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Cant wait ^^

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Pretty cool...

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Ive already rubbed myself raw with this game.

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I don't think I need more of this game, but I did enjoy it, so you never know.

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But...but I just bought the original in this past sale...and the human armies suck....

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This is some choice dlc

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I am the boss.

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Do 360 players get this? The online is barren, this would be a nice revival... If we do get it.

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Don't get the PS3 version of the base game. I've never seen so much loading, and Capy basically chose to scuttle their forums rather than deal with the community backlash over it.

From what I hear the Xbox version is perfectly alright, though it varies with your model.

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like a baws

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@Kosayn: I'm playing on an Xbox Slim, and I can honestly say it has an unreasonable amount of loading, too.

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The final boss on the DS version was such a dick that I never want to touch this game again.

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You are the boss.

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@ryanwho: If he's the same as in the PSN version

A big floating head that charges up every round as well as each time he hit's one of your idle/charging units, accompanied by two floating hands that also fire lasers every third round.

Then he's actually really easy once you figure out how to beat him. Just pick regular units (no elite or champions) as well as the "mp when you delete walls" power and just start building walls. Try to create combos by deleting units to build up MP as well as use the artifact to both gain mp and even out the walls to make it easier to make more.

He won't be able to charge as fast if his attacks only hit walls instead of units and Nadia's Hero spell, while not so great in other situations, will be your one and only means of offence here (even though it strikes randomly, he's a pretty big target). If the walls artifacts and hero spell work the same in the DS version it should be a cakewalk.

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Also I love this game, had a lot of fun both in single and in multiplayer. One of my absolute favorites this year.

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I just beat him like any other enemy, with my elite units and all.
Stacked walls and elite creatures can absorb his attacks almost completely. The rest was just wearing him down.
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This game is great. A little long, but still great. I'm going to get this.

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@Tennmuerti: Seems a bit risky to me, but if it works it works.

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last puzzle game i got addicted to, but i never want to play it again

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It's an awesome game, I'd rather have more single player content......or a sequel!!

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@Kosayn: the Capy forums actually died because of a sustained cyber attack. Although we loved them dearly it didn't make a lot of sense to spend days and days (or possibly weeks) trying to save them when that time could be spent on development. It is sad and maybe someday we'll just start them off fresh but for now we're going to have to use other people's forums :(

Also, the loading times vary person to person regardless of platform. The PC and DS do have the fastest loading times though due to the Xbox360 and PS3 having limitations that restrict how things are loaded. It's all very complicated but if you hate load times try it on PC!

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Fair enough. For what it's worth I dig the game primarily for its campaign, and am just annoyed that it's not anywhere near as good an experience as it could be on my preferred platform. Seeing the Capy forums die after checking them occasionally for updates just contributed to my buzz kill.

Anyway, I can confirm that the DS version is rad, and it's good that it has reached other platforms. 1 out of 4 having serious issues isn't so bad.

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ughhh.. i know i'll get this...

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"Cherry"? Where the hell does the slang term for "cherry" that correlates with "awesome" come from? Don't tell me it comes from "popping your cherry" or something like that.

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@ZombiePie said:
"Cherry"? Where the hell does the slang term for "cherry" that correlates with "awesome" come from? Don't tell me it comes from "popping your cherry" or something like that.
Ergh... that was my reaction too.
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Every game should have I AM THE BOSS dlc.

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Probably get this game during some Stream sale at some point.

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The music seems to be way too epic for what is shown on screen. I still need to get back to this game.