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Fuck yeah

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Didn't know this was "out" already

Posted by Hassun

Flak Cannon > EVERYTHING.

Posted by roytheone

I just played this, and I must say, for a pre-alpha it is already very playable and a lot of fun. Really looking forward to seeing how it will progress.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Played some Quake Live recently, man I miss these shooters. They need a comeback. Actually loving the way they're bringing back UT.

Posted by plasmathrower


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The movement looks too slow.

God mouse aiming is just so much better, no Idea why people play these games on consoles, especially with the low unchangeable FoV they have. I hope the Valve controller can fix this and start a revolution in controller design so we can get away from analogue camera control. If you think about it you only need one analogue stick for movement, the second has never been good for the camera any ways.

I've been using UE4 for many months now and it is really too easy to use. I'm a bit worried we're going to see all these Early Access games, where they've spent a few hundred in the store and spent a day putting any old crap together.

I love how fast it is and how you don't need to compile before you can play and all the tutorials... I just dunno if that is a good thing for the industry though. I think we need a bit of a barrier to entry like we used to have, I don't mean Sony's excuse with the Cell and why that was hard to program for... I'm just worried of the influx of crap easy tools like this will bring.

Posted by FeverChill

Flak Monkey!

Posted by Borp

I need this in my life right now.

Posted by dancinguy

I figured this was too early even for an Unfinished, but there ya go

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Jeff is correct. The Flak Cannon is fucking great.

Posted by BabyChooChoo

I hope this whole thing leads to someone making Unreal Championship 3 or just bringing over all the UC2 mechanics into this game.

Posted by ConVox

Morphing Hats? That IS a great innovation.

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Well I guess this answers my tweet to Brad and Jeff last night about when they're playing this. Very happy to see it get a video on here. Played it for the first time a couple of nights ago and it's already a lot of fun.

Posted by Majkiboy

I am so fucking stoked for this!!!

Posted by AwkwardLoser

I love UT!, but never played on consoles, played it on Dreamcast, 360 and PS3. I even remember downloading links from a weird website onto a harddrive so I could upload them into my game, it was the only way to get Mods on the PS3 version.

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Wow that ping is weak.

Posted by tuxfool

All the weapons are much faster than the previous iterations of UT.

Posted by Ghostiet

Jeff is correct. The Flak Cannon is fucking great.

I can double confirm that.

Posted by kewlsnake

The adjustable weapon switch stuff is great. Quake Live had that in the options menu but they removed it! The options they have now are very rudimentary. Either you autoswitch all the time or you don't.

Posted by mrfluke

i fucking love there's a new one of these.

Posted by ILikePopCans

Would of been nice to have Brad in here, so they would end up talking old school URT

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Why am I not ask wowed by this as I feel like I should be?

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Shootmania was this but better, it was faster and it had one gun which was an instant kill railgun or a quick 3 hit thing.

It was amazing and people ignored it.

+ Your DPI is too high Jeff, you're very inaccurate as a result, they need to make DPI buttons on mice mandatory as switching on the fly is so important.

Posted by Lazyaza

Oh man the flak cannon is awesome again? Best in 2k04, but so much worse in 3. I hope they have indeed made it feel right again.

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Still way too FUCKING SLOW.

It's like your dude is walking around in molasses compared to UT '99.

This ain't my Unreal Tournament. :(

Honestly though, if somebody were able to mod it for faster movement, I would give it a shot.

Edit: Did some poking around on their forums, and you can make a mutator to edit the base walk speed, and it seems like they are considering feedback on what the standard speed should be. I'll give it a shot when it's "done", and if it sucks, I still can play my old game. No big whoop. Just have high expectations when it comes to UT.

Posted by MonetaryDread

@spitznock: It's pre-alpha, jeffs DPI was too high, and you probably didn't play the original UT back in 99'.

Posted by vhold

They should do a quick look where they boot up the new Unreal Engine tools that have just been released for free and they do some of the modding/mutator tutorials, make a new weapon, make the guys run faster, etc. The whole idea behind this release of UT is to get people into modding.

Posted by Tortoise

I don't really get what the big difference is with "arena shooters" vs any other type of shooters. Isn't COD multiplayer a bunch of guys in an arena shooting each other? That seems pretty popular. I would have said that having to collect weapons after you spawn is one feature games like this all used to have, but really if you had a loadout in UT or (as there now is in some modes) in Q3 does that really change it that much

Posted by Casepb

I like the UT99 run speed. For me it is canon.

Posted by BasketSnake

Browkoli is a badass player.

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Gross, this is just some stupid Ratz: Instagib knock-off.

Edit: Daylight is the game Jeff was thinking of.

Posted by falling_fast

no interest in the game but i watched because i was kinda curious about what they had to say about the stuff going on with the sdk

Posted by zipperface

Dammit, now I'm installing UE3 again after watching this.

Posted by SpaceCouncil

As far as I'm concerned the Link guns Secondary is its Primary

Posted by defcomm

oh cool cool yes

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Unreal tournament is pretty great and even with all the f2pness they added this looks great so I will definitely play the hell out of this when it comes out fully.

Posted by andrewf87462

I've missed this type of gameplay so i'm looking forward to this being made.

Posted by fisk0

I haven't tried this yet, but the original Unreal Tournament actually had a player speed slider right there in the "create a game" menu. There also were some presets for player speed and weapon damage to simulate QuakeWorld, Unreal 1 and what they considered a hardcore mode (which I think was 200% player speed and 2x weapon damage).

Posted by Humanity

I loved these games back in the early 2000's, but the more I see of them now I keep thinking that those times are sort of over. It's probably just because I've gotten older but I prefer a story driven experience to countless hours of bare multiplayer.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

I wish more games came out this generation using the UE4 as even an alpha of this is looking more visually striking than a lot of games already out.

Posted by parapa

If this is how good all the UE4 games are going to look, I can't wait for E3 this year

Posted by wrecks

Hmmm. I have been getting the mapping itch.

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Well, this is something I'll be playing.

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I just finished playing a few matches and my only complaints are some hitches here and there on some maps and connection issues but that's the kind of stuff that I would expect from pre-release games.

I'm happy to report that it feels good. It's still UT ass UT so there's nothing here that you haven't necessarily seen before but there's certainly some tweaks here and there that I like. The biggest one to me is they added single-key dodging (relative to 2K4 anyway) which is what I felt UT needed. With single-tap wall dodges, it's much less cumbersome to dodge around the map.

Although playing it I am feeling the pain of new maps that may or may not be any good compared to the tried and true maps of older UT. The other advantage is you are more familiar with the layout and where stuff is which makes it easier to focus on in-moment tactics. This is stuff that will get ironed out and I have no doubt that there will be PLENTY of old maps in this thing.

Actually the one thing I might be willing to pay for is an officially sanctioned weapon skin pack that lets you toggle between the full roster of weapons from old UT's with sounds and everything. Mostly because the weapon designs for UTIII were pretty groady and didn't inspire much in the way of attachment unlike 2K4 and '99.

It's a good start I'll give 'em that.

Posted by zladko

fuck the bio rifle

Posted by MeatSim

Hats are the universal currency.

Posted by TWISTEDH34T

I'd love to see you guys install this on a couple of computers and play this on unprofessional Friday. That way Vinny and Alex could be part of UPF too! yay!

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