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Uhhh maybe a little too late?Ajajaja

Posted by TurboMan

@Agent47: the game was released on PSN.. champion mode for $5.

Posted by IshimuraD

If you're like me and don't care at all about online play, $5 is actually a great deal for the single player. It's got the single player trophies/achievements too.

Posted by paulunga

Great idea. I'd love to see more games do something like this, say, giving you just the multiplayer portion of a FPS for 40 bucks and singleplayer for 20.

Posted by DukesT3

I really liked that mode and I just hope more EA sports games will follow this trend but give me a new fight night. Not now of course, hopefully in fall of 2012 though.

Posted by MaddProdigy

The lack of comments on this video proves my deep seated suspicion that no one cares about Fight Night.

Posted by Mikey2D

I enjoyed Championship mode right up to the point where i wasn't able to fight how I want to fight. It's all well, good and even entertaining to tell a story of a fighter, but to force my hand to the point where it cripples the game cause i HAVE to do certain goals during rounds and i'm not allowed to fight my way - it's dumb and actually made me stop playing.

Posted by Brodehouse

I played this story.  You should too.  If you like your classic boxing movies, this pretty much follows it exactly.  Plus, it gives you some pretty cool twists on regular ass boxing.  There's one match where you start playing in the second round, immediately after Andre breaks his hand.  You have to fight the rest of the match with one hand.  Another one, the guy has an incredible left hook and taunts you in the media... so you get a 25 point achievement if you knock him out with your own left hook.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Is this trailer out because it just came out on games on demand? Anyway, that champion mode is only about 3.5 hours long, you best want to play some legacy mode with your created boxer if you're gonna buy it.

Posted by ballsnbayonets

champion mode was a fun story to play thru. its cool they released this as a download. but if you a boxing fan just buy the whole game it is really a good boxing game

Posted by bwmcmaste

@MaddProdigy said:

The lack of comments on this video proves my deep seated suspicion that no one cares about Fight Night.

The fanbase is unfortunately very small, but the series has been great. Unlike every other EA Sports title: the Fight Night series has improved with every iteration (I know, I've played every one since Knockout Kings). The Champion mode was actually a great experience; they did a great job of really putting you in the fighter-overcomes-adversity story.

Posted by MeatSim

Post release trailers are still weird even if's for a new downloadable version.