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This is... garish. I don't know how I feel about it. The 80's look is cool, but I don't know if it's necessary for Double Dragon.

Posted by HeghmohQib

Umm, wut?

Posted by Morningstar

This is.....despicable.....

Posted by mtcantor

I... uh... I don't know how to feel about ANY of this.

Posted by HadesTimes

Uhhh, that seems terrible. I don't think they really captured anything about Double Dragon except that it's a two player beat'em up.

Posted by ChrisCBoy75

As a die hard double dragon fan, I am getting disappointed by this. The animation is too fluid and the punches and kicks look too soft...

Posted by alternate

You guys have been shitting on this game ever since the first screens came out. I bet the PR love GB.

Can't wait for the quick look. :D

Posted by shamroll

I don't like this, I don't like this at all. Everything looks slow and boring.

Posted by Knigge

I saw this at PAX. My initial thought was, "Oh, look at the pretty colors." And then I watched it for a couple minutes and hated it. The animation is so slow and boring.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

I like how this wasn't even a trailer, but just random bad gameplay that fades to black.

Posted by SomeDeliCook

This looks fucking terrible. If they're going to try to reboot the franchise, this is not going to do it any favors.

Just release the gameboy advance game to XBLA/PSN/PC and it'll sell way more than this ever could.

Posted by buft

looks rubbish, i could maybe get excited if this was just a proof of concept video and the animations and art was redone but i couldn't play this for any length of time

Posted by BasketSnake

This looks phenomenal!

Posted by TheBostonPops

I love this. It looks hilarious.

Posted by CharAznable

Nah, son. Get that shit outta here.

It looks very...Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, in a completely bad way.

Posted by Hammerjelly

This looks bad. And they should feel bad for making this.

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

This looks like it plays like shit....but I'm totally in love with the 80s aesthetic it has going on.

Posted by Xander51

The character models don't mesh well at all with the backgrounds. I wish they were 2D.

Posted by AjayRaz

this doesn't look good at all

Posted by Praise_the_sun

While I'm sure this game will be completely disappointing, there's something about it that I'm into.

Posted by Sikboy1029

Looks way worse than Turtles in Time Reshelled.

Posted by Mus

My words exactly. :)

Posted by Woowookins

Why would anyone pay to have this made?

Posted by CptBedlam

They sure did an awesome job with distracting me from the super boring gameplay.

Posted by Scott757

That was totally Stan Bush, at least I'm pretty sure that was totally Stan Bush.

Posted by SunnyTelight

If that is the in-game music, Sold!!!!

Posted by WMoyer83

At least Billy and Jimmy have mullets...

Posted by HarlequinRiot

It seems like every animation needs to be sped up by a few milliseconds. Everything looks so slow.

Posted by Nadafinga

@Ghost_Cat said:

I like how this wasn't even a trailer, but just random bad gameplay that fades to black.

Totally. Way to make your game look as unappealing as possible.

With a minimal amount of editing, they could have at least tried to make this game seem interesting. But wow...there's just no effort here at all.

Posted by CornBREDX

This isn't Double Dragon =(

Posted by Morridin


At first I was glad at getting this cheap/free with PS+.

Now I think I'll just skip it :S

Posted by Abendlaender

Good thing that I never cared about Double Dragon cause this looks terrible

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

@SunnyTelight said:

If that is the in-game music, Sold!!!!

Posted by Warchief

Played this at PAX East it was TERRIBLE

Posted by Box3ru13

This looks awful. I adore Super Double Dragon and this is so far removed from it that I can't even get a little excited. It certainly doesn't help that the music and animations and really the entire look of the game is boring and flat.

Do. Not. Want.

Posted by trindermon

this looks utterly awful

Posted by HotSauceMagik

We we really are in the HEY GUISE, IT'S 2.5D!!!! ISN"T THAT AWESOME???!?!?!?11/11//?!?!?!

If I'm going to re-make double dragon, its going to be hi-res sprites, its going to have shredding guitars, and its going to have adobo. So much adobo.... (with mayhaps a smattering of cross dressing men)

Edited by HerbieBug


This is the first I've heard of this game. I was all, new Double Dragon? Yay! But then I watched the video.

This isn't yay worthy at all. This is gross. I feel like Wayforward has snuck up on a vulnerable Double Dragon and licked its face with their collective saliva coated tongue.

Edited by Lurkero


One of the most fun things about beat em ups is the fast paced gameplay. Unless you design a beat em up to be purposely slow as part of the gameplay there is no excuse otherwise.

@Ghost_Cat said:

I like how this wasn't even a trailer, but just random bad gameplay that fades to black.

Maybe even the video editor realized how few redeeming qualities this game has when compared to some of the more popular beat em ups. "I can't do anything with this. Here, I just put together some gameplay clips. That's the best you're gonna get."

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Wayforward are the masters of handdrawn 2D graphics... WHY did the choose to go these janky 3D graphics are beyond me.

Posted by iamMigz

I'm Ioving the 80s vibe and the classic DD pinch of misogyny.

Filing this next to DmC as a game I'm looking forward to that is receiving massive amounts of blind hate.

Posted by csl316

But Wayforward's usually awesome.

Posted by JayCee

Man, that IS Stan Bush, isn't it?

Posted by TyCobb
Posted by TeflonBilly

Yuck! This looks even worse than that Double Dragon game made in what looked like Flash that I believe never got released a few years ago.

I'll stick to my fond memories of Double Dragon on NES, Super Double Dragon on SNES as well as the arcade version.

Though I have a morbid curiosity on how Abobo looks in this.

Posted by cannonballBAM

I think the game would be at a faster pace, than it would be less of an issue.

Posted by Neon_Knight

Needs more Battletoads.

Posted by paulunga
Posted by SomeJerk

The characters don't look like they belong on the playfield, I mean sure the NES wasn't hot but take good old DD2 - characters and playfields looked like they came from the same universe, same artist - not seeing that in so many refreshed new takes on old fighters.
Though I dug the guitar wankery.

Posted by geirr

This looks horrible, holy crap. The music isn't even relevant to the original Double Dragon as far as I could tell so there's no nostalgia plug either.

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