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Posted by GioSpy

I wish I made it to watch this >.<

Posted by buft

I watched it and it brought back some memories, good ones!

Posted by DizzyMedal

And I thought they were kidding when they said this game would be for TNT. Silly me.
Posted by Slaker117

Sweet, now I can relive the ass kicking I received from Jeff in Mortal Kombat.

Posted by Willin
Posted by Mars_Cleric

I didn't play THPS3, but played 1, 2 and 4 so I don't think I missed out on anything
Posted by Banzai_NL

Tony Hawk 3 had the best soundtrack ever. EVERRRR

Posted by JEC03

Hey, I can see my Pizza Hut!!!

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

The stream was too fucked for me to watch this live. Looking forward to seeing it.

Posted by andyhuggs

Any chance last weeks TNT will be archived? 

Posted by EuanDewar

Jesus christ, you guy's actually fucking did this? Awesome.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror
@EuanDewar said:
" Jesus christ, you guy's actually fucking did this? Awesome. "
And there's a surprise after they played THPS 3 too :D
Posted by X19
Posted by crusader8463

Why is this for paid members only? It makes no sense...

Posted by rmanthorp

I wish I didn't have to go to JustinTV :C GB player is so much better...

Posted by pants

@crusader8463 Dave said that the amount of people watching the archived TNTs was quite small, and that the bandwidth required to serve these longass videos was very large, so they made them member only. 

Posted by dagas

I'm amazed that you can still play PS2 games online. I've never actually played online with my PS2.

I only ever play Tony Hawk 2 on the PS1. It was fun for awhile, but I never had an urge to play any other TH game.
Posted by robotmand

After watching 1½ hours of THPS3, it really feels like MK should have some more background music.

Posted by Nadafinga

Was really fun playing with these guys last night. I had to dig around in 3 or 4 different boxes to find all the cords and adapters to get my old PS2 up and running.

I was running that first room they jumped into where we were playing Graffiti, and when I tried to switch levels to Cruise Ship, my PS2 hard locked like theirs did too. Science!

Posted by Th3_James

awwww, I don't know where my THPS3 is...... I still remember playing the fucking shit out of this on my birthday.

Posted by Sayishere

Oh my god, i forgot how much i enjoyed Tony Hawk games

Posted by AlexW00d

The fuck is with the awful echo?

Posted by Protome

I'm really glad that Giantbomb started archiving these. Lately Justin.tv has been really laggy and constantly cutting out for me. So I'd rather wait a day and see the smooth running HD version here! And using the neat Theatre feature.

Yay for memberships!
Posted by Getz

How in the hell is this even possible?

Posted by rwcohn
@mastershake4891 said:
" Any chance last weeks TNT will be archived?  "
Posted by DefaultProphet

The very best of these games is Dave Mirra BMX 2.  By far.  Best soundtrack, best control, most stuff to do.  Perfect game.

Posted by zombiesatemycereal
@crusader8463: Don't bring that up, we've already been through this multiple times. 

Would also like to see last weeks TNT, the justin.tv stream audio is pretty out of sync. 
Posted by Vexxan

Suddenly I have a need to go grind something.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Why don't Ryan and Alex play? Pass the gamepad around, Jeff! No, really. I'd love to see more player rotation during TNTs. Especially when everybody present loves the game.

Posted by PaulM

I love that they did this tony hawk 3 is one of favorite games

Posted by hakunin

Oh, god I remember playing the PS1 version of THPS3 for literaly 24 hours straight once, back in the day. When I finally keeled over, I dreamt about playing THPS3. Good times.

Posted by Haze

I can't believe they actually did it!

Posted by SaucyJack

I still have my launch PS2 somewhere, along with the network adapter. I will totally get it out form storage if GB does more of these types of TNT's. I love the idea of only GB fans and staff being the only people playing these older games.

Posted by VisceralBishop24

The memories this TNT brings back. When I first purchased my PS2 this was the first game I got, and I loved it. Playing and then beating this game was so much fun. By far one of my favorite PS2 games.

Posted by AlisterCat
Posted by MeatSim

This game actually holds up real well.

Posted by gamerpigeon

OH GOD!! Graffiti was so much FUN!! played that for hours with mates

Posted by gakon

THPS4 is great. It's hardly the beginning of the downfall that THUG is.

Posted by blacklab

+1 for gleaming the cube reference!

Posted by Laughlin_12

Did they delete the Justin.tv archive? It's not on there

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Picked up a copy of the game for $3 at Gamestop (with the box+manual even) and hopped on, never got on a server w/ Jeff, but it was fun playing it for a few hours, and the online worked great through the PS3, which is crazy.

Posted by super_machine

Sweet TNT. I'm around the same age as the GB crew, so funny how all this brings back the memories.

Posted by G24S

Jeff's perfect ten back in the days.

Posted by NeilRapalee

This video alone is enough for me to finally cave in and buy a membership.

Damn.  The 48 hours for my account to update due to pay pal can't go by fast enough.
Posted by OneManX

"...Alex get the fuck off of my set"

Best line in TNT history
Posted by BasketSnake


Posted by Noli

Can someone tell me one thing. I've been trying to do fatalities while using guard button on 360 and each of my attempts went to hell. Do you have to do it before pressing other buttons/sticks or whatever. I'd be very glad for  an answer. Greets

Posted by SpicyRichter

This is how old this game is: 

Posted by Sessh
It actually is there, just not on the main page.

You have to let go of the guard button before pressing the last button needed (A/B/X/Y/RT).
Posted by waypoetic

WHAT THE? Why is this available to paid members ONLY?

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