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Posted by wumbo3000

This was the best.

Edited by Trace

This TNT is the reason I now have a bunch of Match Game mp3s in my collection.

...and yes, this was pretty close to the best, if not the best.

Posted by Freezer_Burn

I love Giant Bomb for this

Posted by Milkman

The Jews.

Posted by Commisar123

That was pretty cool

Posted by The_BrownGhost

Woo, can't believe I missed this!

Posted by SlightConfuse

RoboCop High-five

Posted by JoeyRavn

Oh, man... I have to make some time to watch ASAP :(

Posted by fuzzy510

I've only been watching for 10 minutes, and I can already tell this is going to be the best ever.

Posted by RE_Player1

When Jeff quietly switched to Trackmania I was laughing my ass off.

Posted by ThePilgrums

Cards Against Humanity needs to be a Premium feature. Or an occasional TNT game. Either way. More of that, please.

Posted by MeldingPlague

This was fairly amazing. A perfect interlude during that three month span after the holidays where game publishers have blown their collective load in the holiday orgy and everyone is left wondering where to stick it. I rarely watch an entire TNT live, but when I do I make dick jokes in the comments.

Posted by Chtasm


Posted by Ironlink

 Best TNT ever. I was in tears, IN TEARS I TELL YOU!
Now where is that instruction manual...

Posted by OneManX

Im in tears.... so great,

Posted by ghostNPC

Best TNT i've ever watched.

Posted by Nizzleworth

set phasers to drift.

Posted by Zero_


Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

They were indeed nice looking $300 fireworks...

Posted by Swoxx

Hello giant bomb, this is Claude. I love my STO, I love my god damn STO.

Posted by Fei

Amazingly hilarious.

Posted by BadNews

I have never and WILL never regret getting a membership to whiskey media.

Posted by randiolo

fantastic stuff guys, just when i thought it was going to be a quiet week, you dropped a bomb on me.

Posted by Nictel

xD Jeff's face at the start of this video. Gold.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

So good.

Posted by Quantical

The most I've laughed at a TNT ever I think. Glad I managed to watch it live, I didn't think watching other people play a card game could be so hilarious. Thanks guys.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Woah, that was hilarious. I'm getting Cards Against Humanity as soon as they restock them.

Posted by EnduranceFun

Such a good TNT. XD

Posted by Robrazor1936


Posted by StompboxRebel

@ThePilgrums said:

Cards Against Humanity needs to be a Premium feature. Or an occasional TNT game. Either way. More of that, please.


Posted by OptimalPower

This was too good guys. Way too good.

Posted by Hizang

That was one of the best TNT's so far, I almost wish it wasn't as awesome because now next weeks will seem dull.

Posted by icemk

This is one of the best I've seen thus far... keep it up guys!

Posted by SolidusCZ

It's a good time to be a member.

Posted by Thompson820

This TNT took a steep upswing when Jeff kicked into Trackmania 2. Best TNT in memory.

Posted by Slay3r1583

That was the fucking greatest thing in the history of Whiskey Media.

Posted by kollay

Extra hot ship on ship action.

Posted by Hugh_Jazz

Loved the Brad Bomb at the end.

Posted by McQuinn

I love episodes where Jeff lonely plays a game by himself.

Posted by TehChich

@StompboxRebel said:

@ThePilgrums said:

Cards Against Humanity needs to be a Premium feature. Or an occasional TNT game. Either way. More of that, please.


So much this. So much.

Posted by ajamafalous

Cards Against Humanity is perhaps the greatest drinking game ever conceived. 
Also, when Jeff switched to Trackmania. Lol.

Posted by Cheesebob

Once again, year subscription worth it

Posted by BrianP

I love Vinny's wholehearted embrace of the dark side

Posted by zombie2011

The VT Massacre card could have been used in some fucked up ways during this game.

Posted by Troncek


Posted by Sanj

One of the greatest TNTs ever.

Posted by uglykitten

Is STO any good? I know it's free to play now, so I might want to start up.

Posted by arthup

Must. Buy. This. Game. Not STO. The good one.

Edited by swfcfan

The guys/crew in "Ten forward" should have been in Cosplay!!!!! :(

(EDIT) Ryan would make a mean Klingon warrior!

Posted by Jugglerman

God, Cards Against Humanity is such an awesome game (and drinking game too!)

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