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Posted by slndr

Here we go.

Posted by BluPotato

I'm totally pumped about the Oculus Rift . I will buy one once it goes commercial.

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Is there an option to block non premium members on here? Or at least non assholes?

Anyways, this is awesome. Patrick playing that elephant game was adorable.

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Came here to see @patrickklepek bump into things while wearing the Oculus.

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Awesome Patrick!

Posted by VarrosAnon

Can't wait for Patrick's wife to sneak up on him and terrify him during one of these videos.

Posted by ZeroCoin

Ha. I've been waiting for this video since the oculus rift tweets started going out.

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I cannot imagine if the Oculus Rift + Child of Eden. It'll be the trippiest thing ever!

Posted by AcidBrandon18

Is this where Patrick comments on that really bad animated Sci-Fi show?

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It's like when the DS and Wii first came out, tonnes of quick demo-y games that only use the new input. I feel like all the head movement is a bad idea and camera should still mostly be controlled with a controller.

@kalnet101: I would buy the Rift just to play Rez or CoE with it

Posted by Wuddel

Yes, I love the underwater sequence in Bioshock 2! Best part of that game (did not play the DLC, I hear that is good).

Posted by Jedted

How heavy is the Rift? Everytime i look at it i think it would be really hard to keep your neck straight after wearing it for a while.

Aside from that it looks frackin awesome! Can't wait for the next Spookin with Scoops.

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@jimmyfenix: We know you're outstanding, sir...There's just a few unsavory individuals here :P

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Was the video image flipped or something? Patrick, you turn your head to your right, and the game image goes left and vice versa.

It just, bugged me, that's all.

Posted by swedmiro

Ive tried it and its not heavy at all and is surprisingly comfortable. It seems i have a low tolerance for this kind of thing, i felt sick within a few minutes while others have no problem at all. Apparently it has a lot to do with your sense of balance and the better balance you have the less you can tolerate of this. Brain gets confused when balance nerves in your ears registers no actual motion while your eyes registers a lot of it. I guess you can get used to it just like you get used to ride in cars or backwards on train.

I am afraid of heights and played through the bridge scene of HL2 with the OR on, that was really scary and with a more modern game engine with better graphics I would probably have needed an underwear change!

Posted by mintyice

Mexican aliens?

Posted by leebmx

If you push you face right up to the right hand side of the screen it's basicaly the same thing.

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That elephant game reminds me of when I walk around the house naked.

Posted by Nekroskop

The Occulus Rift couple with iDozer can lead to fatalities. Winners don't use drugs!

Posted by Shtinky
@mintyice said:

Mexican aliens?

Another one of those Patrick PC inconsistencies, lol. Green alien wearing sombrero-like head piece, must be a Mexican alien!

Posted by bybeach

I don't know what it is, but the oculus rift kind of puts me off. Some trippy stuff but. having that thing on my face..

Posted by tbk

@patrickklepek Can you talk a bit about the device itself a bit? Things like how heavy it is how the weight distribution is and if you start getting uncomfortable long session might be?

Posted by logan3

Hey Patrick, I really enjoyed the audio balancing in this video. Please keep it up.

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@patrickklepek Awesome video, Patrick. Would you mind doing the EVE demo on your next bit?

Posted by Linken

12:00 to 12:30 patrick lookin gooood u should wear the ORift at all times.

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Where's your PowerGlove and all red tinted games?

Posted by Slab64

@bugbear said:

Don't worry when I'm about to watch a patrick video I always use a vomit bag.

how droll

Posted by Xymox

And I think I have my pick for Best Music award for 2013's GOTY. The music in Demo 2 is sick.

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Elephant eyes don't point straight forwards. This is an inauthentic elephant experience.

Posted by patrickklepek

This is also the first video I recorded locally at 1080p. Quality should be better? I can't do that for livestreams, but I should be able to do it for local video going forward...

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I really want Patrick to put Googly-Eyes on his Rift.

Posted by ZironZ

That hacking game actually seems really cool and I wish I could play it without the rift.

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Another awesome new feature from Patrick. I'm almost glad he left the main office with this new range of output. Can't wait for Spookin with Scoops now :D

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I was one of the programmers on Undercurrent - nice to see it pop up on Giant Bomb.

Some of the issues with the game he shows have been fixed in the on going development build.

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I really want Patrick to put Googly-Eyes on his Rift.

omg you just got me imagining Patrick playing the Rift while also playing the Kinect "game" Googly-Eyes

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I saw the title and thought this was something about that 2004 raunchy/badly 3d animated sci-fi series Tripping the Rift. I'm slightly dissapointed. :(

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I assume a lot of nausea is from people attempting to move side-to-side and forward-to-back to control their perspective, like Patrick does in the second game. As far as I know, this doesn't actually do anything in the current dev version of the Rift, so it can be very disorienting. I think the best thing to do is try and keep your head as still as possible with the exception of turning it.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I really want Patrick to put Googly-Eyes on his Rift.


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Has there been any word on getting actual movement tracking and not just rotation in any of the future versions of the Rift? I guess you could just put tracking dots on the Rift, but it'd be nice to have a solution that doesn't require a camera.

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@damodar: It's been heavily implied that spatial tracking is high on the Oculus team's priority list. They've had lots of prototypes that use stereo webcams for tracking, the issue is just with accuracy and latency.

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@seiru: Ok cool, thanks! Now all I have to worry about is what extended use might do to my brain/eyes :P

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Is there an option to block non premium members on here? Or at least non assholes?

Anyways, this is awesome. Patrick playing that elephant game was adorable.

if you want to block the non-assholes you can go to gamespot or ign, that should do the trick.

Posted by gbrading

Today, Oculus Rift. Tomorrow, we make the Ready Player One-style full immersion suit.

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Can't wait to see some Spookin' the Rift.

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The shocking thing about this video is when he said he has a wife... He looks like he's 14 :)