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I really hope this will be good.

@drewbert has become a reference machine.

Posted by Nux

I love a good Unfinished in the morning.

Posted by Doctor_Mummy

A rare Brew quick look!

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Is this game about the children of DC Comics' time traveling super villain T.O. Morrow? Awesome I hope Booster Gold and Rip Hunter make an appearance!

Posted by JMurph_93


Posted by LarryDavis

Is this game about the children of DC Comics' time traveling super villain T.O. Morrow? Awesome I hope Booster Gold and Rip Hunter make an appearance!

I mean, that's clearly Tomorrow Woman in the thumbnail, so yes.

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jeff mixlr -ftw

Posted by rmanthorp

Oh no broken images on the wiki-box! There we go. Damn this game looks pretty. That and Q-Games are all I need to know to get me excited to check it out - didn't realise it was coming so soon.

Posted by logikk

This looks amazing, but not quite sure how fun it will be. I'm not really into minecraft, or other time-sink type games. The art style does look really nice though.

Posted by FPK


Posted by BluPotato

This is the most whimsical work gulag I've ever seen.

Posted by BrianP

At least this game looks nice while Brad runs around doing nothing in it

Posted by Spitznock

Seems promising. I hope it ends up being good.

Posted by JamesJeux007

This game looks amazing. And the main concept of the co-op gameplay with different tasks to do where you HAVE to trust other people to do other things could be amazing. I was interested by the art style back when I saw the trailer, but now I wanna know more about the gameplay. This could be really neat !

Posted by Pezen

Love the style. But seiously Japan, that font when people speak need to go. I can excuse it in something like Deadly Premonition, but not in a game so stylistically minimalist.

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I was into this up until the part where they require a slide puzzle in order to build anything.

Posted by Outrager

@drewbert If you like to see things tick up why did you skip your marble monster from leveling up 25 times on UPF? HMMMMmmmmm?!?!?

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At this point, I'd say if you're curious about the game you will be much better served if you also watch a livestream of the game.

Posted by Dezztroy

Not a fan of the way it syncs other players or whatever. It just looks like there's tons of packet loss with players teleporting around.

Posted by Franktastic

Was that Mike "Mike Ross" Ross, at 27:30?

Posted by HatKing

This looks cool as shit.

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Yeah! That lighting is pretty spectacular. The Guys at Q games have been implementing Cascaded Voxel Cone Tracing in their engine.. That is actual real time global illumination, reflections, and ambient occlusion, and if I'm not mistaken, it is the first full game to actually implement it (I could be wrong).

they have some papers about the implementation for fellow nerdlings HERE.

I'd be really into this game.. extremely intriguing.

Posted by AMyggen

This looks really cool.

Posted by deerokus

Strange game. So pretty.

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So beautiful, and original. I will definitely keep an eye on this one. I hope it comes together well.

Posted by SomeJerk

This actually is an alpha.

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@dezztroy said:

Not a fan of the way it syncs other players or whatever. It just looks like there's tons of packet loss with players teleporting around.

When the developers streamed it during Extra Life it was rare to see the teleporting and phasing going on and there were a crapload of players around, mining, defending and building. This was an unfortunately low-populated town that maybe had lagged players in it.

Posted by RioStarwind

I don't even like Minecraft like games that much yet I'm super interested in checking this one out.

Posted by kpaadet

Brad: "This isn't really an alpha"

Game crashes and Q-games are stated that they are not done adding or removing features... sure sounds like an alpha to me.

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this game is absolutely fucking GORGEOUS.

Q Games are gods among gamedev men. Leave it to them to attempt a game that will properly encourage and accomplish true team work in an online setting. The communist aesthetic sure helps

Posted by Budwyzer

Much promise for a neat game.

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@kpaadet: In general alpha is never really seen by a consumer, alpha as it was traditionally was just a concept of the game, normally using Grayboxes and placeholders. I understand that it is now a muddier term, particularly since everything is beta, even when released. But again traditionally external testing only began with beta.

In the case of this game, it seems that it is more in "closed Beta", as most of it looks quite polished and finished, at least functionally.

In any case, it's very hard to police the usage of a word. Closed beta has less PR ring than alpha, it's impossible to prevent the term from being used, and if they use it.. it'll likely just change the meaning.

Posted by burgavo

The look of the characters in this kind of reminds me of soviet era, Russian and Eastern European stopmotion animation films. Great stuff.

Posted by Steadying

I know I say this every time a new video for this game pops up, but man this game is beautiful. One of the best looking next-gen games by far.

Posted by zokamoka

I might get this looks really interesting.

Posted by masterpaperlink

How many years till we get a game like this where everything is made up of tiny voxels?

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when I heard predictions that Dark Souls style "interconnected co-op" could potentially be the future for video games I had a hard time thinking up different applications. This game is the most artistic use of that technology I'm guessing we'll see for some time.

Incredibly creative use of communal gaming with themes to match it.

Posted by mrsmiley

What a beautiful-looking game.

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I love the ant colony vibe of this game, it feels oddly natural to kill and breakdown creatures for the betterment of your community.

I also love the sounds used for the intercoms in town, sounds like the little astronauts from Pixel Junk Shooter.

Posted by tuxfool

@sydlanel: Given they're still deciding on content and some features, that would nudge it into Alpha territory. Beta generally is feature and content complete.

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@masterpaperlink: The current game development and display pipeline isn't currently very suitable for voxels. They're often used early on for things like landscapes or 3d scanning, but in later stages these are turned into polygons.

There is a company called Euclideon which is promoting its use in gaming but there are obvious limitations when it comes to texture mapping, animation and lighting.

Posted by Dussck

Yes, was hoping Brad and Drew would do this! Also; to me this seems like one of the most interesting games of 2015, together with No Man's Sky.

It's different!

Posted by Bicycle_Repairman

This looks really interesting. I'm really intrigued by this game.

Posted by Honkalot

Just from the looks of it, that crafting system might be the worst that has been in a video game ever.

Posted by blacklab

Toooomorrow children, where is ya pass?

Posted by BakerMikeRomeo

At around 17:30, Drew mentions "tovarishch" and he's pretty much right - it's the word which is usually translated into english as "comrade", especially in soviet-era russian. It also broadly means "friend" or "colleague" and so on.

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Such a beautiful looking game. Looks like the island of misfit toys

Posted by Franktastic
Posted by TheWind89

Yes it is very interesting, kind of a mine craft derivative in a way? Meritocracy Simulator 2015!

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