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Posted by Brundage

Yep, this looks about right..

Posted by Alphazero

Just cuz.

Posted by MooseHead

This looks bananas! A great thing with no purpose; amazing.

Posted by Atwa

I played the beta for several hours without really doing anything. Just going around boosting into other peoples plane as they take off, flying planes into other people, driving in 700 km/h into a wall. Its just some of the most hilariously dumb things I have done in games.

Posted by Malphye

Can't help but smile. Video games.

Posted by ModernAlkemie

I can't help but feel that Yakety Sax would have been a more appropriate theme for a JC2 MP trailer.

Edited by GalacticPunt

I've only played the beta in quick bursts, but it's a blast every time. Glorious chaos. There's still plenty of bugs, but this mod team seems to lean into these bugs and turn them into features!

It'd be great if Rockstar threw some money at these folks, so they could renovate GTA 5's multiplayer into something that's actually... fun by the time it comes to PC.

Posted by mrfluke

this is beautiful, hope some game on this new current gen is this nuts

Edited by TigerDX

@patrickklepek Might want to change that promo image. Those usernames are something else.

Posted by MachoFantastico

It's... It's... beautiful.

Posted by kkotd

And Game of the Year, for 2013 is... Just Cause 2

Posted by FlipperDesert

The download button really needs to show up on their Steam page because it's kiiiiiiilling me that I can't play it yet.

Edited by GunsAreDrawn

This just makes it seem like the developers were too dull to come up with this idea themselves. The world is so massive an about the only thing you can do is blow crap up and go on an endless hunt for collectibles.

Posted by Clapmaster

GTA Online what?

Edited by Chtasm

PC gaming, everyone.

Edited by ThatOneDudeNick

I'm hoping someone gets a popular server up with all (or most) of the scripts active. The game loses a lot of it's craziness now that it's released without the huge populated beta server. There are hundreds of servers up already, most are empty or have less than 10 people. The few with over 100 are unmodded and plain freeroam (no money, no races, no factions).

The fun of the game is the number of players and factions that were doing different things (I was a fan of the stunt flying and road trips, personally). As someone who's played each of their betas for about a year, it kiiiinda sucks right now. But it's only hours after release. I'm sure big populated servers will emerge eventually.

Posted by Springfart

this is what i hoped gta online was gonna be like

Posted by mrcraggle

The game to mark the return of TNT...

Posted by Draxyle

This is art.

Posted by adamm0

This looks really dumb and almost unplayable... In other words I'm reinstalling Just Cause 2 right now.

Edited by AssInAss

What exactly is Rockstar doing with $1 billion and GTA Online when you have this?

Posted by MeatSim

The cause for this is definitely just.

Posted by noizy

Just the right kind of stupid.

Posted by jakob187

I played the SHIT out of the multiplayer mod, and it was fucking awesome.

This trailer just continues to affirm that. It's almost like they are launching a whole new game without even making a new game itself.

Also, Just Cause 2 is still FUCKING GORGEOUS!

Posted by crusader8463

This is why modding is the best. Years after the game comes out this game is going to sell thousands more copies and get people talking about it again and it cost the devs $0. Wish more people in this industry would get their heads out of their asses and realize this.

Posted by Yretery

@crusader8463: Except for the fact the game had no mod tools, and this was just a labor of tearing the ever loving hell out of the game's code to get something as insanely daunting as adding multiplayer to a purely single player game going. It still makes a statement, but not neccesarily the one of "Make games moddable".

Posted by blacklab

What a fun game. Loved seeing those environments again.

Posted by Daftasabat

But, only if you bought it off Steam

Posted by Daftasabat

But, only if you bought it off Steam

Posted by Mikemcn

I would love to see the crew play more of this, so much nonsense!

Posted by DeadpanCakes

Man, that shit's crazy...

Posted by HatKing

I would watch an Unprofessional Friday that was dedicated, entirely, to this. Rotate which of the staff is playing it, to keep it fresh, but no other recent release is going to be as entertaining to watch.

Edited by Malarkain

PSA: JC2 is $3 on Steam until 12/19. Convenient huh?

Posted by Eribuster

Gun scorpions for all!

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

PSA: JC2 is $3 on Steam until 12/19. Convenient huh?

Ah nice. I posted a a $5 link like an asshole. Deleted that post. Good find. There's no reason not to own this game for $3.

Edited by TheSouthernDandy


Also I was THIS close to pulling the trigger on JC2 after the UF, glad I held off. $3 is ridiculous.

Edited by Whark

More Battlefield than Battlefield.

Posted by mrfrox250

this is beautiful, Very Nice Game , I think JC2 will Be a Good MP Game !

Posted by Random45

Does anyone know what the song playing in the trailer is? I'm a fan of generic trailer music, and that sounds awesome.

Posted by PimblyCharles

But, only if you bought it off Steam

Are there copies that don't use Steam? I bought the disc retail version and that required Steam and came with a key.

Posted by Zlimness

Played it with 700 people on a server a few hours ago. It was dumb. Super-dumb even.

Posted by Dalai

I... I...

I think I might need to play this.

Edited by paulosaurus

@random45: I think it's a Two Steps From Hell track.

Posted by Rekt_Hed

This looks like what would happen in GTA V online if there was no player cap :) Looks super awesome, just wish I had a PC that could run Just Cause 2 on really high

Edited by noizy

Damn. Steam pushing a free mod on a, currently, 3$ game. Coool :)

Posted by TheIrishCuisine

@branthog: they're aren't any goals in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

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