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Posted by JohnnyMcmillen

This might get me back into MMO's.

Posted by Chaser324

Looking sort of cool. I'm not really into MMO's, but I might consider trying out this one.

Posted by Macar0niN00dle

I might want to play this, but I don't know. I felt like a big enough nerd playing WoW.

Posted by mrcraggle

This has some elements i'm interested in such a an epic story that Bioware always deliver on and the full VO but somethings just don't really push the mmo genre forward. Shooting is still standard mmo fair with you clicking on the person and watching your person just auto aim at them which makes it seem boring and the jedi class more interesting because it looks much more involved. I'm also not too keen on the UI with it covering about 1/8th of the screen and also the art style just doesn't work for me and reminds me of that new clone wars cartoon.

Posted by skunk

Cool, never really been into MMO's but this looks pretty interesting.
and was that Clank? lol

Posted by Cook66

I'm starting a guild for this game, which will launch in a week or less.

Posted by Liber

Awsome framerate

Posted by Duckbutter

i dunno. don't go tryin to kick me in the balls but the cartoony look, the voice acting, compared to other Bioware business like Mass Effect, i dunno, dude. this game seems kinda cheesy. yea i said it. 
even the first Knights of the Old Republic seemed less cheesy. Dragon Age is kinda the same. cheesy sounding dialogue and such. but Mass Effect 2 doesn't seem to suffer from that problem. 
i dunno dude. dude i dunno. anything from Bioware used to be jizzed straight onto my pre-order list, but looking at these KOTOR 3 and Dragon Age videos, dude i dunno.

Posted by AncientMecha

I'm glad I wasn't wearing pants when I watched this. I'd have to get new ones if I was.

Posted by Bakumatsu

I want this... NOW!!!!

Posted by MeierTheRed

I saw this weeks ago, don't remember where though.

Posted by foolman

I'm Excited!

Posted by Double0hFor

this video is old news

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I confused the bounty hunter and the sith guy when I first saw this.
Can I play a bounty hunter who's good?  Smuggler who's bad?  Expansion, maybe? :)

Posted by Buck

 I dunno, something feels wrong about this game. Makes me think Star Wars should have ended with the movies. Though I liked the first KOTOR, guess I just have to see what they end up with. And I hope they're going to improve those female character models, they look like freakin dolls.

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Looks surprisingly good.

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This already looks better then Star Wars Galaxies but that's not hard to do.

Posted by Cordiss

Looks awsome.
This will take over my life if it's based on micro transactions.

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Posted by supalink

videos been out for a while, gameplay seems .. stale. they need to make multiplayer fighting more like jedi academy/Jedi.Knight2-outcast

Posted by Gre

Lightsabers don't cut people in half.  No go.

Posted by Kefkaesque

Bah, old video is old. The game already looks better than this.
Anyways, I might get this game. It's the first MMO I've ever been even the slightest bit interested in, but I still kinda wish it were KotOR 3, instead.

Posted by Buck
@Duckbutter: Yup, couldn't agree more.
Posted by PJ

Aw fuck. Looks like I'm going to be playing this when it comes out. I'm mostly exited about this since its NOT a classic MMO. Theres an ass load more to this game then any other MMO thats come out before. Its a REAL RPG and an MMO at the same time. How many other MMOs can say the same, none in fact.

Posted by Metiphis

Yeah this video is about a month or so old.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

That looks....really dam awesome. Like seriously....AWESOME

Posted by AllanIceman

Looks cool.

Posted by brassmarsh

eee...this looks like a mistake. They should have stuck to their guns and made KOTOR 3 and made it a heavy single-player experience, rather than cashing in on WOW and using the awful 'clone wars' style, most evident in people's funny-looking legs

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Parts of what I saw I liked and parts of what I saw I really, really, really didn't like.  The one thing that I can say for sure though is that this game is going to be HUGE when it comes out.

Posted by LeadNinja
@AncientMecha said:
" I'm glad I wasn't wearing pants when I watched this. I'd have to get new ones if I was. "
You soiled your chair?  Isn't that worse?
Posted by stokerd

i think this looks good. Can see playing this.

Posted by DBoy

This will be the very first MMO I play... and that's saying quite a lot.

Posted by FunExplosions

This is a reaally old vid. I still like it, though.

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Many of you really think this looks awsome??? I am quite far to the other side. Heroic my ***
Posted by thenexus

People Always have the wrong thinking on these types of games. The developers need to show people something, but it is always hard for them. This is not even in beta yet.
I always fall back to WOW. WoW alpha and how that looked and even WoW beta and how that looked and then look to how it was when it went live. Things you see here will have a lot of placeholder, The lighting is probably not the full lighting system, this often comes at the end. You can be certain a lot of the textures were finished so they could present this at the gameshow but not actually final, so a good chuck there is probably still placeholder.
It may look crap on release but that is where you judge it, not when it is finished.
I like the gameplay concepts and directions this is taking, Again it does not look polished and some of the comments here are formed based on what they see and what they are seeing is something that is not finished yet and people seem to forget that.
You also need to remember that there is a beta coming. The lucky of us will get to play this and shape the gameplay and good beta programs can have a massive effect on how the game feels and works.
I can already see a few things that in beta will get changed more then once in terms of balance and mechanics.
The smuggler cover system will be great for PVE but still needs to be engangng and have limitations so the player is not always going into cover. The better abilities should be out of cover. PVP wise this could ever be very overpowered or useless. Players will just move around. So how you switch from cover and the roles etc need to be fast and fluid.
The Sith has that leap, again the amount of damage that does early on will change a lot in beta as people level as to me that could be over powered as well.
You can bet that it may change or have a small stun effect and probably get removed for being OTT.
Some things you see here by the time it gets a release may not even be in the game or changed heavily.
There will be a lot of things to address and will happen in beta and during live.
Your in a group and somebody our group leader makes a decision that leads you down a path you do not want to. You will be punished or rewarded based off other people in this game but you may not like that. Some things your going to have to live with but where it matters the game needs to give you that chance to reverese what someone else did. It may take a bit of effort but it should be there.
Randoms: I hate random groups but if your friends are not around you will need them to get the job done. As MMO players know there are plenty of idiots out there who mess up, are useless or just idiots. They make stupid decisions in this game then your not going to be happy as it ill effect all your game there after. I like the concept but again, with a bit of effort you should be able to correct a mistake made by someone else OR work towards restoring faith or issue in your spare time if you so wish.
They have not really covered this at all and for many. Any of this chatting you have when your in a quest is going on be when your not in a form of instance? If yes then when your doing that what will happen when someone attacks you in a pvp situation? Will the  RPG element just stop enabling you to fight back or will you be immune?
As the attacker you do not want it to feel wrong. You should not be able to do enough damage to someone before they can react that it does not give them a chance to fight back but then you do not want to be standing there shooting someone who wont take damage because they are doing a quest chat thing. It wont feel right.
When they are done they need time to react to an attack as well so how that is handled is a key point of call.
Bioware will need to create some form of system where from both parties perspectives it feels fair and decent to play.
on an always on pvp server maybe you go out of pvp when doing suck a thing and if an attacker wants to attack you when they make a click request to do so on your character then during your chat sequence a notification telling you to get ready etc and effectively transition to pvp needs to be done and not make the other guy wait around to long. When your done you then need to jump back to exactly where you were. IF you have to start from the begining again your going to be pissed.
Same if your in PVE. IF you die doing something after a chat sequence you do not want to do a 5 minute chat thing again. And those chats can not be to long and like Mass effect you should be able to break it when you want to.
Back to the pvp thing - What if you do not want to fight? Does it even give you that option? PVE servers you probably can refuse but pvp it only gives you that "get ready" warning so you can at least start weapons at the ready.
Anyway, you can see there is a lot to cover with what they are doing and they are not going to get it right even when it is live.
Just remember WOW did not nail it 1st,2nd,3rd,4th.. time.

Posted by Demyx

Yeah, I'm pretty excited.

Posted by peerLAN

Damn... this looks ten times more fun than WoW... too bad I hate paying monthly fees...

Posted by Kajaah117
@thenexus: Epic post. You managed to type everything that was in my head, but I didn't have the patience or typing skills to get it out.
Posted by turbomonkey138

this is the same one from ign ...

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Posted by Grilledcheez

Awesome...I just hope there's better looking armor to wear and maybe some great sith robes

Posted by oobs

yeah saw this on some other site..looks cool
Posted by Gregomasta

shiiiiit son, bioware got me back into mmo's.

Posted by NoXious

I saw this live at Gamescom, wasn't too impressed when you compare it to other products on the market.

Sure, World of Warcraft didn't nail it at the start - but they nailed it in 2009, the same year SW:TOR didn't nail it. And that is the same mistake WAR made imo, Aion is doing it proper though and thankfully people are rewarding them for it. We'll see where this goes, it is work in progress after all.

Though I honestly don't know what to think of the concept of choices making a difference to your story etc. How will it affect a group of friends ? They all need to choose the same thing, otherwise they get torn apart or some of the friends get stuck with a choice they never wanted to make? I foresee too many problems for it to actually give me an epic feeling that, so far, only single-player story driven games gave me. 

Posted by EndrzGame

Saw this on IGN awhile ago. Looks great! 
I too was wondering about the whole "group decision" thing. Now, I know that WoW has started implementing 'phasing' to a certain degree. Say you get to a certain area and it's desolate and the people there need your help. Well you do a set of quests and BOOM the place is rebuilt and they like you alot. Now, say you're in a group with someone and they haven't done that set of quests...they don't see the same thing that you see, only when they catch up to where you're at.
Now, say you and your group are in a instance/dungeon in SW:toR. What if you can choose the dialog that you want and your friends can choose what they want and play the game completely different....at the same time! Everyone can personalize their experience and still group together for harder quests/bosses. I'm sure Bioware has all the bases covered.

Posted by ajamafalous

This game doesn't even look remotely good.

Posted by fox01313

Very nice to see a bit more than a few brief moments of trailers, really looking forward to this although after seeing this I think I'll stick with the smuggler as much as I liked the sith from KOTOR the class seems a little less interesting at the moment over the smuggler which has been stated will have companions & other interesting skills to really make the game unique. Hopefully I can get the reprogrammed HK droid from KOTOR as a companion as that woul be insanely fun if it has the same kinds of dialogue in this game as KOTOR, making it even more entertaining with it being fully v/o mmorpg.
Posted by sanguis_Malus

There are some things that I don't like here. Hopefully the game will play well and not be too repetitive. 
However, the voices are laughably stereotypical, the art style is a not to my taste either.  
My biggest concern is the character designs. The outfits are crap, they don't look the business at all. Also those hairstyles are fucking ridiculous, they look like models for hair products for fuck's sake. A sith and a bounty hunter should look cool and menacing not like these fucking lady boys !

Posted by Dustpan

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game!

Posted by ZoRzEr