Posted by ADAMWD

Kinda forgot I owned this game. Didn't play much of it after loving Evo. Wonder if this will be the final Trials game from RedLynx?

Posted by SunBroZak

The release of dlc would go along nicely with a PS+ instant game collection offer. One can hope, I suppose.

Posted by HarrySound

This game can go a F*ck itself!

Posted by feedo

those extreme camera angles are making me nervous

Posted by Vic_Eddie

Loved the Trials series and played it to bits until Uplay. Did not like and skipped all the FMX courses in Fusion, they only got in the way of 100%-ing the modes.

Posted by petethepanda

10 tracks (6 straight Trials tracks). The first Evolution DLC had 36.

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10 tracks (6 straight Trials tracks). The first Evolution DLC had 36.

Geez, man. That's not cool at all. :(

Posted by InCertainSights

Downloaded it and have to say it´s a waste of money. Only 5 track that I can play, cause I´m not that high qualified for the extreme track and don´t like that FMX crap. And that´s for 5 bucks (5€). Pretty damn disappointing what UBI put out there. In Trials evo there were free red lynx tracks like every week and for this they charge you money. There are better user created tracks out there where I spend hours to master them (like the track "shortcut"). So that´s a big thumb down from me for this DLC. Don´t waste your money on that.

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But...the penguin host...

Posted by blacklab

Got to a certain point in this game and just couldn't go on. Not enough skills.

Posted by JesterArbo

I really want to play this new Trials as I have never played a game in this series. The only thing holding me back is that I have played countless games that are so similar. I'm worried that I would get tired of Fusion very quickly. This would be a great PS Plus title.