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Posted by bushlemon

What is?

Edited by Hassun

Oh lord it's that mp mario maker game.

Posted by aku88

Ooh I remember Austin mentioning this on the Beastcast.

I'm only 10 minutes in and I'm already sold on this game. Thanks for bringing this to my attention duders!

Posted by Bistromath

We were so close to a Quackalar pun.

Posted by Turra

5 minutes in and I'm sold, but the steam release date is February :(

Posted by BasketSnake

Mario Maker? More like Mario MADE AND DONE FOR!!

Posted by TheShrubber

This is really something.

Posted by aku88

Mario Maker? More like Mario MADE AND DONE FOR!!

How about Mario Meet Your Maker?

... Too on the nose?

Posted by shottyB

Yes! More Bakalar! You guys should totally just hire him

Posted by Sarx

it is raining dead horses!

Posted by Benmo316

This is a great game with a great name. And this is going to be a great QL!

Posted by GalacticPunt

Let this be a lesson, children:

Posted by Dooley

Fuck yeah more Jeff in quick looks!

Posted by T_wester

Posted by Getz

Haha, the flag straight up revived their corpses at the end. Live demo folks!

Posted by forteexe21

You can still win after you died if the corpse hit the flag? Definitely unfinished,

Edited by Butler

@turra: There is a demo available.

Posted by patbaer

Played this at PAX Prime. Super fun.

Posted by Humanity

HECK yah more Bakalar?!

Edited by deerokus

I think Austin's mic was off.

This game is a really fun concept.

Edited by Sophism

The theme for the barn level kind of reminds me of ToeJam & Earl's.

Edited by poser

Jeff is back! Back for more! Jeff Bakalar!

I'm done now.

EDIT: I love how many times Alex says things are impossible when they totally aren't.

Posted by brads_beard

A Jeff Bakalar Quick Look Spectacular

Posted by Glottery

A game with four players that's not some type of arena shooter/deathmatch? Sign me up.

Posted by waterfallsuite

Oh man, tears of laughter from this one. Best QL in a long time

Posted by Christoffer

Cool stuff. Will look into this when it comes out.

Posted by AMyggen

This seems really cool.

Posted by UnInvincible

Jeff Bakalar is a delight in QLs, and this game is super cool. Great QL!

Posted by HatKing

This game seems insanely cool.

Posted by kubqo

This is such a genius idea for a game. And the execution as well. And the shared controller couch for people who dont own dozen of controllers? Perfect!

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Co-ompetitive map deconstruction platforming. Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Posted by gbrading

Grief Your Friends: The Game.

Posted by jdunne3

@shottyb: Could not agree more, what a perfect match

Posted by defcomm

This is gold.

Posted by whitegreyblack

I love how much Vinny is an agent of chaos in this Unfinished.

Posted by kvnobrien

I haven't laughed this hard at quick look in a long time. Thanks!

Posted by Jellybones

This is tailor-made for Heel Dan Ryckert.

Posted by BigTinz

Looking forward to the GB East v. GB West match.

Posted by GforGannon

These competitive couch coop games are getting really innovative.

Posted by SomeJerk

Austin's hearty laugh makes always makes me smile, and this will make a nice slugbug range couch game.

Posted by Eaxis

Whooo great quick look.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game looks amazing and also looks like a good way to make your friends hate you.

Posted by KnightDehumidifier

Dick Move: The Game.

Edited by natto

Saw at PAX Prime and filed it away in my brain for later. It's a blast with friends. There's a free multiplayer demo on the game's website if y'all want to check it out: http://www.ultimatechickenhorse.com/

Edited by IshimuraD

This looks so great! What a creative way to make a platformer/level creation game.

Also, I'm not usually one to have or any complaints about the crew, but man, Alex's personality was annoying the shit out of me in this video. He was so negative and basically seemed like he didn't care enough to try - such a defeatist attitude the whole time. Being self-deprecating can be funny, but not for an entire video. It honestly soured the whole thing for me. Maybe it was just an off day for him.

Posted by Zefpunk


Edited by Koholos

@ishimurad: Really? I don't think he sounded defeatist, he just knew when he was screwed. The times when he made his jumps he got super excited. Felt like most of the time he's in videos with Vinny and doing his 'patient dad' schtick.

I miss just Vinny and Alex Quick Looks, though. The two of them have great chemistry, with Vinny trolling and Alex playing the straight man. Austin's affableness kinda ruins it for me.

Edited by jkz

I fucking love everything about the idea behind this. Competitive level design is such a great concept that I'd never really even considered (I'm sure it's existed in some form before, I've just not come across it).

*Edit* Also Jeff is amazing in this. More east-jeff QLs!

Posted by SharkMan

that was fucking hilarious! haven't laughed so hard in like a week.

Posted by qreedence

YES! This seems like so much fun. Glad to hear they're adding online multiplayer, for those of us who don't have a lot of friends interested in video games.

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