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Posted by Bistromath

Watchy Dawgz

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Posted by fugie7

cool trailer

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That street sign says "Exit I-94 North", but there is no I-94 North. So this game is clearly bullshit.

(In all seriousness, I hope their rendition of Chicago is at least somewhat accurate, because I'm going to be bummed if it's not.)

Posted by Humanity

They're running out of room on the bottom for listing which platform it will be available for.

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I'M GODDAMN...Guy who has a really nice phone and stuff...YEAH

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Assassins Creed 5: Watch Dogs.

Just kidding. Looks sweet.

Posted by shinboy630

@kevin_cogneto: I know! Everyone knows the even numbered interstates runs east/west and not north/south! C'mon Ubisoft, get your shit together! My vidja games demand realism!

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I'm ready for yearly installments of this!

Posted by jjacobsson

Posted by Ashuttle

I read that as "he even does the damn Bane voice" and got really excited.

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The new replacement for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed. Think they will make this a yearly release too?

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I guess we now know when the next gen consoles are coming out.

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At least they had the decency to do an in engine trailer.

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Everything looks awesome! I am looking forward to this.

But I am a bit disappointed in how typical his voice / manner of speaking / and dialog is (so far). If you close your eyes you instantly see the main character from Human Revolution.

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Posted by Quarters


Silly voice. Outside of that, looks pretty sweet.

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So PS4 before then? They don't want the ugly current gen versions lingering around stinking up their new IP. I Hope this is as cool as it looks and allows you to be creative. Nothing more frustrating in games that claim to be open than having a good idea about how to do a mission and not being able to do it. If you have only 3 options to get somewhere and they are all blinking, i'll be disappointed. This is my most anticipated game this year, I can't wait for some real information. Hurry up, E3!

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This is the most effective smart phone advertisement I have ever seen.

Posted by jd18b

Still not impressed with these "next get graphics" but the game looks pretty damn good.

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You had me at road bikes.

Posted by lonestar

This isn't Batman with Guns. It's Person of Interest: The Video Game.

Posted by teenmother
@meatsim said:

This is the most effective smart phone advertisement I have ever seen.

Just about to say this. Watch it be a Windows phone and every cutscene has an overdramatic focused- zoom of the logo.

Posted by nelsonfalker

Odds on November 19 being PS4 launch?

Posted by I_smell

...I feel like you could edit a more interesting trailer for the concepts that this game has.

It's a lot of generic open-world action, which is like the least exciting part.

Posted by LKPOWER

Wow the ad that played before this trailer for me was this trailer... Weird

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I'm excited for this game, but I really hope that voice is a place-holder. It's like the VA's only given direction was: 'generic as possible, please'.

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01:05 Prince is in this game?! Sold.

Posted by blacklab

I would be interested in watching a trailer of parts of the game where we control the character.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Staring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

Posted by JordanaRama

@anjinm said:

I guess we now know when the next gen consoles are coming out.

Not necessarily. It could just be referencing when it comes out on current gen consoles.

Posted by DeadMonkeys


Posted by DeF

I feel this is more a Jim Caviezel (star of Person of Interest, the TV show that this game's whole premise and style seems very much inspired by) impression than a Christian Bale impression.

Posted by Abendlaender

Odds on November 19 being PS4 launch?

Good call. That seems...likely. When does Call of Duty usually come out? Seems like another good launch game candidate.

Posted by idBloc
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Now we've got TWO open world games that have "Dogs" in the name. Can't wait for Vinny to start randomly acting like a jerk in this Quick Look.

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bad ass!

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I can't stand the "Bale voice" - It's Ubisoft though so hopefully they've recorded several languages and maybe one of them isn't "Bale".

Posted by gaffyh

Person of Interest: The Game

Posted by ScreamingGhost

The trailer is a bit corny but the game still has me excited.

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Man-With-Gun Boxart Confirmed!

Posted by Undeadpool

I'm a big fan of this riiiiiiiight up until it turns into GTA: Future. Hoping that's all more or less optional.

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@gaffyh said:

Person of Interest: The Game

That's EXACTLY what it looks like.

Which I'm down for.

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