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Posted by ABBA

now i'll definately play viva pinata

Posted by Telekenesis

Thats great to know they got a chillout mode, thats exactly what I wanted.

Posted by mrsmiley

I played the demo of the original, and I knew I couldn't  buy it cuz I would get addicted... MUST... RESIST...

Posted by pkh253

Shoemaker promoting this game seems...out of character, so much so I'm actually convinced that its good.

Posted by wefwefasdf

Okay Brad, I will express my love of Pinatas. :-)

Posted by AegisOfDawn

Shoemaker looks very enticed with the game XD

Posted by Clint

Haha, I think that was the closest to little kid Brad we'll ever see...

Posted by Andre

I bought the original Viva Pinata... :)

Posted by normajean777

you just made me want this game even more you devil i loved the first one 

Posted by dQuarters

I played the demo of the first one for hours, delaying progress just to keep my demo garden kicking. By what Brad says, I may be picking this one up.

Teehee ... Squazzle!
Posted by FuzzyFace56

That was cute Brad :)

To be honest thou for some reason i couldn't get into the game when i played the demo for the first one, it wasnt cuz it was all kiddy and cute...that was actually a positive as i like to play games thats arnt exactly the same, but nope couldnt get into the demo...i hope this one sells alot better, cuz i can tell its a very good game.

Posted by Wazzu

Hey Brad, you know how I know you're gay? 

You enjoy Viva Pinata


Posted by TripMasterMunky

The ending of the video is awesome lol. I liked the first game, but after awhile grew sorta bored with it. I was cautiously looking forwards to this game, and wasn't really sure if I wanted to get the exact same game if I was just going to get bored again, but now I am reconsidering.

Posted by MattBodega

It just looks so....,magical! You can see it in Brad's eyes!
Another awesome review/video review. Between the content of the video review and Vinny's ridiculous editing skills, Giant Bomb's videos are just second to none, straight up.

Posted by reflekshun

AHAHAHA that fucken ending was pure gold, cacked my ass off! Great review Brad :)

Posted by TEAMHOLT

Best video review I ever did see.

Posted by retrovertigo

I think there is a 16.7% chance that this video just inspired a new fetish...

But in all seriousness, that was a really funny review!  Informative and entertaining! 

Posted by quezcotl

I give this revew 98765 out of 100000.

Posted by sweetpotatoes

im going out to buy this game now.

Posted by RobertFoster

Piñata Love Rules, OK!

I only picked up the first game in January and I kinda feel all Piñata'd out. But, I'm tempted, VERY tempted. It's nice to play a game without guns or cars every-so-often.

Posted by Johnny5

one of the best reviews I've ever seen

Posted by fleethefactory

Dude that stuff is GOLD.  Tight hilarity.

Posted by ThePoark

Hahah, such an awesome review.  Of course the end was fantastic, but you also gave a very professional, and informative review without being stiff or uncomfortable about it.  Thanks a ton Brad!  Pinatas forever!

Posted by Zuul



Posted by VoidPresence

played the first one for a bit, kinda liked it, but ultimately it got traded back in towards other game(s) that I had been waiting for. 

after this review tho, i'll have to look into this sequel, but it's going to have to wait; the timing of its release is just bad, budget-wise (with Spore and RB2)...

Posted by patrick5152003

everyone made fun of me when i bought the original pinata game too LOLAOA

Posted by hide

Hahaha, great review! Bravo!

Posted by MichaelBach

hahahahaha, how great was that review!

Posted by SBYM

Brad looking as though he's exceptionally stoned whilst playing Viva Pinata is one of the better endings to a video review I've ever seen.

Posted by Scooper

Brad's face at the end was hilarious!

Posted by mrfluke

haha at the end good job vinny with the editing and good review shoemaker

Posted by jlaudio7

the end was hilarious!

Posted by heavymtlhead

I think Brad is high on "Pinata Candy".

Posted by Trilogy

Brad looks blazed playing the game. Looks like viva pinata is definitely worth a try!

Posted by JoshA

Wow, great review Brad! Love the hilarious touch at the end..had me crying.

Posted by vex

brad, now be honest! have you been stuffing your hoodie to be as big as jeff and ryan? well I don't blame you. I just wanted to tell you, that it is O K if you are not as fully and roundly developed as the other girls, no need to be insecure!!


great video, as always, giant bomb delivers the facts and makes you happy at the same time.

Posted by RagingLion

Nice!  Really enjoyed the review Brad.  Great editing as always Vinny.

Posted by Ma7moud

One of the best video reviews I've ever saw.

Posted by Haze

Went looking for this today and no where had it. One shop had the DS game while in another an assistant told me proudly "we only stock the biggest games". Looks likes its Dublins city centre or the Internet for me.

Posted by CaleShepard

I proudly played the first Viva Pinata game, and I didn't even know it was a tv show haha

Posted by John

Great review, but sorry, I tried so hard to like the first game and never got into it. It's sad, but this game is not for me.

Posted by elbow

Brad "Slow Porn" Shoemaker knows what it's all about!

Posted by sbb6592

Brad, I just had one clarification question,
Is that 4 star rating you gave towards the pinata porn we watched last night that you told me you would review or towards this game??

Posted by JazzMaverick

Great review Brad...i'm gonna have to pick this up for my daughter,she loved playing the original,and she earned me a load of Acheivement points in the process..lol.. i personaly wasn't a big fan,but i like the sound of the chill out mode.

Posted by yaoigamer

best ending ! great job !

Posted by Standing_Gopher

Hahaha, this game is rad.

Posted by JackiJinx

Best ending ever.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

LAMO at the last minute.

Posted by Commando47

Let the Pinata consume you!

Posted by Sunjammer

Wow dude. First video review i've seen where it seems like you actually care about what you're talking about. Kudos all the fucking way. High fives and all that.

I'll have to pick this up.

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