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This looks bad.

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Be out already damn -- truth be told I buy almost every Mafia game (that isn't a FPS) sight unseen so... I'm kind of dumb :)

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Omerta is a really ugly name for anything.

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

Just what we needed: another RTS set during Prohibition.

Posted by crcruz3

@AngelN7 said:

Omerta is a really ugly name for anything.

Omertà is a sicilian word and means code of silence, it may sound silly in english though...

Posted by ectoplasma

Might this finally be a worthy successor to JA2?

Posted by ErisRon

Alex, I wanna hug you with that caption.

Posted by Nerolus

Break ya'self, fella! This a drive-by, see?

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Graphics and animations look mobile/web level - What gives?

Posted by Ulong

I am happy to see Turn Based Strategy continue to exist as a genre.

Posted by dvorak

The Ken Burns effect works well to hide the fact that you haven't finalized your UI yet.

Posted by BisonHero

I fear that XCOM has really raised people's expectations, and the combat in this game looks clunky and slow by comparison.

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I Really enjoyed tropico 3 and i played it on xbox, im looking forward to this.