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It's free! And probably awesome!

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Loving Uncharted 2's online thus far. Arena co-op is awesome. Also double money / xp this weekend!

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Does anyone else get a 1 minute video followed by 5mins of black?

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I want me doughnut Sully dammit! :'(
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This level is really simple on arena co-op, the enemies don't spawn in the bottom area for the first 5 rounds or so and there's some good areas to hide in. Looks great too.

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anyone else getting this video choppy?
edit: yes, re the 1 min of video...

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This video is pretty jacked but I like the level. But yeah, um, fix it please. <3

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I don't know about the video, but those still frames looked pretty neat. And the void at the end made me feel a bit melancholic, sort-of like too much peanut butter spread over nothing.

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I only got a chance to play the map once (since for some reason it's not coming up very often), but it's pretty good.

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Awesome, I'll be downloading this soon.

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some free dlc for (my) 2009´s GOTY? sweet i'm in!

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Cool its the fort from Uncharted 1. Also this video is jacked.

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Wait, it's free?! Kickass.

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Awesome having free maps. Just as they should be. Dunno about the choppy 1min video followed by 5 mins of black, though.

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Damn, still mad choppy.

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 whoa framerate made me wanna barf... video got some issues, but free is always nice!

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looks terrible
oh wait, i can't see the video... that's why

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Weird. Usually these broken videos just go up silently, this one was posted on the Twitter and everything.

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Sorry guys, got the video fixed. Please to be watching now.

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Cool.  Free is always ok.

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Oh man I can't wait to eventually get this game.

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Gorgeous, gorgeous game.
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It's free so you can't complain until they start charging for maps.

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i let my friend borrow uncharted 2 and i wish he'd give it back soon. cuz i'm pretty sure i squealed like a little girl when this was announced.

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This seems to be a level from the first Uncharted, around Chapter 5 I'd say. That's pretty cool.

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Reminds me of the castle in the original game. Guessing it's partly based on that design.

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looks cool 

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ol naughty dog's tryin to make nice for santy claus and they're doin a heckuva job!

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I love the new map

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Reason # 472 to keep coming back to this amazing game.

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meh, it dsnt look bad, but im kinda tired of all the "old temple" maps in uncharted 2. id like 2 see more urban scapes like the city in nepal, hopefully theyll release some maps like that in the near future ^^

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free stuff?! yayy :D
still wanna see some single player dlc

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GOTY reason #1 bagillion

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Free DLC on an already great multiplayer, with the best SP this year?
Is there really any competition for GOTY at this point?

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Looks mighty fine!!

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this is a great map!