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there is not a man alive who is more charming than Vinny!

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This was hilarious. It's Seaman all over again!

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This was only 90 minutes? Felt like 90 days live.

Fuck you, Jimmy.

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Dance! Dance motherfucker!


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@singing_pigs said:

Okay I'm gonna throw this possibility out there...was he supposed to select the new speech profile after he did the training thing? It looks like he might have accidentally gone with the default, untrained speech profile.

Oh god, I think you're right! O_O

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"Right. 911 is a joke in my town." Words to live by.

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No, your other right, damn you Jimmy!

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What the fuck you doin' Jimmy?

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Is this Lifeline with pepper grinders?

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Go home, Jimmy. You're drunk!

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Not since Jeff testing his voice to speak with Big Bo have a laughed this hard at a Giant Bomb video. Clearly we need to find more voice recognition based games for @vinny to master.

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Oh my god I was laughing so hard that I was in tears and couldn't breathe. GIANT BEAST VINNYDICATED.

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It's just like an elitist human not to call the robot servant by his name.

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That was amazing!

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I love this so much.

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LMFAO, immediately HAVE SEX!!

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@vinny: Is there any way to archive the chat for this video? Watching people lose their minds to Jimmy's stupidity was the best. Funniest stream in a while :)

Also, could this be the beginning of a New Endurance Run, Giant Beast Style?

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My brain....

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I love that according to scifi, in the future, Skype is way worse and glitchier than it is now.

This game reminds me of this sketch:

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This video was soul sucking. This game is brain emulsifying. This life has lost all meaning. I will now shut down forever.

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I kinda get the idea of combining a little prologue with voice recognition training but geez. They don't exactly use names that are easy to pronounce.

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@singing_pigs said:

Okay I'm gonna throw this possibility out there...was he supposed to select the new speech profile after he did the training thing? It looks like he might have accidentally gone with the default, untrained speech profile.

Oh god, I think you're right! O_O

No, he had two speech profiles there from the start, and he ran the training for the default profile. We'll probably never know if the training was actually saved though, since he started the test again and cancelled it.

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Oh, hell yeah! Premium content. From Vinny. I love life. Can't wait to get home to watch this.

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Butt Colony?

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I absolutely love than in an effort to convey the typical robot dystopia, the developers managed to find an even more frightening and realistic aspect of it: "Jimmy".

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The voice recognition part of this is secretly how Jeff is collecting the Vinny sound library for the Bombcast, so Vinny will live on. Forever.

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I was really hoping he would find a purse. That must be in episode 2.

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Holy cookies I was laughing so hard I was in tears.

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I popped in for a second, thought I saw a Bioforge remake, so I had to wait for the archive to comprehend this from the beginning.

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"Can you please point to the counter?"

*Vinny clicks*

*Jimmy turns left*


Laughed until tears.

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Robot editor Andrew Caravella.

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I lost my shit the moment Jimmy put the pepper grinder on top of the coffee machine.

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Watching Vinny fight with the voice recognition reminded me of trying to get non-Infocom text adventures to understand what I typed.

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I really think cancelling out of the second part of voice training caused the profile to not save, thus eliminating the training Vinny did do. God damnit it was worth it though.

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Strawberry candy

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Jimmy: "Dance motherfucker!"

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I can't stop laughing..

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This was probably the highest point of my day, thanks Jimmy.

one thing, I'd pay for Vinny the Monster to read me the news every morning .

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We need Vinny on the next episode of Scoops and the Wolf in the A.M. to relate his experience with Jimmy and the pepper grinder from hell.

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Man, it's been awhile since there's been a piece of GB content I have to pause several times to be able to breathe again. An excellent piece of work, Vinny!

Also, the Vinny beard is FIERCE in this video. I approve.

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Holy crap, thought I was gonna die. Vinny is, and always has been, awesome.

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And you guys were worried when Philips moved to New York. Great video, Street!

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Wow. The last three minutes were the best. I don't recall a game breaking Vinny like this before...

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I just want to go on record as saying premium Vinny content is the best content.