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Posted by Skillface

I don't care what anyone says. The first two games were garbage. And I loved them.
True Crime 3 needs Dogg Patrol!

Posted by Deadmanforking

Man, I hope this game is good.

Posted by Lambert

The guy Ryan is interviewing looks like that lockerz douchebag.

Posted by PeteyCoco

Gordon Freeman speaks!

Posted by Globox82


Posted by ptys

The animation looks a little jankie?.. but maybe that's just the video frame rate. 

Posted by Hef

United Front runs deep wih the triads. You heard it here first. 
But on a more serious note, it looks like they're putting a lot more care and deication than the last games.  I;m deffinitely very interested in what else thy have to show.

Posted by Deadmanforking
@Skillface said:
" I don't care what anyone says. The first two games were garbage. And I loved them.  True Crime 3 needs Dogg Patrol! "
Man I totally agree with you. I loved the first 2 games, soo fun to play, bbut god damn they sucked.
Posted by gewfienewfie

Great interview!
Not sure what to make of this game, given that the previous True Crime games were... forgettable. This one could be awesome with all the cool mechanics they're throwing in, but it could also fall on its ass with all the amount of mechanics they're throwing in... Best of luck!

Posted by Red

Mechanics look interesting, graphics look sub-par.

Posted by Shaninio

death animations...? come on this is 2010

Posted by 234r2we232

Oh, another GTA game. Great. Fantastic.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Could be good, but I won't get my hopes up.

Posted by Lambert

Game looks interesting. Maybe I'll get it at $30 since the combat, and driving look alright.

Posted by InFamous91

I hope this game delivers. 

Edited by ajamafalous

This is the first time I've noticed Midnight Brown in the background of an interview video. Do they do this often?

Posted by PoppaKyle

I WILL buy this
Posted by MrMiyagi

Man, the True Crime games were TERRIBLE.

Edited by CaptainTightPants

First Game was Good and i loved it, second was riddled with so many bugs yet i still squeezed some fun out of it. 
 This looks good, so Hopeful here

Posted by TorgoGrooves89

I think i played the first True Crime game. . .  can't remember for sure. But this does look pretty good. Nice to see you can slam doors into people's heads. I cannot think of many games that would not benefit from being able to do that. Also the stuff about meeting Triads and seeing the inside of their group was pretty amazing. I just hope in the end the game lives up to the intense levels of research they've put into it.
Posted by jhubz

The character movement from action to action looks pretty janky.. but it seems like it could be a pretty fun game.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Looks sorta like an urban, toned down Just Cause. 

Posted by TheClap

That is a pretty man.

Posted by PilotXIan

Will keep my eye on this.
Also, I'd love to get my hands on some instrumental Midnight Brown.

Posted by Crabcraft

Seems like it could be really cool but those animations are looking a bit 3rd person Fallout 3.

Posted by Alphonzo

look at those pupils

Posted by bjorno

first true crime game was sweet, you could do badass car stunts, blow up hippie vans in 2 shots, throw samurai swords into old women and dragon dropkick hobos

Posted by foomfoom

Never played the first True Crime games, but an open world game set in Hong Kong is about the coolest fucking thing EVER. There's not a city on Earth, real or imagined, that would make a more interesting setting. I'm really excited for this one.

Posted by RavenShade83

F or the people who are wondering, the animation looks janky because every true crime game has horrible animations and gameplay. Lord knows why they keep making the damn things.

Posted by Milkman

Why can't they just slap a 3 on it? Or just call it "True Crime: Hong Kong"? All they are doing is making sites like this one more complicated.

Posted by Myrmidon

This looks like garbage.

Posted by NMC2008

Why is Ryan interviewing Matt Stone? Wut? That's not Matt? Oh dear....

Posted by Daryl

He's gonna regret that tattoo when he's 40.

Posted by FunExplosions

I don't know buddy, this looks like 'True Crime:' to me. It has that ps2-esque motion to it. These guys need to stop trying to balance "crazy" with "real", and just choose one. I predict standard True Crime game crashes and plenty of boring-ass side missions.

Posted by Blitzer


Posted by scarace360

will i be able to play as snoop dog in this one like i could in LA. But other than that will i be able to play multiplayer online with my buds and run around and shoot people in the FACE!!!

Posted by sublime90

this is looking pretty good. i cant wait to see more as the game fleshes out

Posted by supermike6

God, people are really shitting on this game for no reason. It won't be the same as the others because it's new guys making it on new technology. The animation probably looks a bit janky because it's an early build.

Posted by Smokay

Im calling bs on them actually talking to triad members.

Posted by captain_clayman

that guy is such a douche

Posted by virtorio

When did Christian Slater start making video games?

Posted by edgefusion

Damn, that guy is HOT.

Posted by DukesT3

That is one sexy producer.. hmm.. 

Posted by DukesT3

Those are some nice Lacoste glasses. This game seems to have potential, if its Just Cause 2 but in Hong Kong, I'm on board. 

Posted by upwarDBound

I had a really bad experience with True Crime Streets of LA, but this game looks like it could be alright. 

Edited by Redbullet685

No ragdoll in a game like this in 2010..... dissapointing
Does look fun though, I like the freerunning and driving and fighting look pretty good. I will keep my eye on this one

Posted by MrKlorox

Man I wanted to like this series... but god damn it was just awful!

Posted by AussieBomb

Played the first one and thought it was alright, but thats irrelevant really because its a new developer so any previous gripes anyone has had with these games has no merit at least not yet. 
Looks interesting, I like the idea behind making everything flow together and feel good. Animation does look a lil odd but its early footage so who knows. Anyone else notice Gorden Freemens been working out lol.

Posted by Death_Burnout

 All i ask is they carry over the trunk full o weapon system! but i doubt it.
And yeah, plenty of people shitting all over it, i'm not surprised in the slightest, but i am disappointed with them.
I wont defend no ragdoll though...or maybe i will, some games have done it so bad that animation may be a better choice if done right, blending the two together works best though.

Posted by Rhaknar

looks pretty cool

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