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I liked this! I think this is a good idea. I couldn't tell if the scene with Andy Dick in it was real or not. I was thinking "surely the acting isn't THAT bad." Wow, was I wrong.   Good job, Ryan!

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I now have my own challenge.  To watch all of these movies myself.  Happyhappy funtime.

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GiantBomb is now officially the site with the best video content anywhere on the web. Seriously: Keep those ideas coming, they are all great. Awesomeness confirmed.

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Nice review!

Posted by Axersia

Awesome stuff guys!

Hoping you do the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie next.

Posted by dezmitri96

I hope a review of super mario bros is next

Posted by Steve_C

This site is really bringing the heat with all the new video content. It's excellent.

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Hahaha that was brilliant. Can't wait for more, and also, you need to do this one too:

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I look forward to following this. Great stuff.

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Dude, this is a great feature.
There's so many that I would love to see.  Super Mario, as Axersia says, is a definite. 
I'll throw in - Mortal Kombat.  You know it has to be done.

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Wow! I thought you forgot about that experiment you talked about last year.  Love all the great new content on the site. Keep it up!

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Mortal Kombat and MK: Annihalation should be done in the same video, so we have Ryan explain the ins and outs of how the first one is kind of okay and the second one is total garbage.

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Just keep looping Ryan's laugh at the end.  Amusing.

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Yeah I'm all sorts of on board with this, too.

Swell business Bomb crew.

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I really like this idea.  Great editing too!  Keep these coming! 

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Man.  I'm waiting to hear that he absolutely likes one.  I guess the original Mortal Kombat wasn't so bad?  Anyone?

I didn't realize Double Dragon had this much satire in it.  That's actually pretty cool, even if the cheese may be a bit too much.

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Awesome stuff, hope to see some trash talking of the Max Payne movie in the near future. SOOO bad.

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Iron Chef anyone? yes? no?

IRON CUISINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That was indeed, awesome.  I agree with Knurrunkulus.

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Yes Andy Dick FTW.

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That was great. All these video features are really knocking the site up a notch. Bam!

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I thought I'd seen this way back when, but I don't remember any of that.  So I've either seen it and blocked it all from my memory, or I haven't seen it at all.  Either way, that's good, right?

Will Ryan be doing all the movies in a series?  Like all the Mortal Kombat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Resident Evil movies?
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Aha! I wondered what happened to the movie tour. Awesome.

I saw this movie once as a kid. I imagine I thought it was cooler back then.

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Why not.. just use the windshield wipers?

Posted by FallenFatKid

do the mario  movie next

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Stuff like this goes on to show that you don't need exclusive content for the latest games to make a video game website a great one. Unique content like this adds a flair and identity to the website that separates it from the herd and helps in creating its own niche that no other website can match right now.

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Why would you do this to yourself?

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The recent flood of video content is AWESOME. I enjoy that GB can provide relevant gaming news, and throw some hilarious videos in to pass the time inbetween. Keep it up GB.

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I barely remember this movie - mostly a good thing.

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I imagine you guys will purchase the Uwe Boll collection.

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wow, the video content is coming on with a vegeance! and it's all AWESOME!!!

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'This Ain't No Game'?

Well it sure as hell ain't a movie, either.

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GB video intern FTW!

Keep that video content coming

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Well done Ryan...
Love this idea ...cant wait for some more.

(i think the  new video content is excellent with the quick look vids and now this)

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I might have to get it this weekend and watch it again.
I love lame movies like this.
The only movies I hate are movies that are bad and take themselves too seriously, and every Uwe Boll film ever made.
Next week, you GOTTA do Street Fighter with Van Damme!!

Posted by chacho89

DUDE I'm loving GIANTBOMB more every day B-)

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That's not what New Angeles looks like at all. It's much more post-apocalyptic looking in real life. Man, 2007 was a crazy year.

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Why doesn't Tron count, exactly?

Posted by Snail

That ain't no game alright.

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Awesome job, Ryan. I must say, though, Alyssa Milano does look good in the movie.
At least that's how I felt about it when I first saw the movie oh so many years ago.
Mario Brothers must be next, you gotta do it.

Posted by Sargus

Best new feature ever. I'm looking forward to the weeks to come. Nice going, Ryan!

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I like this

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Awesome. I love all this video stuff these last few weeks!

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Wow that movie looks terrible..I'm pretty sure like 95% of the movies you'll watch will be terrible too :|
The 'New Angeles 2007!' part was pretty badass though, I must admit.

Ryan = masochist?

Posted by Standing_Gopher

Looking forward to Super Mario Bros. and, of course, all of the great films from Uwe Boll.

Posted by Berkie

Great stuff. Keep this kind of thing up, fellas.

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GREAT concept. looking forward to the next one. Also, please let's get some iPod download formats for this and the quick views!!!!

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that looked awful lol

Posted by diplomatico

This is a great feature!  I remember this movie and how terrible it was.   Most video game movies were quite disappointing with the exception of the first Mortal Kombat which was pretty good considering all the bad politics behind it.  Street Fighter: The Movie was pretty memorable especially since there were those who were silly enough to make a game which almost bastardized MK and the whole SF series it looked nothing like.