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I love those boyz.

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  @Railith said:

" I love those boyz. "

very insightful
edit: meant to hit the edit not the delete button :S
I'v never cared for 40k if there are quest passes I might look into it, but starcraft 2 is enough RTS for me
Posted by Lingxor

I hope they bring in Tau or Imperial Guard too...

Posted by Parsnip

paint it red so it will go faster.

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Looks great, can't wait to give it a spin.

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The I in retribution is the inquisitorial seal which would suggest either Grey Knights or Sisters of Battle.

Edit: Or Ordo Xenos kill teams / Deathwatch I suppose though they're not well developed in the tabletop game.

If it is one of those three I hope its the sisters of Battle, another Space Marine army would be lame.

Actually thinking about it maybe it'll be Imperial Guard requisitioned to fight the orks by an ordo xenos Inquisitor.

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Am I WAAAGHing it rite?
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lol orks.....definitely looking forward for some more DOW 2 action.

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Orks orks orks orks orks!

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Am I alone in thinking video game titles need to adopt a one semi-colon per game rule?

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YES!  looking forward to this one

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almost seems like you might play as orks in this one 
also i like his hat

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i hope this is as long and fun as chaos rising :).

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Playing as orks? No thanks, i'd rather heavy bolter them all.
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Tau and IG can't show up too soon.

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Multiple-race SP means I can play with my beloved Eldar an RPG style campaign? AWESOME!!! If Relic manage to make all 6 campaigns interesting this will be the BEST 40k game ever!!!

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i cant express what i feel with words when i sow the trailer :>

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This just reminds me that I've been waiting a long time for a good Steam sale on the Dawn Of War complete pack. Make it happen Valve/Relic!

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Orcs that talk like pirates, sold.

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Fire it up, boyz. I iz redy to kill some of them marine boyz.....WAARGH!

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@Shirogane said:
" Playing as orks? No thanks, i'd rather heavy bolter them all. "
Silly Hummie! Hows you gonna shoot at us big tuff orks when you gots no arms ta shoot wif, and no head to aim! BWAHAHAAHA!