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I hate to ask this but: Is this going to be for free? I mean it looks kinda fun, but I really can't see myself playing it for more than....5 minutes?

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so rad that the fgc is producing its own titles nowadays

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Is this the Jeff mystery game?

Posted by Darthozzan

@isomeri: Yeah I think they will, I've seen keits tweeting about it

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Cyber Kick.

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Finally, a game that caters to my needs.

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this is GREAT!!!!

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GOTY 2013, callin' it.

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I am in the Lang zone and I do not feel safe.

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I need this in my face yesterday. Sweet Mary and Joseph.

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I can already see my name in bright lights, way down at the bottom of the leaderboards. It's gonna be great.


Enter the Lang Zone:


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Seems like a unique game that could be pretty popular if priced right. Anything more than 10 dollars would be asking too much, because although it is simplistic by design, I don't know how much weight something this empty could possibly have.

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Oh god.

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@white said:

A fighting game that is all about jump kicking? One shot jump kicking?!

No, divekicking. Jumping and divekicking.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

Game of the year right here.

I shall be be the first to say: Scrub League.

Best idea.

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That was a pretty amazing trailer.

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Funniest fucking trailer ever.

Posted by solidlife

waiting for the IOS free version Jump Punch

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@mnzy said:

@white said:

A fighting game that is all about jump kicking? One shot jump kicking?!

No, divekicking. Jumping and divekicking.

It is pretty much an inside joke of how characters with dive kicks in virtually every 2d-based fighting game are in upper tiers and a few are top tier (e.g. Rufus, Yun, Yang, Akuma in SSFIV:AE, Wolverine in the MVC games, Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat, etc.). As a simplified FG game it actually does have some strategy.

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Well. That was fantastic.

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Thing only buffers three seconds and then stops for about as many seconds before perpetually stopping and starting for half a second at a time.

Have to wait like seven minutes to load this 1:30 video. Thing's slow as ass. What is broken?

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I tried to watch this on my phone and my phone turned itself off. Is that the "Lang Zone"?

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Also guys got this response from Iron Galaxy:


Cross your fingers, they're joining Greenlight soon.

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Funny trailer. Not really into paying money for a game this shallow. Glad it exists though.

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Oh Dave Lang, we love you, man.

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Yes. This is yes.

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I was not disappointed by mr. Gerstmann's description of this video. I hope Dave Lang gets to go to "Baller Town".

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I've been in that office! My buddy works there. w00t!

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Holy shit he spent a section of his Kick Factor bar to do a forward-upwards diagonal jump.

Posted by ProfessorK

@lounges: WOW, how is that not the trailer?! I'm sure they could have edited it to 2 mins or so. It's just so full of win:D

Posted by heatDrive88

Goddamnit, Dave Lang is Dave Lang as FUCK in this.

Posted by MeatSim

Dave Lang knows how to sell a damn video game.

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wtf is this?

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Love this. Also love that Wolverine is now Redacted

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I'm buying this just for the mic drop.

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the "#esports" at the end was the best part.

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The game looked amazing at UFGT. Definite buy for me.

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@buzz_clik: That's great! The final stage shall be called "Highway to the Lang Zone"

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Holy shit the audio on that mic drop

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GoshGolly GoshDarnit when the Fuck are games all gonna get serious again, fucking stupid jokes all the goddamn time

I live in Chicago(kind of) and I warn Mr. Lang right now, if I see him, I am going to hug him.