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Listen to HARD by Sophie.

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Intersting ideas. Simplifying the core game in order to allow players to focus on the advanced/meta game was the core philosophy of the original Killer Instinct. A lot of people never quite caught on to the idea that that was the point.

I guess maybe people get it more now, but a few years ago people would always complain that it controlled badly, not realizing that it's not meant to be played like a regular fighter. It feels janky UNLESS you are doing combos.

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Been playing this alpha for a good portion of the day. It plays like a delight. Don't let the one button specials fool you, this game is deep. It's got chains, links, jump and dash cancels for just about every special. Interesting mixups and resets. And this is only with a few characters so far. Can't wait to see what they do with this.

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Surprise Giant Bomb videos are the best!

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Just got into the alpha of this one. It's pretty dope.

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Game is pretty good. If you like footsies, though, this game probably isn't for you. If you like games more like Mahvel, this might be right up your alley.

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edit: no, but it looks dope as shit regardless. Also I didn't realize this was the game from Seth Killian they talked about on the Bombcast. Thanks, generic title!

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This game looks pretty awesome; what a great graphical style - and good netcode! for a fighter! holy crap!

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Looks good. I've always been a bit frustrated when trying to play games like SF4 online because I couldn't invest the time necessary to play competitively, but this looks like a good alternative. Pretty good timing considering I just got an invite :)

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More like you and Jason are pretty rad.

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This seems like the fighting game made for me. I've always liked playing fighting games but never got deep enough into them to be able to reliably pull off moves/combos.

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how do i get into this alpha? I signed up, but I didn't see a download button or get an email.

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It is post-World War III. War is outlawed. In its place, are matches between large Robots called Robot Jox Rising Thunder?

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Can't get my TE2 to work with this game at all even with xpadder. Bluuuuhhhhh...

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Just signed up for the alpha. I expected it would be less of a fighting game and more of a time-management game, but it still looks like it has a lot of depth.

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Wow, this looks great. Didn't know about the whole cooldown and easy specials thing. That's the thing that typically sucks my interest out of fighting games. I just wanna focus on tactics and combos.